Now, personally, i like that, because that gives me a target, so i know what i need to get done and i know how much time i have to do it. I dont have to worry about rushing. I dont have to really worry. I just get to experience the radio from a viewers standpoint. I think there are pluses and cons one. You have a whole bunch of perspectives that you can go out and look at so if youre interested in this particular product, you can see a bunch of videos today and get those perspectives about this particular product. Two is the con youre. Viewing on youtube might be a bit boring today, because therell be a lot more of this from most of the channels that you might watch, but hopefully theres a little bit of flavor out there in order to be able to perk your day up a little bit. So lets start with perking it up with a little bit of flying, i like to put flying in just about every video. I can figure out some loose association to be able to bring it into the video, and this is me just flying around the house kind of going for a casual fly and just spending some time with the radio. Of course, i spent some time with it on the computer, but it wasnt highly successful, because the two computer simulators that i use neither one of them recognized the radio and i could make them partially work.

So it looks like we need a game update that my computer itself recognized the device just fine. So i think we need a game style or a game side update, but this also gives you an opportunity to look at. You know kind of how i fly, which is to pinch, and sometimes that comes across as a little bit of an odd thing, to be a pincher and use a gamepad style radio, now im old enough to where video games werent around. When i was real young and then, as i got to be a teenager, they were around, but they werent as prevalent as they are. Today. Our game pads were very, very boring. They were rectangles with a directional pad and two buttons. I think it had start and pause or maybe the start button was the pause. What was on the atari? The original atari had the joystick and the orange button, but the one after that was that the nintendo anyhow, i didnt, have a nintendo until i got into college. I couldnt afford one, but so i didnt grow up playing video games. But if you grew up playing video games or youre, just comfortable playing video games, gamepad style radio might be for you. The only reason i mentioned the game pad and the thumbing is because i pinch so if you think you might be a pincher or a thumber, its possible on a gamepad style radio, whether its this one or something else, and if youre not actually interested in this Product for some reason, i would suggest, if youre looking for a new radio to look at a different radio master product, which is the radio master tx16.

Of course, this is the s. This is the s max version, so its all decked out ive got the ag01. All cnc metal gimbals are all metal, cnc, gimbals um those gimbals cost more than this radio does but uh. You can find this radio for probably somewhere around 150, not this particular version tx16 and then, as you get in the other versions, they start to step up. In cost, this is probably one of the most sold radios in quads. I think its the one i hear most people talking about, especially those people that have gotten into quads over the last two years say so, if youre not into the radiomaster zorro check out the tx16 from radiomaster, and when i got this out of the box. The first thing i thought of when i grabbed it – and i got it in my hands – was i thought of the x lite and for those of you that have been following the channel for a long time. You know that the x lite used to be my daily driver, and you might also be aware that fr sky makes good radios. Their hardware is good, its reliable its solid. It feels right. I dont like what theyre doing with their firmware, but the radios seem to be quality construction. They seem to work really well, and that was the same sort of feeling i had when i pulled this out, that it was a premium radio, it wasnt inexpensive it wasnt budget, it was, it was a nice radio, and i i just that was my first impression And my kids were right there when i took it out of the box and so hand it to them and of course they dont fly, so they were just like oh yeah, its nice dad this radio isnt going to give you the same sort of feeling that You might feel with a radio that is a little less expensive, nothing wrong with the jumper tea light and again those that have been coming to the channel ive been using this at my daily driver.

I actually have two of them, one with express lrs and one without so i can separate you know my use, so i can make them last longer. So obviously i have an affinity or a bias for gamepad style radios. The other thing that i think people kind of catches, their eye is the big screen and radio master. They did communicate why they chose a larger screen than you might expect and thats, because theyre kind of hoping that people who are just flying quads might be interested in this radio. Maybe they fly wings. Maybe they fly helicopters, maybe they use it for some other sort of rc purpose and the screen will come in handy. So, therefore, a larger screen might fit a wider market of people who are looking at this radio. So, just like the x light here on the back, we have short switches so that helps when youre packing this. They do offer a case that you can buy for this, so the shorter switches are going to have less of a propensity to catch on something when youre packing, if whether you just put it in your bag or whether you have the actual box that is made For this particular radio, so youll have shorter switches. Now that could be a downside if youre used to longer switches, i guess, but for me having a switch, is more comfortable than having a toggle or a button. I have tried several radios with toggles and buttons.

