It has a foldable handle in the back. The antenna is removable, its a 2 db gain antenna. The antenna would give you one and a half mile range unless you go and add a crossfire module in the back. Crossfire will extend the range to many miles. It has up to 16 channels. It has high precision potentiometers gimbals. There are very accurate, the radio, its multi protocol. That means you can connect the radio with these receivers. The radio works on open tx and it does have voice in order to install the voices. You need a micro sd card with the files needed. This is a metal roller and its very accurate. It takes two batteries and you can charge them with the usbc port up on the top of the radio. There is also a drainer port. Also. We have two slider parts on the sides of the radio. It has a four three position: switches for a lot of things you wan na put onto you also have two programmable buttons, a and d for whatever you want. We have some trim controls. In conclusion, you have all the buttons you want just like on the radio master tx16, its a very good radio for the price on the market, its good for people with small hands beginners and pros. Also, you can fly any drone in the market with it. It feels very natural and very easy to use, so this is my review on the radio master tx12.

I hope you all enjoyed this video and see you on my next one.