This is a terrible idea. Did you know i was recording you? No, i had no idea, i would not have known because it says raven now before you start calling me a total creeper lets talk about these shades and why ive been recording random people. These are not your old tom cruise ray ban, wayfarer glasses, although some might say theyre risky business. These are ray ban stories, a 299 dollar pair of high tech glasses made with facebook tap here, and this 5 megapixel camera records, video of whatever youre. Looking at this small led light is supposed to signal to people youre, recording the idea of camera equipped glasses, definitely not new. There was google glass which didnt go so well. They dont work anymore and more recently, snapchat spectacles similar to those these are meant to. Let you put down your smartphone and record without looking at a screen, but here is whats new super cool, classic, looking sunglasses with high quality cameras and microphones, most dont notice that tiny little recording, light and dont think twice when youre wearing these glasses. They basically just think you look awesome which could basically make these spy glasses. So i devised my own little social experiment this week, talk to as many people as i could and see. If they knew i was recording some thought they were creepy. Others thought they were cool, supporting you right now and yes, i told people i was recording quickly after hitting the button and got everyones permission to use their footage in this video lets start with the cool and how these work tap.

Once on this button – and you begin recording video video was cut off after 30 seconds since yes, these were designed for facebook and instagram stories, long press and you can snap a photo thats where the second camera comes in. It gathers depth information, so you can apply these fun effects to photos afterwards. You can also say: hey. Facebook, take a picture, the quality isnt exactly what youd get with the latest iphone, but its not bad for sharing. But why would you want any of this? Well, these are actually really fun and useful in those situations where you dont want to just take your phone out plus the first person point of view is just awesome: whoa, oh yeah, facebook specifically says dont drive with these on and yeah theyre, not waterproof either. Those photos and videos are stored to four gigabytes of storage in the glasses, but they also sync with a new app called facebook view. They dont automatically go to facebook or instagram. In the view app. You can download them to your phone and easily share them to any place. Youd like facebook says none of the photos in the app are used for personalized ads. Only if you share them do the apps terms apply. There are also speakers in here, so you can listen to music or take calls when paired with your phone. What do you mean youre, calling from your glasses? You now have a phone in your glasses, well, theyre, just regular sunglasses, but with cameras and microphones.

Now the coolness is almost the reason theyre, so creepy, no one expects when youre wearing these. That youve got two cameras on your face. Plus the led indicator is very small im talking somewhere between the size of a poppy seed and a sesame seed Music, very dry. Very very dry, unlike the big indicators on the snapchat spectacles, people just dont notice it and outdoors. The light is even harder to see whats impossible to know that im recording you right now. Can you see now? I can facebook says this gesture of bringing your hand up to your temple. To record is another signal to people that youre recording, but lots of people didnt pick up on that either and when you set up your stories, the view app suggests that you do a demo for people to let them know how the capture led works. The company also says that the 30 second recording limit is another privacy measure to ensure people arent being recorded at length without their knowledge. Still they should have made this indicator bigger and maybe red or green im, not saying they needed to put something the size of this on there, but something that was at least noticeable. So what did i learn here from this non scientific, social experiment years ago? It was hard to imagine smartphones with cameras everywhere, but we eventually learned that this meant someone was recording. Now the miniaturization of technology into sleek, looking glasses, is coming.

These ray bans are just the start, but with that, we at the very least need a bigger indicator that these arent just classic sunglasses but cameras capable of recording everyone we meet and yes, nice lady, i met in the park.