I have a difficult time getting it and, if youre looking for momentary switches, its got that as well so lets go through the top here. So, on the near side, switches weve got three position: switches on the back row, switches, theyre, two position, switches and theyre, nice and solid theyre not loose or anything, and then these two circles in here these are our momentary switches. And then we have these turn dials or pots here in the, as you know, say: youre gon na trim out your plane or something like that. I suspect its been a long time since ive done planes, maybe a decade or more also on the top. We have this void, which, on the x light, has an sma in it. This is the express lrs edition. I am told that the other editions do have the ability to connect a standard sma antenna in there. I cant say that for certain, so you might want to check some of those other videos if someone else has got something: thats not express lrs, also up top this piece right here. This is our antenna. This is the one thats built in, so we have to kind of stick our fingernails underneath it here there we go pry this up and you see we got a little hinge or joint there and it circles all the way around. So you can have it. You know, however, you want to have it and then you can push it back down and seats firmly away, so that works out quite nicely.

Also up top is our usb port, so you plug in here for your purposes of connecting to a computer, so that you can do your fpv simulators or other simulators. Maybe you use a flight simulator of another sort. Weve also got our sd card, which it does come with. Weve got our headphone jack, as well as our trainer port, all pretty traditional standard stuff, but do note that that usbc that usb port up there is usbc which it does come with so no worries. As far as not having a usbc cable, as we flip it over here – and we look at the back, you can see weve got a module here in the back uh. Obviously, you could use some other sort of module if you buy the express rs edition and maybe later on, you want to try crossfire or youre transitioning from crossfire to xpressos or youre transitioning from frs guy. What have you, if you have a module that you want to use and its a nano or the smaller size module that would clip in right here and its got this little cover to put on that space if youre not using it? Also here on, the back are two more momentary switches, not necessarily useful. For me, i have a difficult time reaching these, but if youre looking for something a little extra youre looking for one more momentary switch its right here, also on the back these screws, these screws allow you to change the centering, so you can actually go from mode 1 to mode 2 or mode 3 to change which stick is centered.

It also allows you to change your spring tension, which is terribly handy. I love the fact that weve gotten to the point in this hobby, where we can stop opening our brand new radios to adjust spring tensions, thats so awesome and im thankful that this radio has it as well. So we can use those screws. We turn them in order to adjust our spring tension or our centering also around here on the sides. Each side has these two holes and you could use those holes to connect some sort of accessory, maybe its a one sided accessory, or maybe it creates some sort of bracket, so you could have an fpv screen over the top. Both sides do have those screw holes, so you could use that as you will, as were looking here in the front, and the large screen of course well turn that on here in a minute, weve got the radio master logo the zorro printed over. The top of the speaker, grille weve, got our traditional trim buttons here in the center weve got a loop for our lanyard. If you do use the neck, strap weve got our power button and then weve got our traditional items that we use to drive the menuing system within the radio, and it does facilitate the use of a metal roller wheel, which i have gotten more and more used To initially when i first started with the tango 2, i kind of struggled with that, although the tango 2 is kind of a it feels like that, roller is tapered.

Maybe that is what has caused me a little bit of an issue with that, but lets roll on down to the bottom. So we can take a look at the bottom. Well talk about these uh brackets here that you can hook stuff to so on the bottom. We have our usbc port for charging. Again, it comes with a usbc cable, so no worries there and it also has this balance port for a 2s battery. So you can connect a 2s battery directly to this 2s only or if you have a pack that uses 18650 cells. These 18650 cells and radiomaster makes it 5000 milliamp 2s version. This pack would fit neatly down in here, and then you use two velcro straps to keep it attached to that area. So if you wanted some longer battery life – or you just want to extend your flying session 18 650 pack, whether you have to buy the radio master one or not, i dont think so. It just cant be a bulky pack because of the size, its not going to fit every 18650 pack thats out there or you can buy this extension cable, which obviously, here on the end where it is an xt30. It reminds you 2s only so if you plug in, as you know, 3 4s and plug this in bad things are going to happen. But this cable will allow you to have a battery say in your pocket, like we might with our goggles.

