I was gon na play alone and do a bit of a preview, but i thought why not bring along the crew thats so viciously stabbed me in the back last time we played um so welcome in guys. Weve never played this game. Andy weve never played this game, so we couldnt have stabbed you in the back. Well, you know it was a different rainbow six, but still i mean its still rainbow six little ubisoft product, so you could also say its apples and oranges, and maybe you should get on our level right now, because nick and i are coming in here to be The dynamic duo, but we could easily be the terrible trio if you want to join us thats, true, okay, cant beat them join them all right party on party on. I mean this isnt, really quite an episode of party mode. I kind of just want to explore this game with two other of my favorite uh games, journalists in the industry right now and were going to look into rainbow six extraction. This is a game that me and blessing and mike got to play during a preview session. Greg, i i guess i dont know when it comes to like the high action games like back for blood and stuff. Like that sure the element of strategy just kind of gets thrown out the window, because you could just run a gun and get loud anyway, so who really cares? But in this game i found it to be pretty difficult and dj was pretty enjoyable.

Honestly yeah, i mean thats the thing about it when this uh originally got announced by the way im going doc thats why i ran out of the vr mission with theres a tutorial we had to do beforehand. So i know how to use doc im going to be duck uh when this got uh detailed and debuted it did get dropped into. Oh okay, you know its. You know youre going up against a bunch of parasites and parasite people out there, but its very zombie like so it immediately had world war, z, uh back for blood left for dead vibes to it, but yeah. This is rainbow six right. It is meant to be tactical. It is meant to bring the things uh. The mechanics from seeds you know of it reminded me a lot of the first time playing rainbow six vegas back in the day and having to like really coordinate with teammates um and the the lighting. The environments look gorgeous in the game. I dont think the characters. Look very good uh for sure, hopefully, that stuff gets improved. One cool really dope element is that uh. If you die, your operator gets left behind and you cant use that operator again unless you go rescue them back with another operator, which is a really damn cool element. So if you main one character, then you lose that mission. You have to go rescue that character. Thats, a really good idea, its really simple and thats the thing right there again theyre bringing in these tactical formations.

I should have been talking to you guys. I am steamrolling ahead im trying to get over. I was like great – oh, my god, okay theres, a lot of people over here, actually nick. Well, you keep distracting them. Do you see where i picked over here nick right here on the other side of this wall? Theres like three bedrooms, theres, three baddies guys. I am eradicating the nests. I want that on the record. Oh okay, what do you want to do here? Yeah cause all these bad guys. I think theyre, aware of it greg theyre on me right now, youre playing so willy nilly greg guys. We wanted to show how tough it was right, thats what we wanted, isnt that what we said i mean no, we want to like do well like what hey you know what nitro rifle. I believe you i believe in you, i mean theyre breaking in on these wall over here. I think we should just let you know. Oh my god, like we cant, be just running gun and all willy nilly like it was. We made a point that we wanted to show the differences im watching 86. I cant be hellers, okay, im just gon na open this door, and now, i guess, were just i just guess – were just running a gun in right. Who gives a damn? I got a shotgun, its okay im doc. I stunned him. I stunned him with a nade.

Oh my god, theyre gigantic people all over me dude. These dudes are like nine feet: tall nick yeah theyre, not small. Oh, i was also crouched. Though look you made a big deal and we did it, we survived, we did it yeah. Okay, we did it nick. How are you feeling big dog? I have one health. You have one: oh thats, really bad! Oh, oh, my god! Okay um! There are a lot of people. What i thought was the safe room. It was not safe. Oh okay, i threw some smoke over here, theyll, never see through the smoke great job greg it turns out. The smoke also makes them hard to see. Well, these again, we wanted to show people the range of things that could happen here. We, the safe room, is clear and ill get in the safe room. I mean weve only eradicated five out of oh, but the whole thing is like im down. You know get in here get to get in. I got a meeting. I got a media dude ill, protect, im, im resin nick nick, you are being red. I am the doc. You are okay. There you go, i pimple popped them. We got ta pop those things. Greg we didnt do our objective but yeah, but we still get the xp. We banked the xp. We got 410 xp. What else i mean, what are we trying to be? Why are we trying to be heroes out here and when you do, i guess you know what greg and when you get the xp we can buy more stuff at the end, were going to get the heal were going to get the heal so its like lets.

