Let it go im gon na, let it buzz by me there we go oh and look at that. We hit a tree Music hey! This is dad random. What id like to do really quick is just do a very short flight reaction. Um. This is the mini se um. Now a couple of things came up in some recent videos. Uh one was the idea of hand catching uh versus target landing. I do have an opinion on hand catching a lot of people. Look at it as like, excessively risky behavior. You should be. You know you know landing on a landing pad using you know using the technology that it has uh you know available to it. But what think about this say: youre youre youre, these are scenario, questions but say youre flying and somebody walks with a dog and the dog starts barking or in the middle of landing, the you because dogs are very reactive. The other thing is small, kids, so a hand, catch can be a safety measure and i think, to be proficient in a hand. Catch actually just makes you a better pilot, so at least thats my opinion on hand catching and hand launching um its much more convenient and its just. I say its just a practice that we all need to learn all right. So there it is, there is the mavic mini its been so long since ive flown this im actually really excited to see it again.

Um so lets go ahead and get set up, uh and uh and fly this thing for the first time, all right its just a what a miracle of technology and im guys. I know ive been selling and buying a lot of drones. Lately this one i intend on keeping because of its simplicity, i know its not a 4k, but the 2.7 k video out of here like ill demonstrate now its a little overcast today, but we do have some dynamics in the clouds um. So we should be able to see the blues and the whites all right. So here we go go ahead and get that started up there. We go go ahead and get controller set up its kind of its kind of interesting to use the old controller versus the new controller, its different, but its for so familiar that its easy to set up go ahead, and now the iphone i use is the iphone 11, i have not tried this with an iphone 12, yet the newer five five gig version or 5g version, but there we go so so the familiarity is, is, is very uh, its very satisfying. It is nice to to know that now one of the things about hand catching and hand launching. I suggest that you have glasses on um. These are actually real safety glasses and they actually have corrective lenses in them. But when i start flying ill move over to my readers uh, so i can see the screen its about 94 degrees right now and were just gon na take a very short flight and go ahead and find my app theres the fly app.

Everything should be ready to go. Uh drone should be ready to launch. I should be able to pretty much put it in the air quite quickly, so im gon na, let it find should be able to find, should already have satellites. Uh flight spot is good and were going to get the some quick flight reaction. All right, shes connecting up i have oh, do i have lights on no come on here. Lets go ahead and there we go thought i had it thought i had it ready to go. Theres the theres, the audible, uh prompt. Now we have a little. We have a few trees around. Here should be okay, though trees are always good when it comes to uh hot days, so in the 90s, fine to find a comfortable spot. All right. Look at that video – that is its just so good, im so impressed. So i have the uh. The new indicator on and ive got a um instead of, instead of putting the zebra stripes on um, i have the histogram on for my video, so lets take off with caution. Im gon na wait, im in p mode and lets go and make sure im in video mode lets go ahead and change it over to video and 2.7 k, so were in maximum video mode. Remember if i wanted to do like a lot of fast flying, i would put it in a 1080p 60.. I am not going to do anything else.

I do have the exposure in auto right now, because im just i just want to react to the flying im. Not going to mess around with photography, so here we go, lets lets take off and just like every mini ever its that easy and its quiet. So Applause, almost everybody that flies a mini, recognizes stability and one of the things that i keep i keep harping on with people. Let me go ahead and take it out just a little bit past me, Music, oh its, so quiet is that this thing has billions of dollars behind it. Dji is a billion dollar company. There are other companies out there and i know ive been uh. Picking on a lot of companies at uh with their drone technology, but i mean look at that thing. That thing is solid in the air, it is just its absolutely solid and its dependable, the video quality. I know what im gon na get out of this thing and with these other companies that are putting out their mini drones, theyre suckering you in to spending way more money. This thing is 299 dollars. I bought one extra battery, which is coming a lithium ion battery and a multi charger, so ive got one of each batteries. My goal is to get two of the uh of the lithium ion batteries and then leave those in my car on a regular basis. Uh, because of the heat, okay, the lipos dont, like the heat, but we get performance out of the lipos.

