Welcome to my channel in this episode were going to take a look at the radio master zorro, but its going to be a pretty cool video, because not only am i going to check out the radio master xero, but im also going to show you how to Set up your drone inside the radio master bind it set it up in beta flight and then go flying. So i dont know if this was apparent, but i do have a radio master marketing ball. Cap on and a radio master t shirt thats about 10 sizes too large for me, but ive got it over a sweatshirt. Is that a thing can you do that, put it over a sweatshirt? Well, i did for this video. Let me get rid of the ball cap, all right, so thats. What my head looks like without a ball cap. So really quick. Let me tell you what operating system this radio runs on. Well, actually, let me let the radio tell you come on. You can do it edge tx. It also has voice in it. Listen to this flight mode angle, flight mode acro. So in this video im going to show you how to put voices in it because the voices are in it, but you have to add them to all the switches and everything and ill show you this video. How to do that. You should also know that this radio is powered by two batteries that are underneath the little grips on the back, and there goes one of them theres the battery there its an 18 350 battery.

Please note those two batteries do not come with the radio, so you will have to buy them yourself. I will put a link below so you can go, find a place to buy them. Also, if you have a 2s battery line around the house, you can power. This off a 2s battery, there is a cable, i believe it comes with the radio, so im, not 100 sure, because i only have one cable here: its got an xt30 connector on the end and it has like a balanced connector on the other end, and this Cable fits right in the front right down in here, and then you just plug this in and you plug the other end into your battery and the radio comes with straps to strap your battery on or you have this plastic unit here that could just fit in And hold your battery in place, so, as you can see, powering this unit is not an issue, you can have plenty of power and you can run the power in combination, so you can have the batteries in it plus run the 2s power and it will run For days and days, obviously, you notice a big screen up front and ill put up here. What the resolution of it is. It is very easy to see outside ive gone outside. With this, i can see it quite easily and, of course, indoors super easy to see. Last thing to mention before we get into the buttons it does come with a micro sd card and on that micro sd card would be all the features you would normally download off the internet to put onto the card and then stick in your radio.

This already has them all, which is a bonus now, if you fly fpv drones, rc planes, rc helicopters, trucks, cars boats – you might really like this because its got a really good button layout and were going to go over that on the front. You have all sorts of buttons on the rear, all sorts of buttons and on the back, not only that theyve put all these little screw holes in certain areas, especially around the screen, so you can 3d print other items and attach them. So maybe you add a bigger display whatever so now quickly lets go over the button layout. So right on the front, you have page buttons. You have two of them one forward, one back, which is a nice option. You have your return button thats very useful, youre gon na use that a lot you have your system button. If you hold that down, you can get into the system, menu and change a pile of settings of the actual controller. You also use that for other features. If you attach a module on the back, which this radio you can attach one, you can put a crossfire or an elrs module on the back. You press the system button to get into the settings for the module. Next up. You have your hall effect gimbals, which are high quality in the rc hobby. Then over you have your lanyard strap holder made out of metal. Then you have your trim buttons.

We dont use those in the fpv hobby, but those who fly rc planes, youll use your trim buttons all the time and you do get four of them. Thank god for that, and then over we have our model button were gon na, see that, as i show you how to enter a model into this radio next, we have our scroll wheel that is made out of metal and if you click it in its, like A mouse when you click to select things so youll use that a lot when youre selecting things on the menu option and then your last button down here is your tele or telemetry item. You press that and it takes this right into your telemetry window. If you have a receiver that has telemetry on it, it will bounce back and show you the information here. Final, two things up front. A very loud speaker im glad the speakers loud because im half deaf and then we have our big screen. And then you have a movable antenna up here. I dont think it makes much of a difference. You could leave it flat or put it up or put it away over that way. It doesnt make much difference now. I know someones going to ask me: can i put a larger antenna on this little remote and the answer is yes, so if you flip around to the back well, look at that next ill start with that. So right in the center theres a little round plug you pull that out and in that hole is where you attach an external antenna.