Just get some objectives checked off the boxes. Here i like that. I like that greg youre the leader thats. This is why youre the leader thank you ive learned years of being a lone wolf. You know what he got me it didnt get me 410. Xp got me a lot of deaths, damn right, damn right! Nick. What do you have one health, foodie uh im at 103, but its going the booster. I understand the missions are a big deal, remember its theres three different rooms and look over there. Now we have the evac point, we could run to 72 and evac. We could evac or we could learn a lot of things. We could capture the target, but again yeah andy. I dont think we have the health to do it ill. Do it? Oh andy. I see him all right see now hold on. Look at that you guys we got some spicy guys yeah, oh my god, they call them. My drone died. Theres noise behind us whats happening all right. All right. You see the specimen up there, yeah yeah. We got ta, get him hes an elite grunt. I dont know if theres none of that. Okay, i oh god, theres blood resistant. Oh okay, oh oh greg! I think im going to cr. I think im behind the elite. Grunt im going to nope youre going to see me he sees me. He sees me at that pilot sample. He sees me hes that oh hes on me, nick papa pop up, daddy yeah, you did my hearing is muffled.

That means i got a real a lot of damage, guys that pop the trophy. This is a good game. All right watch out for the green stuff, thats, probably not good, to inhale. Oh, i just inhaled it Laughter. I was like. I thought it was clean. Your lungs hurt and theyre not good im at 12 health right now. Oh yeah, im really low on that im. Okay uh: where are you at? I dont think it? Oh, i dont see it. I may have taken it. I may have taken in okay screw you all right. Oh yeah, those get the melee off here stand still nick stand still stand still. Are they on me ew? Oh behind you, nick jesus god, we got ta. Do something with this specimen. Did you get a little thing for it already? Oh, my god, im just popping off right now, uh, it said specimen failed. Did it not yeah? I failed it failed. Then. Okay, im, sorry, oh nice, i can join again. Did that? Does the ammo refill give you more batteries for your drone? I think so. Why should i call the helicopter um it whos down? I got you oh yeah dude they creeped up on me as i was droning nick. Oh, my god that was scary. I dont know what happened i got knocked. I got knocked some kind of gas. Next kill will put me in ko, it says yeah i dont have that off either i had a perk, but i used it already guys.

I have no idea its getting dark guys. Im fading youre going to see somebody coming but theyre far away. Oh no, its going to be its curtains. Oh gregs, dead, im, dead, staceys form activated guys you can you can. You can still extract me, though. You can still extract my operator to keep me from going yeah get me out of the sandman coffin. What the hell is happening, all right, all right, im requesting the attraction we got to get the out of here. Okay, we got out with our lives, which is we learned something again. We learned we got some xp. Now we come back harder, okay, teammate and a human being after today. Do you wan na just replay that one you should vote replay? No lets do it? Lets? Do it first, of course, greg went down like a big, listen look. All i was doing was keeping the helicopter spot open in case you guys died and i needed to run away thats. You know what i mean andy. He was trying to leave us thats. Why? I wasnt trying to leave you. I was protecting it in case i needed to leave yeah to save myself its becoming a lot more clear to me, nick that he was looking for his exit plan yeah without hes going to go. A smart soldier always has his eye on the door, all right, thats thats, the first thing they teach you semper fi, all right like the like the getaway car only was it was a one seater nick, oh my god yeah.

Would you say about your guy? My guys inactive now yeah mines, an active two whats that all about mine, two down my ela character, only has five out of one hundred hp. So you we have to you have to switch your characters. Yeah, you got ta put missions, they dont reach. Are you kidding well, they will over time, probably though right andy im following your sticks, all right, okay, recover the asset lets recover. The asset lets be careful. Lets im gon na drone through the middle lets, try to not take a whole lot of damage. We can r, through these guys, im gon na try to im gon na go ahead. You dont r3 the nest yet nick. Let me walk over here and are through this man all right. Oh andy, youre getting everyone you seen them nice, yeah theyre, all popping up in my mouth yeah pleasure. Working with you. You think this door is gon na im, gon na crouch on your door little prone bone right here he does have. I dont, i dont know what the range of sight is on these guys, but there is a guy down there. Hes the you, you should hit r3, you know what i mean bad. I mean i did its just. Oh, oh, oh theres, a big dude theres like a race. Oh here, im here im here they got me. We them up so good. You me the best run. Did you say they got you nick, like youre down there? Looking at me? Oh okay, he looked right at me.