Remember all right lets fly lets get guys my you know what my you know, what my reactions, gon na, be its the things freaking amazing. Here we go. Lets fly and im going to fly. Oh im, going to fly a little bit through the trees here. Get up now, of course, were going to have 5.8 gig, so we will get some breakup and i am in a a wi fi area that is going to break up the signal like that see the choppy video im getting go ahead and just go along this Little creek bed here not too far out bring it up, bring the altitude up lets get some uh lets get some of that dynamic sky. What i want to do is get a shot back. Um and the sun were pointing right into the sun. The sun has got a lot of haze in it right now, its really difficult to take good images, because, oh there we go thats a nice picture. Now this really gives you some great contrast. We do have some sky, not enough clouds to really get the blues and the whites, because that tends to be one of the more difficult. So if i do want to lock in my exposure, i can go there right now. Oh boy, there we go lets. Go there ill mess around with the footage here all right, so so thats a good shot there we go ahead and take a take.

A photo, really quick. Music. All right go. Take some video there we go so now. Weve got video and were just across the street there in that park right there lets go ahead and weve got a little bit of wind helping us right now. Now i did adjust the gimbal um. The gimbal is set so its it. It doesnt react very quickly. There was theres our c17, so this you can tell im getting affected by speed right now, so im going to put it in sport mode im going to stop im going to get it put it in its in sport mode. At this point, lets see if we get a quick switch over to sport mode and lets check make sure, because anytime we cross the street, this street tends to be kind of busy. Sometimes all right well get across right there and Music. This parks got a lot of uh visual. You know. Visual appeal got a lot of different light that im dealing with theres the tree right there theres a tree that i stuck my my quad in last time lets not get stuck in there again before im being affected a little bit in breakup by this tree. Here. Thats next to me so lets get down and low lets get down and lets slow her down a little bit because were getting close to the trees im going to put it in cinemode. Okay well, go ahead and get into cine smooth.

I want to make sure theres nothing down below me. What i want to start doing is losing altitude altitudes, not always good um altitude tends to here. Let me go ahead: there im pulling back there, but it but lets just try to make sure i get a good angle here, but altitude 2 is not always good. It sometimes makes your images not as fun. You know its not as exciting lets go ahead and get down low in the park, because this is something you probably will want to do with something. This small is youll want to do some low level like discovery shots um. Unlike the air 2s, i can hit a tree with this and theres me right there and im gon na. Let it go im gon na, let it buzz by me there we go oh and look at that. We hit a tree. This is the amazing thing about the mini check this out. Darn, it im a kid. I just hit a tree right check this out im gon na clear it check its camera gimbals still working, because i just ran into a tree right and im gon na get this puppy right back in the air, guys its just like riding a horse right riding. A bike: if you fall down you get back right back on and you fly again double check it. If you do crash, because this thing weighs nothing now im doing a visual inspection, okay, um, just to making making sure that everything is still functioning um.

The gimbal is still uh is still working well, im, not getting any fluttering um and there it is so im gon na go back, put it into regular p mode, see thats kind of the obstacle avoidance of the mavic mini uh, its the uh, its its. The fact that you can run into a tree and it just it doesnt matter it doesnt care all right im going to get right through those trees right there you buzz around a little bit, bring it back do a little park. Fun wind is really carrying it. Thats: okay: there we go Music, bring her all the way back. Thats bring her back in gosh its so easy to fly so easy to fly, no broken, no broken struts, no broken props. Not a nick and weve been pretty crazy. Havent. We all right here we go, lets go into sport mode lets. Take it up, lets, take it up from in sport mode, just like its our first day flying bam, thats. Why we love this thing so much fun and nobody cares its so quiet and in this park that nobody, nobody cares. Oh see this tree is just killing me right now i just lost there. We go. I just lost full video, its okay thats, guys, thats. What thats, wi fi for you, thats, enhanced, wi fi, just make sure your altitude is, is uh there we go lets bring her back, just make sure you stay away from the trees, guys its just as simple as that.