Of course, you probably have to take the radio apart because, as im looking inside, it looks like i have to go in and maybe add i dont see the sma connector in there. So i think you have to open it up, but anyways the instructions say you can add an external antenna in that hole so since were on the rear lets. Look at the first thing is the switches so on the bottom you have like on a drone. We turn the props on and off, so we have a two way switch its on off on off on either side. So if youre left handed right handed or whatever side you like it its perfect, then the next two switches up are three way switches for different functions and features. You can hear the clicking both sides three way switches. I know it keeps talking to me because its i know i know i know anyways and then you have two dials here. What do they call them? Penciometer, so im pronouncing that so badly someones going to correct me. Anyways you have the two dials there. I dont use them the only time ive ever used. Dials for the fpv hobby is to assign a value to the volume of the volume coming out of the speaker, the sound out of the speaker. Then i would use a dial for that, but you have to set that up in the radio. Then you have two momentary switches on either side, then on the back here.

If i move this little rubber, flap ill show you close up theres holes on either side with different things. So let me tell you on one side: you have a headphone jack. That is just in case. You have sound coming back to you from some sort of device, it will come back to the radio and then you can put headphones on and listen to what the sound is and underneath the headphone jack is your micro sd card and it comes included with the Radio, with everything already on it and on the other side, you have a trainer port plus a usb c port. So if you put a usbc cable in there and the other end into your pc, its going to say, do you want to use this as an external device? And then you can access the memory on your micro sd card thats in this device or its going to ask. Would you like to use this as a joystick and if you say yes, then you can play flight sims on this, so ive used this playing flight. Sims and i will say its so ergonomically comfortable in the hand that uh yeah youre gon na love playing flight sims on this ill put a link below to the flight sim. You see on the screen right now and then on the bottom. We have two more switches, so if youre flying and you want to use the switches on the bottom, you click in and they pop out they dont stay in so theyre like a momentary switch then in the center.

This is where you can put your external module. If you have a crossfire nano or you have an elrs nano module like i have here from beta fpv and click it down and now this radio is a four in one radio, plus elrs its that simple ill put a link below to where you can find The beta fpv els external module, i think its like ‘ or 49 and then flipping to the forward section right here. Ive already talked about it. This is where youll put your external power and also your charging so theres another usbc input here and thats for charging. Just plug a usbc cable in here and the other end into some power source, and it will charge up the radio the batteries in the radio, which is pretty sweet and, of course, that bigger item in the center is for external power to power. The radio off a 2s battery so, as mentioned the radio, comes in different configurations. This is the 4n1. This is the one most people will buy. Four on one just means that its got a chip on it that can connect to multiple receivers. Like i mean a pile of different receivers, so if you bought any type of rc plane, rc helicopter rc drone, those would all come with receivers in them or you asked to have a receiver in it theres a good chance that this will be compatible with all Those receivers now, if you get something with an elrs receiver in it, then you need that module which ive lost hang on a sec.

Then you need the module to go on the back to be elrs and the foreign one. However, if you plan to communicate mostly in the e l r s system, then you would go get yourself this here, e l, r s zoro because the module this like this is built into it, its not its, not external, its inside the radio. However, the drawback is that it is not a four in one, which means you cannot go connect to the futaba receivers, the spectrum receivers, the fr sky receivers, youre, pretty much stuck with elrs or whatever module. You stick on the back and i would say most people are going to put a crossfire module, so youd have elrs and crossfire the best of both worlds. So for those of you who have been using radio so far and you put an elrs module on the back of whatever radio you own, you know that to access this module or crossfire, you go into the system menu. So let me show you im going to show you right here thats the same idea in this, even though el rs is built into it, so hopefully thats showing up, you can see ive crossed fire. Can i even turn this wheel while im here there we go and you got elrs and you got express lrs so lets say i select express lrs im going to click in. I should get yeah there. We go its just like having the module on the back and you can do all your settings here, maybe even a few more settings.

