Tyler perry’s, hit cable series ruthless scene by scene now let’s get into this video last time on the oval. They gave us a preview of the next episode it kind of whizzed on by us, but we can pick up where donald tells the president that they have eyes on an enemy target and he wants him to authorize a drone strike right. The president agrees because he says that it will take care of the little problem and their little problem is bobby and max right before killer kyle sent diane to that press secretary, heaven in the sky, she gave up bobby and max as the other two people who Were helping her to bring down the white house now bobby and max are out there in the wilderness right where no one knows where they are well, they didn’t know where they were until now and also on the oval. We saw three of the rakadushi members where they had escaped from daikon and the rest of the gang riding around in that scooby doo that scooby doo van right after they met up with barry. Remember where he and ruth met up with barry to get the money in exchange for cali on the same night is the night that they escaped after. They had gotten all of the formalities. Out of the way they somehow got away and ran right into bobby and max’s cabin, so once they got there, of course, they put them on their knees and held guns to their head, but we found out that the rakidushi compound is only three miles from their Cabin in rockwell virginia three miles that’s.

Nowhere now, after this encounter with the rakaduchis max, gets all concerned, and he started to feel that the security was not all that secure. It was not as secure as he thought. You know bobby with this swole buffed ego he’s on bobby i’m bobby. You know just showing off his gi joe collection. I don’t know who has the better ammunition collection? Would it be him or would it be andrew from ruthless he’s so busy bragging? Oh, i can see anything from a mile away, so i’m sure max was sticking in and say well, if you can see anything from a mile away, how did they get up into our cabin like how they even get here? If you can see everything right, i mean the rack of douchies were able to just walk right on up in there without being stopped until they actually got inside. So now max is beginning to see how flawed bobby’s plan is to protect them. So when diane gave up bobby and kyle, he took this information right to donald and he told them that they have satellite images looking for bobby and max, then of course donald takes this information to the president. He lets him know that he knows where the two enemies are, which is at this point max and bobby, and wanted him to authorize the drone attack now here’s, where we really cross politics with the ruthless camp right. We now know that lilo’s father is a senator melinda’s.

Father is a congressman and barry is definitely on his way to the compound just to meet up with andrew the usher board andrew. So we have all of these political connections. If you will – and of course you know – barry’s godfather is head of security at the white house when richard finds out that barry didn’t come home, he’s going to pull out that pen, notebook and he’s going to figure it all out, he’s going to figure out that Barry has definitely been kidnapped by the rakaduchis and we have to keep in mind that sam still has his notes in his interview when he interviewed dale from the fresh food section. You know now he works at the pharmacy and he pretty much knows exactly where the compound is. He knows that it’s near the grocery store. He knows that it’s near his parents house, because his parents can actually hear them humming and singing all the time so it’s somewhere in between the two right and i’m. Pretty sure that this drone attack is going to put a high alert out to pause the strike or will the attack go ahead and be initiated now if this drone attack is carried out, the possibility of the rakidushi compound being affected is very likely now, if we Know anything about drones. We do know that the effects of an explosion and the impact of damage is quite unbelievable right over in other countries where they have, you know, done drone explosions and attacks before the civilian casualty rate is enormous.

I mean it’s tens of thousands of people that were accidentally killed. You know just by mistake, people who were in hospitals, children at school people attending weddings, and you know just random people who were not the intended target by a long shot. So you have this damage that it it extends miles and miles and miles away right. So if that drone hits only three miles away from the compound yeah, i don’t know it’s pretty likely that the compound will, you know, have some of that damage explosion, or even some casualty deaths right now. What is the highest going to do? I mean they keep those gates pretty guarded, but what can they do to prevent an air attack? I mean, will daikon be able to protect everybody? Then musty yancy could probably gather everybody up, gather everybody up and put them on these buses and lock the doors i mean look at those buses. It looks like they’ve been straight through world war ii desert storm it’s been through rifle bullets, gas attacks, you name it so if they can make it to the bus, i’m sure they’ll be straight. Let me give a quick shout out to our viewers in kenya. Thank you so much for watching and sharing you guys, it’s much appreciated. If anyone from kenya is watching right now go ahead and leave a comment so that we’ll know that you’re here and thank you to everyone, who’s watching uh, to help me grow the ruthless family.