So this is a refreshed edition of the tx16s, with some improvements im not going to cover the whole radio, because ive already done a video on this and also on the max edition ill link. Those videos in the video description im just going to cover the improvements and then the differences and whats changed now. This is the standard edition, not the max edition. The mark ii does come in the max edition as well, and i think in that one you have basically the different gimbals um different, basically like its basically cosmetic changes. Theres like a handle in the back that can fold, you can check out the max video. If you want to see what those are like, but basically the mark ii comes in. Two editions are two versions for each edition, so theres the express lrs internal, which is what i have here and then theres the four in one edition or version. So the the that one has the four in one multi protocol module its internal uh. Obviously you know most people will probably go for the foreign one internal and then add an express lrs or some sort of module in in the back. But if you want internal express lrs, there is now a version in the mark ii that on both the standard and the max edition uh for internal express lrs. So if you just want that internal – and maybe you want to use some other sort of module externally – that is available to you as well so the module – the internal express lrs modules in here – is the same: its on zoro, its 250 milliwatts max power.

So for those of you that need the higher power express lrs modules, you should probably get the four in one version and then add an external module, theres lots of modules that go up to one watt now so thats, probably a better configuration. But if youre not needing the high power and just wanted to express lrs only then the internal express version is available for you, so first off right off the bat, the biggest change here is going to be the built in edge tx. So this now comes with htx 2.6 and not open tx, its still open, tx compatible, but out of the box, it comes with htx and it comes with touchscreen support. So you can click on the screen and you know basically do most of the functions im. Not. I i dont really use the touchscreen too much. You can obviously still use all the same buttons. Of course, those will all work. We can select your models. Exactly you know, just like before. Touchscreen is fully functional with htx 2.6, which is great theres, a new gimbal on here theyre, calling it the version 4.0 gimbal. So this is the standard hall sensor gimbal with the plastic parts. If you want the um metal eg01 gimbals, you can select that version uh. So thats another variant of this. So if you want the you know, uh, basically, you can choose between the express lrs, internal or 401 internal and you can select the gimbals.

This is the version 4.0 standard gimbal its also still a hall sensor, gimbal or you can get the ag01 gimbal, which is all metal and thats all another variant that you can select. If you want to buy it with that built in instead of having to swap it out later, i think the biggest change in the 4.0 gimbal is that they use the electronic circuitry from the ag01 gimbals just that, instead of the all metal parts, its using the Plastic ports on the standard, gimbal youll, also notice that the adjustments are now in the front. I believe they started making this change in the later editions of the tx16s. I think one of the first batches i got didnt have this function. So if you want to adjust your stick, tension also stick travel. All those can be adjusted here in the front now. The two knobs here, s1 and s2 on top now have a centering detent. Thats much stronger so for those of you that need a strong, centering, detent and detent and ask for that feature. Those are now in there also notice that the sliders here on the side seem to have a better detent as well. I dont think that um, i think i remember those on the original. This was pretty loose thats, also improved theres, now improved audio, a speaker now in the front, and also one in the back thats kind of hidden down here, theres a three and a half millimeter audio jack here.

So for those of you guys to use headphones and want to have listen to your audio through your headphone, you can plug in a headphone in the back here. These grips now have an optional flat grip, thats included in the box. So if you want to swap out the taller back grip for a flatter one, this is included. You can swap that out. The battery door has also been improved. They said its a supposedly easier to open and close. I think they whats changed is still slow. I think whats changed is this little part right here that allows it to uh de latch and d latch a little bit easier still comes with the 18650 tray for your 18650 lithium ion batteries im just using a standard 2s lipo. The charging circuitry has been improved as well on this version. It goes up to 2.2 amps and also has reverse polarity protection here on the plug. They did also mention that the face plate has been so re retooled, so its been slightly improved for better fit and finish. It looks pretty good to me. I you know i looked at my old radio and it was um. You know from the very first batches of the tx16s and that looked pretty good too. So you know if theyre saying that that theyve made improvements, it definitely looks good doesnt feel like its a whole lot better. I mean ive been trying to twist this and stuff and its no no absolutely no give or creaking at all so its possible.

They have made some slight changes on the on the underside of the faceplate to make it a little bit more solid, but i thought the at least from the outside. It looked still pretty good on the um older version compared to the new version, but i think what theyve done is just tweaked it a little bit so that just feels a little bit more solid in the hand. I think thats probably the biggest difference, but we just want to quickly show you the express lrs settings. They do have a small 256 gigabyte micro sd card in here with with some loose grips already installed, lets go in here. You can see some of the ones that are already pre installed on the um Music microsd card, and they have two versions of the express irs script on here or a little script on here. Lets click on this one and you can see all the standard settings you can change and the so i want to show you the max power is 250.. So, and i have my such a dynamic. Alternatively, theyve also installed a tbs agent light, which you can use as well, and it basically gives you the same access to the same settings just in a different interface anyway. I think thatll cover it for this video. Hopefully that will answer all your questions as to whats new and different about this new mark ii version links to everything will be down in the video description.