So oh and transmitter power. Let me show you that, because everybodys going to ask what is the max, the max is 250 milliwatts. So, just to summarize, the elrs version is in the 2.4 gigahertz spectrum. If youre wondering, if theres going to be like a 900 megahertz, 915 megahertz version, radio master says no so physically the elrs version and the four in one version are physically identical, theres, no difference whatsoever, its just the internals that are different. Now by itself. The radios do not come with a case, but i just happen to have a radio master case here. I have a pile of radio master products. So if i stick it in the case ill just show you really quick its uh pretty sweet. You could probably fit other radio master radios in here, so there we go. It fits in really tight and if you happen to have some type of external module for crossfire elrs, there you go and youre off to the field to have a lot of fun. If youre looking at getting yourself one of these cases, i will find a link to the case and put it below as well. Now, as i already mentioned, the xero comes in several configurations, so this is the four in one configuration i think, thats going to be the most popular. Then you have the elrs configuration. There is also another configuration thats kind of like the four in one, except it does not connect to as many receivers as this model does so.

The next thing to show you would be what comes in the box so for the foreign one, its pretty much standard which you get for the elrs. It comes in two different versions. I have the base version of the elrs, so what i received in my box is kind of like what you get in the foreign one. If you get the more like, i dont, know, fly more package of the el rs, whatever they call it, you get a pile of elrs receivers and other cool things in it, as well as the elrs radio. So here quickly, let me show you what comes in the box. This is the box. Your zorro comes in and inside the box, youll see its heavily protected in plastic inside the box. Youll find the quick start guide instructions as well as a usbc cable straps, to attach an external battery and a screen protector, all right now, heres the part. A lot of you want to see, because maybe you are new to the world of fpv and youre buying this radio and you have to set up a drone in it. So were going to do that right now and its going to be so simple and please keep in mind, because i always get a lot of people. That comment with silly comments. Im showing this very basic, because i dont have 10 hours to spend on setting up every single setting and telling you everything im going to give you enough information to set up your drone and get out and fly.

You can watch other videos and set it up. Even further but ill give you enough to get going. So in order to do that, make sure you got lots of power because you know you might go slow and you dont want to kill the batteries while youre programming it youre going to need whatever fpv drone. You bought yourself, and i know everybody buys themselves all types of fpv drones and theyre all different. The only thing you have to concern yourself with is when you bought the drone. What receiver did you ask them to put in the drone? So you have to know that, because you have to select that receiver in the radio next, you need a battery to power. Your drone, because some drones require battery power to cause the receiver inside to actually work other drones. If theyre very tiny, they dont really need a battery. Also make sure you take your props off as you see here, and make sure you put your antenna on the back, because you dont want to fry your vtx anytime. You attach a battery to your drone, always make sure the antenna is on or else youre going to fry, the little vtx that gets really hot and then goes boop. And finally, the last two items youll need is a usb cable and a really good one. Dont use a cheap, usb, cable or it wont work. When i say you need a good usb cable, i mean you need one that sends data, not just power.

You know theres usb cables out there just made to send power to charge things and other ones are made for data two way. Communication. You need the two way: communication data, usb cable and make sure you know on your drone. What type of end does it take? Is it a usb a or is it usbc youll see it on the drone theres a spot you can plug in then? Finally, you need some sort of computer. I dont know pc laptop something that you can install betaflight configurator on ill put a link below to where you can get it go and get it and install it on your pc or your mac way ahead of time. The last time i made one of these videos, i did it for the jumper t pro. I use the pc, so this one im going to use a mac just to show you can do both on either one. Oh and finally, just make sure you know the names of the buttons because im going to say, click on the page button, im going to say, click on the return button, im going to say, click the scroll wheel. This thing over here when i say click it means push it in and thats pretty much it. Oh and your model button were going to use that your model button. I think thats it and just make sure you know those buttons youll hear me say them. So just know which ones to press so lets get on with it.