Oh whoa, that there it is look at the infection. The parasite whoa, that was cool ive, never seen it like grow in real time like that. That was really cool. Looking just getting around with these guys over here nick you are low health, big dog yeah. They got me a lot. Next fill the package. Oh, they asked the human being. Oh look at this theyre walking with you theyre, just holding your hand, oh dont, leave without me. Well save you 10 seconds to get to this. I dont think were leaving were just getting this guy. Oh, oh, i thought we were this aint our ride boys. We got more work, no, i think were leaving yeah, i think were going well. My apologies. I thought we were just sending him home and then doing the rest of stuff all right, gamers thats, how a squad looks when they barely hop into the game and dont know what the hell is going on and now i want to show you what a duo Can do thats been playing all damn weekend right now? I have my teammates snow bike mike with me, mike whats up dog andy thanks for bringing me on lets show those jabronis how its really done. I wasnt planning on doing this. Initially, we me and greg and nick played a couple of extra matches. It was a lot more of us making the same mistakes and thats not really knowing what the hell we were doing.

But over the weekend mike and i put in about – i dont know maybe close to 10 hours or something like that. We played a lot over the weekend mike definitely put in closer to 20. I would say – and i think we finally found the flow with this game and its its become a lot of fun mike yeah, totally andy you and i have played a lot and it is cool to see the cohesive, build right. You and i have become this cohesive unit of we kind of understand whats going on. We got the ground, we got the foundation and now were building on top of that, and i i got ta say i think were pretty nasty, i think were pretty nice. I think were getting pretty nasty at it mike. I have yet to hop into san francisco because it turns out theres a lot of stuff to do in new york. If you care about more of the small meta in game, challenges to level up quickly lets hop into the tenderloin okay, okay and lets stay cautious with our difficulty. I like that. I, like that idea. The tenderloin lots of wild stuff happens here and lots of funky stuff happens here. Lets. Do it a lot of funky stuff mike sometimes most of the time you just want to walk by with blinders on you, dont want to look in your peripheral vision. You look at someone the wrong way it could be over.

Could your knight could be real? Oh, no, okay, so we got sabotage, we got triangulation and we got hunt three good ones. Three good ones. This uh sabotage one usually one of the harder ones for sure. So lets see how we do is that the one where we have to defend yep, we defend the two bomb sites – heres whats gon na happen here that was gon na go with the self reds, but i think for the purpose of this video to make it Real tactical and cool, like its an e3 presentation, oh yeah were gon na drone out a lot so well practice with the drone. Lots of droning lots of droning im joining out right side sounds good. I got the left side looking down main hallway im gon na move down left into the uh side. Passageways headed upstairs not a whole lot of activity like not a whole lot of bad dudes, just a bunch of nests. The basement dont forget to recall, so you have your battery pack back up, but uh we might have to check downstairs in the basement, but were looking pretty clear on that right hand. Side, like you, said all right recalling the drone recon. So the basement was on the left side. You said basements on the far left. So if we go through this right hand, side we can cook up over here, get some things done. Lets say: im gon na take down melee style.

Oh theres, two people right here against the wall. Okay, got him both got him missed those two people right now we got one guy wrapped right around to the left. If you have in that room, what should i put on the thumbnail like easy level playing versus advanced skill level playing? You know i like that yeah that would be good people love comparisons. Nice beginners versus advanced is right so far, pretty easy going nice and calm. I mean i think this one in particular. They want us to set up the pylons thats when they really come after us, so nice and easy to start off with just clearing out the space here. But i think it will pop off here in just a little bit. I pinged a react tech over here mike in case you need to get more health back or is that your grenades thats my ability ill? Take that actually. So if i come back to you ill hit you with a couple of heels, really quick, i got two more for you or one more all right, im, full house, youre max and then ill get that and we should be good. I think we actually might want to take the upstairs and look down if you go upstairs and look down pretty strategic vantage point up there. Oh i like that dog man. Look at us dude see thats what im saying nick and greg they dont know what the hell they were doing, but neither did i that was about you know five days ago, im actually wearing the same shirt that i watched over the weekend, and i was like, Oh yeah, so people know this is a different day change this all right, im gon na plant.

