You have the round the meteor and you have obviously the classic wayfarer look theres about 20 combinations that ray ban currently has with this partnership. Aside from this box that you can see here is a pretty substantial and all that there are quite a number of features that these pack in, but not so much for other facebook branding, which is pretty unique. Facebook actually just gave the tech to ray ban. Ray ban was allowed to really create these glasses as they saw fit. So facebook really didnt have input on the design. They just said here. Heres these. You know the glasses tag, the a the quote unquote ar tech thats, not so much here that youd think to it to be. But this is a step in a multi year: partnership that is really going to become facebooks next pride and joy, the ar vr tech space. I want to do a quick unboxing and show you guys what you get in the box with these new ray ban stories. Headphones so, like i said, as you can see, i went with the wayfarers. Ive always been a fan. I love really oakleys and ray bans. The most beyond all the different kind of sunglasses ive tried before they just seem to always work the best. So take this off and its pretty minimalistic, you can see what you get on here, get glasses the charging case, a usbc, cable, a pouch, and that is it theres.

A couple different sizes, like i said, um for small large faces plus different styles of lenses and frame colors. They have everything from transition lenses to prescription frames, youre gon na have quite the variety if you so choose to pick one of these. They want to be your everyday glasses. Basically so lets slide this out and as soon as you open the box, you can see you have a nice sort of hard shell case here, which does obviously charge by usbc and once you open them, there are those new wayfarer ray bans and right off the Bat, i can tell you these are a lot lighter than i thought they were going to be. You can see. The frame is a little thicker than what you would traditionally get, but by no means do these feel like they will be a burden on your face. You can see the two five megapixel cameras on the sides: theres one and two theres, also a little led flash or excuse me led light on the top as well there and just one physical button on the top as well. There is a touch sensitive panel, which is very nice to have them include here for volume controls, since these do have obviously speakers built in and you can talk via calls or listen to music directly from the glasses set those down for a second okay. So one thing i did want to check out for those of you that follow the channel ive done other headphone or excuse me sunglass reviews with speakers built in and they usually didnt fold flat.

These do at least so something good to know. Heres the case you can see they have the pogo pins on the side. Once you remove that piece of plastic to charge the case will recharge the glasses, i believe about three times so definitely see a little text going on in here, which is, which is nice case, is a little heftier, but it is not by any means terrible. So next comes your reading material. You can see it says, download the facebook view app. This app is where you will go to review where the videos go from your sunglasses, so theyve created this proprietary, app, thats, very minimalistic and bare bones. As far as what you can do in it um, but it is there, and one very, very cool thing that they did do is make it so these glasses will not just work with facebook. You can upload them to whatever services you would like. So you have your reference guide safety warranty all that pretty material plug it to the side, and then here is your pouch carrying case. If you just wanted to carry them in this, if you didnt want to bring the whole charging pouch with you. Lastly, you do have that usb c to usbc cable, as you can see here, its a actually a nice size, cable about three and a half feet or so, but it is c to c which is good to see, and that is it for the box.

So again, traditional ray ban fashion, they uh packaged it well designed it well, and here they are so again like i said i did get that the matte black frames with the dark gray glasses, these arent, the classic greens. But let me go ahead and put these on really quick, all right. They actually feel really good shaking them around doesnt feel too bad. Let me go ahead and give you guys a look at this really quick. So here you guys go a close up view. They uh, they feel really good. They fit good, they feel like traditional frames. You can see how they curve around and you can shake it theyre, not falling off anytime soon, so thats definitely a plus. I think they look really good. Raymans are known for their obviously, their quality theyve been around forever, so youre going to be in good shape. If you decide to go with these for that 300 price tag, all the way up to 380 price tag. All right lets go ahead and get it synced with the app you can see as soon as you load up the view app, it says start by turning on your glasses, there is something i missed here: theres a little on off switch well go ahead and turn That on and say next it says: wait for the led to start blinking, which i am not seeing yet so they might need a might need a little bit of a charge here.

Lets try that all right, so that did it you can see it was flashing. It did turn green and now it says, put your glasses on pairing mode with the switch were going to slide it over for five seconds and wait for that light to turn blue and you can see it already found them and its activating like to connect. Okay – and you can see – we already actually have an update available well go ahead and download this over cellular and see its going pretty quick while that continues ill. Give you guys another look at these glasses um. You can see, they are really sharp classic ray ban. Looks even on the lenses themselves, its very inconspicuous with those cameras in there led lights supposed to give it away its very, very minimal. I can see this probably causing problems down the road, but at least from a privacy standpoint, but well see but yeah. They look great, i think, well, go ahead and get these updated and check them all out. Do a couple videos for you guys as well says two minutes remaining so well go ahead and take care of that and be back in a minute. Okay, it just finished updating and we got prompted to go ahead and set up the hey facebook assistant. This is gon na, enable you to start and stop video recording. That is it so well, go ahead and say, use it. Transcripts are stored, okay, and it gives you a quick video breakdown of how everything works, how to take photos, youre, gon na press and hold how to record videos youre, just gon na tap on it for 30 second video clips and then stop it to stop recording Its telling you about the led when youre capturing that we discussed and then there is the verbal communication to do it and heres.

The audio commands, like we said with that slider bar tap once to play or pause, double tap, to skip and triple tap to skip backwards, adjusting your volume youre going to swipe forward and swipe backwards to turn it up and down double tap. To accept a call, double tap to end a call and then press and hold to reject a call, and this kind of gives you a little breakdown of what the led colors mean and thats. It im not going to share that, and here it is so like we said, pretty bare bones minimalistic. You can see the battery actually has 63 percent now already and uh. This is it bare bones, like i said, lets go ahead and give it some tests. So heres the first test, looking at all the funkos that we have, that you can see, try the video quality inside. So what do you guys think? I think this partnership has a lot to offer thats going to have some great future growth potential.