All right bring her back in park is empty, its 90 degrees youd think the park would be packed with people, but not when its 90. all right were bringing her back in there. She is right there doing a little bit of a little bit of fast overflight here and, like i said, ive got my traditional um lets see if we can buzz it and we can do the oh there we go there, we go lets, bring her back in All right there, she is guys how much battery we have left 55 percent all right hand retreat Music Applause, okay, now, thats the first way of hand retrieval like i said. I suggest that you have goggles on or goggles on, have glasses on that works great. If youve got some kind of like safety sunglasses, you can get the driving glasses. I do have a pair of those lets relaunch ill, go ahead now, usually ill just hold my controller here. Um and one of the things that you have to do is you got to kind of balance it okay and then hit take off and just let it let it basically lift out of your hands and then now. The second retrieval is where you force it into uh into into shut off, so lets go ahead and force it into shutoff im, going to go ahead and bring im going to go ahead and bring im going to go ahead and bring it down in the landing Mode and then you can just you can just twist it its so simple and its you need to have that skill.

I just say i just to be honest: you need to have it and the reason why you have to have it is dogs, little kids, all kinds of things are interested, other adults, they want to get close and you can grab it out of the air and Quickly, uh recover it heres a let me do it one more time go ahead and launch and we will take off right right there. Um now can i snatch it out of the air without putting it into landing mode, probably be kind of hard, because the sensors are going to want to lift it out of your okay? Well, i guess its the sensors arent going to lift it out of there. Okay, there we go, i took it a second didnt it. Okay, you bring it down here there we go, take it out of there. Okay, so bring it down, hold left, stick down and then get it turned off. Just like that, quick now i dont like stressing the motors out like that. I prefer this method go ahead. Do it one more time you take off one more time here we go here, we go take off there. We go shes in the air again um. Once again, this is probably the nicest way. Just leave your hand, wide open, okay, so im going to come in here my hand underneath it and just let it go through its landing sequence. Music and i didnt do anything so there.

It is all right. Dji um wins again with the with the mini se yeah. This is the mini se and it is so amazing. It is so amazing gosh i got so much more battery im gon na go fly some more um, but this tree is really a really a downer man. Um. This way i had nice and clear so definitely, trees are going to be an issue. Make sure your area is clear anyway, um, you know, i would scan it for people um, and you can tell theres nobody here anyway, but uh. You know that random all right first guys. First reaction is guys. It is its its worth 299. This is the 299 dollar version, it is the same and it flies the same, except for your control functions and youre not going to get away with the the things that you got away with before, with the the mini 2, the mini 2 is, it is ocusync Yeah, its its so much better um. So, if youre, if you want to fly through trees – and you want to have better control function for longer distance now, i can get distance out of this thing, but im not going to get um im not going to get penetration through things its just its wi Fi, so you get what you get guys, you get, what you pay for and at 299 this is a great deal, um, absolutely tickled. Uh theres no reason for me to to uh to to separate from this ever its something you just basically fly keep and you can keep accessorizing um.

So i ride for dad random and the mini se. Yes, the mini sc. Here it is the mini sc dad random, yes and hey guys like and subscribe appreciate you guys following me, its so nice to have the mini back. It is by far the most fun gps drone to fly next to the air 2s flying through trees. I dont know how much more fun it can get so guys stay away from those other brands stay away from the knockoffs um. Maybe if autel comes out with a mini version, maybe if you know sayanafi decides to bring come back to the consumer market, i would suggest those two brands, but right now i will not suggest any other brands uh for buffer. This is the best mini drone. There is, it is, and its better than a 4k version of that other brand. So all right guys dont waste your money. This budget drone is everything that it was basically um bank to be dji, wins again and theres. Nothing else. I can say you can say: hey fanboy, but yeah. I am a fanboy im, a fan of quality. I dont like junk um so for dad. Random, yes, later have a great day fly safe, stay within your limits and youll have a blast and buy the mini.