Here i like this. This is cool im gon na watch, uh right hand side. If you want to watch the left, one im just going to be on the ramp here, we go. Oh got guys coming from the ceiling right now. Oh really got him down knocked him out, got one guy beating up on uh b, yeah yeah clear, got him coming from the ceiling again get ready for a run in the range dudes are no joke. Man yeah. They cover their faces up. So you cant hit that point as easy, which is really cool to see the from the charge b being attacked. Oh, i cant see charge b mike carjay. You mean yeah im moving over there right now, oh yeah charge, oh its low bro. I got no eyes on that: its bad, its bad bad, its bad, its oh theres, a bad mic. This is bad bro, popping off all right, scoot over towards b there attacking b. If you can. Oh, we got ta miss it. Oh no wow, oh thats, tough man, they did it. I cant believe it thats a tough way to start this. Here i was talking about our high skills yeah. We already failed so now. Yes, we have failed, but we can either evac and restart or we can move forward get out of here and do go on to mission number two lets. We might not get the rewards, but we can still keep it moving all right.

So we failed that mission, but were hopping back into a different location in sf, and this is going to be the apollo casino and resort theyre, destroying the aberrant nests really tough mike. Those are the ones that i have quite quite a bit of trouble with thats when it pops off andy, so those ones you got to kill all 15 of these uh contaminated nests and the moment you do. The whole map goes a little wild and crazy. So its pretty fun to see how crazy thats gon na get im gon na go in with sledge this time and uh help level him up right now, for my level, five and onward all right. So i need to take down bloat breaches and bloaters ping, an unalerted breacher and bloater kill enemies with breacher explosives. Every city in this game has a bunch of these sort of meta objectives that you could get extra xp with and its pretty neat. Once you sort of gives you a really good reason to go back and just try out more cities and get more xp to unlock yeah, not only more operators, but you unlock more weapons, more attachments and you level up faster all right here we go plenty of Different areas to go into if we want to break into the interior on different side im going to drone out youre going to join downstairs, yeah ill drone out downstairs pretty clear right now. Ive found our batty right there.

He is a bloater beautiful all right, so we got multiple breachers downstairs looks like they are the target all right. Let me ping them. First, i got ta ping, some breeches and bloaters okay thats, my mini objective up into the right is where youre going to want to go through that bathroom stall ill. Do the bathroom sock, i dont know if thats actually a bathroom but just calling it that way, and then its right next to you be careful right to your right. They should be yeah thats the way. Thank you all right. We got more down the way. All right lets keep going. Yeah lets keep going straight. Did they come down the hallway right now to each other get ready? I got ta ping more, so yeah paying those and then kill. Him should just be a nice little chain reaction too. The job here comes another, your leader, all one all right. Oh little, green things on me, oh ill, pull back. My drone ready come to me got it hell. Yeah sounds like he could be right above us, yeah hes, breaking down hes in contact looks like we got three in there. You see him to the left. Yep. One more lets see like get up to him. Nice got him good dog bro. That was a good that was a good grenade right. There, ammo, oh its good, to have that nice shots. I believe theres more through this wall, if youre ready to shoot ill break through it.

Oh i like that yeah lets use that abilities bro. Here it comes nice job, be careful as you enter some yellow goo. Next to you, looking good youre, fine one more coming in nice man, we definitely sound like an e3 demo, thats great, oh man, over on your sticks, bro we got x, filled dead ahead of us through that door. We got a couple more on our way towards them. We got a nest up above i got the nest taken down, watch out for the yellow things on the wall. They just bumped up god, damn it dont move got to come out. I was just making sure these dudes werent coming to them youre clear on that. Oh that wall is not wall, bangable, nice job, another ammo box. I got one. I got a butt load of ammo yeah im rocking the shotgun, so you probably just want to keep grabbing a bunch im shoddy pistol right now. So cant really do much nice, you wan na just sled through this goddamn wall or what i could just easily just walk through the window. This is way cooler no way use your abilities man. What do we got? Decontamination? Tough on the yellow, end yeah. This is the yellow ones. All right were getting foot footsteps all right across that room, yep drone for you, while you start getting lined up there, you go three in there with a nest, along with the med pack, great shots, two more in here.

