I love maui Applause. I think i read it wrong. I think this is a hanging plant thanks guys. This is cool. I will definitely visit once covet is over Music mini flashlight. I think i need to charge it for you maddie. I hope you enjoy this Music, oh its an sd card holder, thats, actually pretty cool its got my logo on it. Thanks guys future proof premium dietary supplement this supposed to be my meal. Do you guys think i should eat one of these? I dont know kind of oh its water housing for my phone aqua tech, thanks guys for sending this i feel like this is the most legit water housing for iphone. I have ever seen in my life. This is hardcore thanks guys we got to put this to to a test now for the packages that ive most been waiting for. Probably why you clicked on this video in the first place for the record, i ordered these myself, i paid for them nobodys telling me what to say or anything like that. These are my opinions, Music. These are my first uh smart, glasses, ive ever put on at first feel they they feel a little bit im, not gon na lie. It feels a little bit plasticky. It doesnt feel as like ray ban quality whats up with that. I guess i guess they couldnt make them like the normal material. They make these side theyre also theyre dusty. So if you havent heard these are smart glasses.

These are theyre called the facebook stories with ray ba facebook store ray ban facebook stories, something like that. Uh and they have cameras built into the glasses, so youre supposed to be able to uh record really quickly and easily and then post it straight to instagram, or, i guess just save the video uh. And i am really curious for these to be like decent and for for it to be worth the money and for me to actually start using these theyre gon na need to do three things. First off the quality of the camera is gon na have to be pretty decent, like kind of like iphone ish quality, at least. The second thing is that the angles have to work so its stuck to your face. So wherever you look thats where its gon na film, so if the angle just looks stupid all the time and its all shaky and and just doesnt look good doesnt matter if the quality is good, the angles suck and then thirdly, they have to be more convenient To get video clips and photos than my smartphone, which is already quite convenient, those three things need to happen for me to actually start using these. What do you guys think? How do they look? The body like my smart glasses, you look very smart for good measure. I also bought a second pair because i thought it would be more fun to try this out if we had two pairs.

Look whos back guys, tylers back back in action check these out. You got two. I just ordered two. I thought itd be more fun to try him out with somebody else. You look like superman. Do i look like superman looking good, looking good its good to have tyler back in the office, weve missed him. Do you feel like youre from the future now? Well, i got laser eye surgery, so i wouldnt have to wear glasses. Maybe i shouldnt have just got these okay, so its like a charging case. Thats cool power button on oh theres, a light tyler. Do you want some future proof premium dietary supplement? While we wait? Do you eat one? No im scared. I dont know if i trust it. Ive never heard of the company before it makes me a little bit a little bit wary whats. The party took so many vitamins today it looks it looks like cartoon that looks so. Sketchy are you gon na? Take it premium. Dietary supplement lets, go im gon na get some water, the office taste tester yeah. This is what do they call it? The cup bear the kings cup, so the king would often have a cup bearer to test the wine to make sure that it wasnt poisoned by anybody so testing the supplements. I love. You mom seemed like a normal pill check back with me in half hour or so maybe do you feel any different? No, all right.

We got the app log in with facebook. It has been a long time since ive used my facebook hi maddie lets get your glasses paired up to date, so you can capture moments, listen to media and share memories with those who matter most thats, actually something that i didnt mention is that you can also They have little speakers those speakers built in right, theyre, probably hard to see little speakers built in. So you could listen to podcasts with these, so that might be kind of cool going on like a bike, ride or a run, and then you could just listen. Instead of having headphones on, because sometimes you dont really want to sweat with those on start by turning on the glasses, they are on found them activating pair still activating checking for updates downloading update. Take it tyler do yours feel cheap plasticky its not like that glossy yeah, its not its like kind of like you know. If you have a real pair of ray bans, theyre, like you, know, theyre kind of heavier. These feel a little cheaper, yeah and theyre pretty glary on the on the screen yeah. Is it glary a little glary? Okay done get to know your glasses, oh thats, a status you you guys did not hear that but theres a satisfying, sound uh. Let me let me try to get it for you guys, its quite satisfying record videos press once to record a 30 second okay, so you can only do a 30 second video.

I guess press again to stop recording the white. Led notification will stay on. So there is a light showing people other people that you are recording, but its pretty. Would you be able to see that light from far away? No, not during the day at least its a pretty small light i feel like you would not see that light. In most cases the sun is like shining, it just looks like a little glare. Maybe i actually expected that to be a little bit brighter capture, hands free play, audio, listen to the media, okay, so theres a little like touch pad on the side here, huh put on the daily podcast right away: oh thats tap once thats, actually not bad again. You guys cant hear but im listening to a daily take calls double tap. Hey facebook start video that works pretty. Well, hey facebook! Stop video, not bad okay, so i believe the video clips all are just saved on the glasses and then you have to download them from the glasses. Maybe i hope im not like straight uploading to oh yeah there. Now they appear on the app here its just. This square format right now, though, is there a way to change the crop portrait? Okay, yeah interesting: i guess they made it square, so you could take like a portrait, video or a landscape, horizontal uh video that kind of makes sense. Uh the photos. Look: okay! The video quality i wouldnt lets lets see lets do some tests.