In order to save the internal battery life or to just extend your flying session, it also comes with this bracket that clips into those other bracket spaces in order to be able to hold this cable in place, so it doesnt pull loose on you, which, i think Was was necessary and a good thing that they thought of that and they have included it because, as you can see, the cable will go right down in that little v and it creates tension on the cable. So it shouldnt pull that out unless the tension got really fairly extreme, but that is an optional thing. It does not come with that if i didnt mention it already it. There is a case thats available to this, and i presume that that case is going to be well formed to the shape of this radio. So if you are someone who regularly travels that case might be of interest to make sure you protect your radio, i think most of us, because we touch this and the goggles so much when were having fun. They become kind of protected items. So maybe getting that case, if its not too expensive, it might be a good idea. Lets go back to the back and get to the biggest drawback that i think most people arent going to like, and that is the battery. So we pop off the grips which comes off nice and easily, and we can see there that that is an 18 350 18650 next to it 18 350.

Inside of it now, radio master did when they sent these out. They did say the reason why they did that is they wanted to keep the radio at this size. They didnt want it getting bigger, so they added or they thought, to add the extra availability of being able to plug in a 2s battery here at the lowest part to supplement any battery shortage. You might because of an 18 350 battery, which weve got two of them one in each handle and the handles do come off fairly easily and they slide right back on and they are rubberized. So they they do grip in your hands and, as we already saw in my flying uh, that i just kind of let the radio rest in my hands. I dont like to grip. I dont like to be tense when im flying i like to relax so having that textured rubber back here is really really handy. A matter of fact on some of my older radios, i used to add some neoprene padding to them in order to create that sort of textured feel that security that i felt i needed now we get to the part about the gimbal, so you get a sense. Hopefully, through as much as we can through this format, what its like to hold the radio and whether this radio might be for you now, the the next most sensitive item when it comes to radios is probably the gimbals.

These are hull sensor, gimbals, which are very smooth theyre, very nice. You can adjust the stick travel with these screws at the top and the bottom so thats great. So if you want a shorter stick, throw maybe if youre a racer do racers use shorter, stick throw. I just dont know those scenarios where someone might use a shorter stick, throw that seems peculiar to me. I suspect it would be maybe something about hand, size, thats, just a guess, but you can adjust those as well as the screws on the back for the spring tension, which ive mentioned probably more than a couple of times, uh you cant adjust the stick ends up And down and ive made that adjustment from my comfort level and uh, you know they feel real good. One of the things that im sensitive to is the centering. If the centering is real heavy, which is oftentimes just tied to your spring tension, i find that im less smooth and less comfortable, so thats, one of the things im always looking for in gimbals, is that centering smooth? Can i move fluidly through the center so that im, not you, know, bumping around and causing my flight to kind of veer off course, but they are smaller gimbals than you might find on other radios, and that is to be expected with a gamepad style radio. But something you want to keep in mind, lets go ahead and lets turn it on.

So you can hear the speaker real, quick welcome to htx so yeah they come stock with edge tx and i think thats, pretty awesome. Ive got edge tx on one of my two tea lights, so i like the fact that edge tx is out there and theyre pushing the envelope theyre pushing open, tx to move faster and, if they wont move faster edge, tx is going to do it. So when it comes to feature sets or listening to community and evolving ntx, it is compatible with opentx. So if you want to go open tx route, you can, but it comes with edge. Tx and im told theyre all coming with edge tx. So dont be surprised. You can see here well the screen brightness im just going to move the sticks around here a little bit, so you get an idea for how motion on the screen is handled. Sometimes some feel that that can give you an idea of the quality of the screen, which i you know i wouldnt say one way or another ive never studied these things. I just want to be able to see them and for someone with less than 20 20 vision, the screen size is nice. I wont argue with having a nice screen on there in order to be able to see it now, im changing models quite often so when it comes to screens, i have a different use case. You might only need to see the screen once to set up your one model and you do binding through that model and youll only look at those binding im, always using different mod, not always but im binding several different models.