If youre shooting yep one more coming at you, oh and thats, a stalker nice kill one more coming at you, nice and now youre clear to get that nest good stuff. Just popping off health right here, yep im going to come in for it all right! Im going to drone up from here actually now that this room is clear: bunch of these dudes ill take those down right now! Oh dude, right here, you might even take down that guy nice. I got him took a little hit, but im fine more of these sours or sewers, whatever theyre called all right. I scanned a bunch, i feel like thats, i didnt see the aberrant nest. Thats got to be in a different room. Yeah looks like we still got. The red nest were looking for the looking for the yellow ones. Do you want to? Oh, you good get ready, yep! Oh man, the recoil on these guns im just dragging the mouse down im a bomb yeah, some of them just cant, dude nice job on the ability, good job. On that one more coming through. Oh, i got green dudes on yeah. Got it nice so the thing with these green things whenever they stay on you too long, then they blind you and they damage. You, oh got more on me. God damn it. I thought i was safe. Music, oh thats, pretty cool. If i find the abilities thing, although theres people in the room where we need to exit theres five of them – dude – oh yes, okay, theyll, be waiting for us, got them on me.

If you want to show it off. Oh theres, also no friendly fire. I, although i wonder, maybe the harder difficulty yeah harder difficulty you can turn on friendly. Oh wow, all right were on the hunt for our nest. Still all right, im gon na drone through this little room – oh on three, oh no, all five of them are in here, yeah theyre, all gon na be in there or not all five theres ten. Actually, it looks like theyre all kind of yeah in this general area done four. I should be on the opposite side. If you want a pinch to move on to that, we may have killed all the baddies in this zone, but the moment we start killing them, though theyre gon na respawn out so well have to act fast. I am uh in and ready to go on. The far side, whenever you are all right, uh lets do it go. Oh dude im like getting. I didnt realize that they like hurt you oh dude, im down. I just all the green gas is hurting me. Okay, im calling you im, calling you im on my way: ive collected the sample were good, keeps changing. Thankfully i think we cleared out everybody so were safe. There we go so the next down will put me in ko, so you could get down once and then you come back yeah yeah that ruined me man was that the yellow gas got on you yeah.

I i killed like two of them above me, thinking that id be good and then they, i guess all the gas just like uh, multiplied all right. A lot of people in here ready when you are here. We go all right all to the right. Oh no! Theres, a dude right there on the left. You got a yellow thing on your face. Well got it, i got it. Oh my god, im dying, i never learned. We have to find you a medpack. Remember. A cool one to show off is over on your menu screen. When you bring that up, it shows you not only the map and the layout of where were at. It also shows you the remaining supply cases which you and i have really that elevated our game. Knowing when we needed to supply up and be ready to rock, go back and get health yeah yeah all right well, i got five health well try to make this work. Yeah were gon na have to be really smart. The last one is going to be us running around, but we can clear it out. We got triangulation, so we can clear this all out and then go. Do it theres a lot more in the other, just right across the way holy theyre coming, or they at least want to come in here, theres no way in for them theyre going to start beating down this door dead ahead of me, theres a sewer right here! Yeah im going to come and open the door, you got a shot, yeah yeah remember shoot for the belly there yeah nice shots.

We have found two so far, theres the third one right here. So we have a b and c ready for triangulation when its game time. First, we need to kill these things, oh not on the right side holy. I really need help. Oh my gosh uh. There is no health on this mission, so you have to play perfect right now. Uh to get out of here safely sounds like a challenge. I can do it. It sounds like a perfect challenge for you to be honest with you its looking pretty good, though i think weve started off fairly strong here. I think the casino might be cleared yeah, since you have five health. Do you want to hit the first one over here and ill go hit b and c yeah ill hit that well, hopefully, maybe not a bunch of animals will come out. I think, is the goal yeah yeah yeah. Let me know when youre ready, for you are either one of them all right, hitting a right. Now, all right, fine see clear mission, complete triangulation complete. I have my radar out yeah. I think we cleared everything i wasnt sure. If anything would come attack us yeah. I think we handled that pretty well crushed it absolutely crushed it. Okay lets get some axe filling get out of here and thats. What a pro rainbow six extraction team looks like man getting in getting the job done dying a little bit right like i, you know.

I stood around some green, some green goop and it killed me, but who was right there, the teammate, the teammate ive, always needed the teammate. I prefer over any other teammates, especially the ones before him. Uh stoned by mike was there for me just two veterans in the game. Now i love coming to the end of the mission screen, seeing what weve leveled up, seeing how uh my operator has leveled up what skills they may have gotten, and then you know what how much health ive been given to the other operators who may be down Or injured, i look forward to playing much more when the game launches watch out for us on friday. We are doing a stream me greg and mike on twitch.tv kind of funny games. We will see you, then any last words mike thats.