Okay, so apparently you cant go straight to instagram stories from the glasses, which seems like a little bit of a missed opportunity, but uh. But i think that might be because the square format and when i watched sara dietschys video uh, it would actually come with the square format into stories, and then you had to like kind of like reframe it crop it. The way you want it so maybe thats. Why uh, okay, lets go and test these outside lets, see how they are Music, just totally splashed that guy, i feel so silly trying to try to do this properly. You just got ta keep dead dead eyes, locked Music up. I wouldnt have got that if i wasnt using the glasses, i just realized. You cant hit the record button unless you have them on your face its interesting all right, im gon na take a photo of your Music come on roll through. You can do it just dont launch it into the water again: Music, oh yeah! This is the spot. Lets, do a little comparison of uh. What the iphone ultra wide looks like in comparison to these glasses cameras. I actually had a moment here with kai on the weekend we were out here. We got this like electric uh, remote control, rc boat and we were just flying around. We were having a lot of fun, oh, not and then all of a sudden it cut out. Now it ran out of batteries and stuck out there what the heck do i do now it was in the middle of the lake, and i was like what am i gon na do and we had this crazy adventure.

All right were gon na use. The drone weve tied this little grappler hook with rock to weigh it down and were gon na try to fly the drone over to the boat over there and try to save the boat right. Oh yeah, Laughter, literally taking my drone putting a rope on it. Grappling hook and saving the boat from the river and there we go Laughter from all the way over there mission accomplished, and it would have been so good to film it with something like these glasses, because i needed my my phone for the drone and it was Just too crazy i could have just taken video clips uh, so yeah that moment would have been pretty cool to capture on something like this. It would have been more convenient to use this than my phone. You missed it. I was trying to get a cinematic shot of the ducks. I was falling, smooth gimbal like shots. We can start a new subculture, cinematic ray ban films at ray ban. Only uh instagram account ray ban. Only you got ta make a video on 15 shots to get with your rayman story. Music were gon na call. The winner of the msi laptop giveaway dimitro uh were gon na. Give you a call now yo, we cant see you, but you won. Oh wow Laughter, your video is so good man. We really liked it. Thank you. Thank you. Congratulations! Dimitro, uh, hopefully, im saying your name right, uh very well done on your video.

I liked it a lot tyler liked a lot too its good okay. So lets talk. Those three things quality, first off its, not good its, not absolutely terrible, but its also, not good id say you would expect a little bit better. Nowadays, i think were pretty spoiled with just how good cameras are on everything nowadays id say its like a smartphone. A few years back its not that good, the photos, arent that good the video clips are square, and so, once you punch in its like really low quality yeah, its the quality is not quite there. The stabilization, i would say, is pretty good, but then, when you have low light, you are going to get those little like motion blur jitters, probably not going to affect that much. I think the biggest problem is that the lenses are just theyre too tight. It needs to be wider if you want it. From my perspective, from the perspective of the person whos wearing these glasses filming with them, it needs to be wider, which leads to number two. The angles do the angles actually work and i would say, thats another really tricky thing, because theres a lot of times where you need to be looking at where youre going and not be staring at the thing that youre trying to trying to film. You know like, for example, when were one wheeling. It was super sketchy like looking back and trying to hold this clip and you should be looking forwards and even when i was really focusing and trying to get a cool shot like i was on the little bridge.

There, the flowers going by i was still missing it because it wasnt wide enough. So i think the angles are quite limited. It is, maybe you get used to you, know, holding the shop, but i feel like most of the time its just gon na be a lot of this. Like you know, looking all over the place and its its a little chaotic, i would say its definitely not meant for, like cinematic footage or getting really high quality photos. It is about capturing the moments that happen in your life, and so is it more convenient than just using my smartphone, and i would say in some ways: yes, its its its really easy to just hit the record button or take a photo, really convenient, really easy. But the battery life doesnt last that long and youre still gon na miss shots because it only records for 30 seconds and then it stops and you its kind of hard. You can kind of look in the corner over here and you can kind of see if its recording or not but its hard to tell if youre recording videos or not as you the person you know if im, if im recording you, you can see the light On but its kind of kind of look its its a little hard to see if youre, recording or not so you will miss shots, youre not always going to be recording. It would be really cool if i had like one of those pre buffer things.

So when you did hit the record button, it captured. You know five ten seconds before what happened, so you you never really would miss a shot then, but its probably pretty bad for battery life, so it is convenient, but also not that convenient. I mean we were out for, like probably like half an hour, recording quite a few clips, and i had run through about 70 of the battery by the time i got in so the battery life isnt that good now you can just switch it on and off. Uh to save battery life thats fine, but its not the best. Oh look at this mess that put yay your name on the glasses thats, an a. How do you like them? Yay, nay, uh. I mean im looking on facebook with the glasses, i feel like some sort of inception happening Music and like im waving to zuckerberg. I dont know i dont know yet i mean you look good, but uh it might be a bit gimmicky still yeah. I think so. Unless the ladies tell me i look good, then i might keep them all right.