So i tend to use my screen a little bit more, so a big screen might not be important to you, thats, just something you have to decide im not going to dive deep into edge tx or espresso rs. There are many videos on youtube about that stuff, but i do want to show you one feature that i think is fun and could be potentially useful. Lets go into our systoles down here now note that ive got two express lrs lua scripts on here. Weve got number three, which is just labeled elrs and ive got number four express lrs. I believe number three is the version one and doesnt work on this radio. So i will, after this review, delete that so theres no point in that being on there, because this this does come with express os version do so. I definitely dont need that. Ers number three on there so lets go into number four, its going to do its thing and you can kind of see the menuing system and how things work. Thats. All you know express lrs stuff. You can go into the tx power. A lot of people want to see that, because this is running at a maximum of 250 milliwatts. If i hit the scroll wheel and try to move it up doesnt, i can move it down a word about the milliwatt. If you want to see whats capable of express os as far as distance go ill link, wesley, vardys video and doing express letters down below 90, nearly all of us who fly fpv express little rest is going to give you more penetration and more range than youre.

Needing now, if you dont think thats the case, then maybe youre going to need to get a 500 milliwatt or a 1 watt module. I think its overkill by a long ways. But if you know what you need or you need that assurance, then you need to know. This is 250 milliwatts, which is with espresso arrest, a lot of range and a lot of penetration, and especially if youre wearing goggles, your video is going to go out before express lrs is going to go out. So most of you, when you hear that 250 ml watts you can relax, just fine youve got more than youll ever need and, of course, some people are running dynamic, which is a nice little feature in version two of express lrs. But what the reason why i draw you in here is right here: ble joystick! Now that is bluetooth and ive already tested this out. But if we press the scroll wheel down, we get this little. Enable yes lets go ahead and enable it, and we get the little spinning x, thats supposed to indicate a star that its running, and i did test this on my computer and it bound up just fine to the bluetooth on my computer. Unfortunately, the computer simulators that i use for fpv, which one of it is tiny whip go, does not recognize this radio. I was able to get it to kind of work. It didnt work great, so we probably need an update on our simulators.

All of them might not be that way, but tiny whoop go is the one that i tend to go to most often and that one does definitely need an update for this radio to work normally. But i think thats a pretty cool feature, although you should know that, because youre going over bluetooth, there is potential that there could be some disconnect between your stick movement and the movement on screen, something that youll have to test out. If youre an accomplished pilot youre, probably going to notice it if its there, if youre, not an accomplished pilot, maybe youre just starting, you probably wont notice, but it is awful convenient. Of course, if you do notice, weve got the usb port right up top plug it into your usb cable, your computer, then that all goes away, but that was the main feature that i wanted to make sure i pointed out with the express seller rash. I dont think youll find that feature in the versions that dont have express lrs, so something to note there as far as the buttons and the layouts of everything i i think theyre all pretty easy to read pretty easy to feel. I didnt have any troubles navigating anything. They all make sense, theyre. Clearly labeled theyre actually reasonably easy to see, even though it doesnt have like a text color on the buttons. You know, youve got your model button. Your assist button youve got your page forward page back.

Your return, you can see these things on there and, if you cant see them clearly, if you get a little bit of an angle at it, the letters will kind of pop off because they are kind of indented into the buttons. One of the things that shocked me about this radio was the price the espresso rest edition, the one i have here its 99. When i pulled it out of the box, i didnt think this would be a good price. I thought was going to be 129. thats. Just me maybe im way off as far as market value goes, but for the way this feels again, it feels constructed very similarly to an fr sky. Radio, which i think most of us in this hobby would say. Fr sky makes a good quality radio, so radio master has done a nice job with this radio and making it feel like a hobby grade or a premium grade. Radio. It doesnt feel like a toy. It doesnt feel like its fragile and its 99 dollars, but if the espresso rest edition isnt the one youre looking for need to hit the website check out what the price of the one that you want. If you are interested in this product which, if you got gamepad style radios, i fully support gamepad style radios and pinching or hybrid pinching, whatever you want to call what i do, and i definitely am big on express lure rs, i think express solaris solves a lot Of problems specifically in micros and all in one boards, i just im all about express lrs.

If you go to the express alerts, donation page, you will find my name there. So the last question some of you might be asking is, am i switching and in this moment yeah i think so now. Of course, i cant switch fully because this is express lrs only, i could add a module to the back and then i could transition my quads over. So, for the time being, the stuff that i have bound up to my jumper tea light will stay, jumper, tea, light and then ill be transitioning more and more and more over to this zoro radio, because i do like it, i feel comfortable with it. I think the constructions quality i think its going to serve me very, very well and at 99 it might serve you pretty well too, and if you are interested therell, be links down in the video description to resellers who are selling this, you might want to take A look at the accessories for additional long session battery life, as well as the case radio master. I sure, would like a case.