This will be quick because i dont have a lot of time to spend, hit the pause button on your screen if its too much information at once, rewind watch again here we go power on your xoro and hold down the mdl model button. Until you see this screen, please take note that youre on page 1 of 12. use your scroll wheel to scroll down to a blank line, then push in the scroll wheel to select that line then select create model. Next press, your page button to go to page 2 of 12.. This is where youre going to type in the name. You want to give to your drone im going to call my drone drone. You pick letters by scrolling. You select the letter by pressing in the scroll wheel. If you want a lowercase letter, just press in and hold the scroll wheel down and the letter will become a lowercase letter once everythings completed just hit. The return button then hit the page button and page over to page five now scroll down to where it says i 05 and then press in the scroll wheel to select it now scroll down to where it says name and the name youre going to type is Arm a r m once completed, hit, return and then scroll down to where it says, source and then click in the scroll wheel. Now we have to select a switch for the arm function. Select this switch move, the switch up and down and s1 will change to.

Se now press return several times to get back to the previous menu now scroll down and select. I 0 6 click in the scroll wheel now were going to go type a name and this time were going to type the name modes m, o d e s. Once completed, hit the return, key and scroll down to source and highlight s2 and click in the scroll wheel, now we have to assign a switch to our flight modes. This is the switch youre going to pick, because this is our mode switch, so move it up and down and youll see the s2 changes to sb next hit return several times to get back to the previous menu. Now look at our page were on page five. Were gon na go to page six scroll down to ch5 and click in the scroll wheel? Now, when it says, mix, name type in the word arm, a r m when completed just hit the return key and then lets go to the next item, which is going to be ch6. Click in the scroll wheel. To select it, then under mix name youre going to type modes m, o d e s when completed press the return button, then press the page button and were going to go to page 10 of 12.. This is where were going to assign a voice or voice is to our switches. So when you get to that page click the scroll wheel to select enter now, we have to pick the switch pick, the switch e and move it up and down.

You will see, as you move it up and down the arrow beside se, changes right now, its pointing up, and if you move it again, its pointing down just know that it is the opposite of what you think. When its up it doesnt mean the switch is up, it means the switch is down, ensure your screen matches mine, then scroll over and were going to pick the words play track and next scroll over one more time hit enter, and you are going to pick the Word: armed a r m e d, its right. There then hit return and test your switch. It should sound like this now scroll down one line and click in the scroll wheel, and now we have to pick our mode switch, which is this one right here. So you can move your mode switch up down and you can see once again the arrow will change as you move. It make sure your mode switch looks like mine as soon as you have the arrow, pointing in the same direction. You see on my screen, then pick play track and then the sound you want to pick is called fm dash horizon, in other words, for horizon mode. So look at the screen im going to go down im going to find fm dash horizon then hit the return. Key scroll down to the next line, push in the scroll wheel and flick that switch so its in the center position now then go over and select play track.

Now the track youre going to pick is called fm dash angle, for when you want to place the drone in angle mode then hit return and were going to select our last item so once again move the switch this time all the way up and then select Play track and then select fm acro, in other words, flight mode, acro mode, then test out your mode switch and it should sound like this flight mode horizon flight mode angle, flight mode, acro, next, press your page button and were gon na go to page two. We have to turn on the communication system within the radio so scroll around until you find this screen its going to be either scrolling up or scrolling down on page two find internal rf mode, its gon na say off change it to multi next scroll down to Where it says type, this is asking for what type of receiver are we going to bind to? So you have to know what type of receiver is in your drone and select the proper one. I have an fr sky, rxsr receiver, so im going to select it on the screen. You see under type im going through all the options, so i will select the correct receiver, its written a little bit different in the radio, but i know from experience the correct one, which is this one: fr sky x2. Now, most receivers, not all but most have a bind button on the receiver im pointing an arrow at the buying button on my receiver.

