This is a very cool ride if youre familiar with the voyage at holiday world. The best way i could describe this ride is take that, but make it about half the size, not quite as long but its very reminiscent of that coaster. It opened 2008, two years after the voyage. It features a height of 80 feet, but a drop of 118 feet. This is absolutely a terrain coaster and it has a lot of really cool elements. This drop being one of them, since it is almost 40 feet bigger than its height. The ride also features multiple tunnels, including a truss that passes out over a road, and let me tell you when youre on it, i dont even think you realize that youre passing over a road, this thing is very well paced. It feels fast. This will be my full enough review of the attraction based off of my experiences on it. I first wrote it back in 2017 and i just recently had the opportunity to experience it again and i had forgotten just how good this ride is. It definitely is not talked about enough, so lets walk through this experience. First, i want to address the name ravine. Flyer. 2.. The coaster is a reference to a past attraction at waldemir. It was another wounded, roller coaster that operated from 1922 to 1938. That was the original ravine. Flyer was a john miller attraction and ravine. Fire 2 is actually built on the same plot of land that that attraction occupied.

Obviously, it was nowhere near the size or scale of this coaster, but i think thats a cool way to acknowledge its past, its also funny how just down the midway. You can find ravine flyer 3, which is a kitty coaster. Cant, wait for them to add a new steel coaster called ravine. Flyer: 4.. When you enter the station, youll board your ptc trains. These are two bench cars and a total of six cars making for 24 passengers per train for this coaster. I do recommend experiencing both the front row and the back. I love the front because you can really feel that speed. It also has great air time up there, but the back you really get whipped through everything. Theyre awesome for different reasons. Youll take a left hand. Turn and start up your lift, and this is a pretty short lift. It didnt feel that way when we the opportunity to walk it, but when youre on the coaster car going up, it reaches the top in no time – and let me tell you this ride has a stunning view: waldmere is located right on lake erie, and this coaster Faces the lake so right as youre cresting over its like bam right there. It is so cool its one of the only places in the park that you can actually see the water and it is gorgeous. I also love how it has all the flags at the top very voyage esque.

You know so you crest over that drop its at a 60 degree angle, but you start to bank part way down, and so it doesnt feel like a true drop. Its almost more cci esque kind of swooping to the right there, and the first thing you do is enter a tunnel thats where you reach your max speed of 57 miles per hour and you shoot out onto the truss that passes out over the road. Its completely enclosed, which is very smart, because if you had any loose articles i mean you could flap and hit some cars, but thats not gon na happen here. But the start of this attraction is just so fast paced and quick that, before you know it youre already out on the other side of the road where you enter this complex turn around. You first go low and bank to the left and then to the right kind of this fast paced s bend, and then you rise up to the top and thats again, where you get that amazing view. This is the second highest point of the coaster, and then you drop back towards the truss into another airtime hill, and these two hills that go out over the road are spectacular. You absolutely go flying up out of your seat and obviously what this hill reminded me of is renegade at valley, fair, because that has an airtime hill that also goes out over a road, but that airtime hill does nothing its like the only dead spot on the Coaster, this opened a year later and the airtime hills that go out over the road are some of the best parts of the attraction, so its just a fun comparison of which one worked and which one didnt.

When, given the same concept, if you enter another tunnel theres another airtime hill through here its actually one of two, because as soon as you exit that one you get thrown into another through this little half tunnel, that moment feels like a double up. I dont know if it actually is, but because this coaster is built on the hillside, it does have to throw you back up. So i wouldnt be surprised if that is a double up. After all, you bank sharply to the left now youre back towards where the park is. You enter another great moment where youre lift up out of your seat, and this is kind of that spaghetti bowl finale, where youre banking to the left. You pass under the lift, get thrown to the right, and you can see here in this pov. This is all fresh wood. When we most recently rode this attraction, you could see that they had just done some re tracking and, while i would say the coaster as a whole was smooth. This part in particular definitely stood out. Also shout out to that banking. Look! How much youre angled there and youre just hovering so low to the ground? You pass right by that other tunnel that you went through this time, going the opposite direction, still hugging the hillside this time going back up into another airtime pop, and this very end right here can vary depending on the time of day that you ride it.

When you go early in the morning, theyre two just very calm humps into the brake run, but when you do it later on, this part still keeps that same pace from earlier, a bit more forceful hills, and then you fly into the brake run. Coming to a hard stop, so in my most recent experience i rode it early in the morning and then later in the afternoon, and you absolutely could tell a difference its amazing. What happens as soon as you fill a train of riders? All that extra weight really does impact the speed of this thing, but its a little beast of a coaster. I wish it was at a park that i had the opportunity to visit. More often, waldemir is definitely up there, like, even if youre around pittsburgh, its still two hours away. Its also funny to me how everyone talks about these coasters on lake erie, but not this coaster on lake erie, definitely kind of a hidden gem of an attraction but its a wonderful experience from start to finish it wasnt rough. It had so many great moments. It was a mix of elements ahead, the air time it had the twister sections and it was awesome use of the terrain for its final score. Im giving ravine flyer 2 a 9 out of 10.. It is absolutely an underrated wooden coaster. The only reason why its not getting perfect score is because sometimes it does lag a bit there at the very end, but if you catch it on a good day that wont bother you at all.

I think this is such a cool coaster. Again, my only gripe with it is that its at a park i dont, get the chance to visit, as often as i would like. If this were at a place like a cedar fair park, it would absolutely be one of the best coasters there, but its just this one of a kind attraction here at waldemir and its the reason that youll want to go to that park. Gravity group absolutely killed. It i know for a fact i would love to see more coasters like this in the future, so thats gon na do it for this video and just a reminder in case you missed our pantheon vs velocicoaster video jurassic world alive is still running at sweepstakes. To celebrate its fourth anniversary, participants can enter for a chance to win a visit to universal parks and resorts in either hollywood or orlando. So if they interest you theres a link down below in the description with details of how you can enter as well as the link to download jurassic world live so be sure to check that out. But thank you guys so much for watching this.