So a bind button means you have to press down on the bind button while adding power to the drone. So im pressing down the bind button here with my nail adding power and that puts the receiver into bind mode, and i know it worked because all the lights are solid. So now i go back to my radio and im going to scroll down to the word. Bind bnd im going to press enter and i have to select telemetry. Do i want channels, 1 to 8 or nine to sixteen im gon na pick nine to sixteen, and then i press in the scroll wheel to activate the bind function and now it is binding notice. My solid light on the receiver is blinking and now to test out. My bind im gon na hit return to get out of the bind function, go back to the main screen next im going to disconnect the battery off the drone so that when it powers up its automatically going to connect to the radio and then im going to Flick my arm switch and the motor should spin and now, if your motors dont spin, its probably because your drone is not properly set up so youre gon na, have to go in betaflight and set it up. So startup betaflight, as you see here, ensure your radio is powered on and your drone model is selected and push all your switches down. Next find the usb port on your flight controller and then take your usb, cable and plug it in then connect the battery to the drone, so its all powered on ready to go, make sure the props are off and make sure the antenna is on.

Now. You can connect your usb cable to your computer. Betaflight should recognize your drone and automatically start up if it doesnt start up, then, on the top right theres a connect button. Click on that youll know. You have a good usb cable. If, when you move the drone, the drone on the screen on your laptop or computer or pc moves as well now, on the left hand, side of the screen, click on the receiver tab and now move the joysticks on your radio, and you should see everything moving On the screen, if you dont see anything moving, it means your radio did not bind to your drone. Youre gon na have to try again on the left of the beta flight screen, select the modes tab, and this is where well set up our arm switch and our mode switch. So lets start with the arm switch as you move. Your arm switch youll notice that the word arm on your screen will change red disabled or go back to gray. Whats important on this screen is that your beta flight screen looks similar to mine, so make sure youre on auxiliary one for arm and that big, yellow bar you can move left or right, but stick it over on the far left, as i have here now, to Set up your flight modes thats your top switch and as you can see as im selecting them here, things are changing to yellow make sure your screen looks like my screen and make sure you have selected auxiliary 2 for all the switches, youll notice.

You only see angle and horizon mode. You do not have to show acro mode when everything is completed. Just click on the save button in the bottom right hand corner now as a bonus ill show you this. If you want to set up what you see in your fpv, goggles click on the osd tab in the center is what you will see in your goggles to add or remove items from your display, just select items or remove items under column number one on the Left hand side of the screen then remember to select your save button. And, finally, if you want to change the settings in your video transmitter, just click on this tab, video transmitter and then youll see over here. On the left hand, side you can change the channel and the band, as well as the power output. Just remember to once again save your settings now youre all done so you can click on the disconnect button and then you can remove the battery power from your drone and also remove your usb cable. Then put the props on your drone head outside and go fly. All right so back to me im putting my hat back on because im ending this video. Now radio master lots of marketing going on here. Isnt there all right so uh, yes, radio master did send me these radios so and they sent me the t, shirt and the hat so im wearing everything. So if you have any questions about these radios, just post comments below and ill get back to you to the best of the knowledge i know about the radios ive been playing with them.

I really like them. Ive used the foreign one a lot more than the elrs, because in the foreign one i have a ton of modules that go on the back nano and micro modules and thats. What im used to in the fpv hobby, having a module on the back and my modules shoot out at up to one watt, whereas the elrs only shoots out at 250 milliwatts. However, let me say the following for my needs: i only need about 100 milliwatts ill. Never use one watt unless im flying outside inside a huge building. I dont know a warehouse and im standing outside and i need it to go through penetrate all the walls. Everything else because theres one factor that always kills your range and that is your video transmission. Back to you, so it doesnt matter if i have 250 milliwatts or one watt or a thousand bazillion watts. If my video signal coming back into my fbb goggles is something less thats, the limitation of my range and normally in the fpv drone hobby, that is the weakest part of any flight, its the video signal back. If you cant see where youre going, you just stop flying and turn around come home all right. So if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. Ive put all the links to everything that we talked about in this video below go check it out and yeah get yourself one of these radios.

I think youll love it. I know youre going to see me in a lot of future videos using this one, because i do like the ergonomics – and i do like the button layout im very old school with metal switches like the click, click things and yeah youll keep on talking to me. There it goes keep on talking, so this keeps on talking so im old school and i like metal switches, vice plastic switches. So i kind of like this radio, alright guys thanks for watching catch you in the next video with many cool products.