This is a very interesting portable radio, gamer style, controller or transmitter. They all mean the same thing uh offering coming out by radio master. Now radio master has really taken the lead in fpv transmitter options. Their t16 s is really dominating and there’s. A variety of flavors that you can get jumper was the first one to come out with an option and they kind of have fallen to the wayside. So if you look compared to like an x9d, a traditional hobby grade, radio, look how much smaller it is. One thing that is very interesting is that it has the external screen, so this thing costs about 90 bucks, here’s a very similar offering by beta fpv. Now this has no screen at all, but it only costs forty dollars. They both can charge via usb. They both have an internal battery. They both have switches and gimbals the gimbals on this one are a little bit nicer. They are hobby hall, sensor, gimbals hobby grade. I do like the antenna is internal to here, so you’re not going to get as good of a range potentially but it’s less things to break off now, unlike the tango 2, which is a very similar size by team black sheep, this has actual hobby switches. So some people prefer that um. One thing that is very controversial, though, is this little screen on. Here they use to control open tx, which is the open source software that these radios run now the screen can actually come off.

You want to take his face. Yes, his face what’s kind of a downside is the screen occupies this jr light module bay. So if you wanted to run any other protocol, whether it be express lrs, crossfire, tracer, ghost anything other than the internal module, that is in here, you’re going to be able to you’re going to need to use this. But when you do that, then you can’t use the screen at the same time so like what are you supposed to do? You know when you’re switching modules and models like that, if you’re going from a crossfire model to an internal module, say for fr sky, you would need to do that on the screen. So are you telling me i’m gon na have to go in here? Use the screen to change over to like crossfire, take the screen out, put the crossfire module in. I don’t know about that guys um. It is a really nice feature if you’re only planning on using the models that are in here. I do like that. One thing that is not perfect, though, is this module the screen when you fold it down, doesn’t quite sit flush, so i guess it would be out of the way, but it can still kind of flop around. Like that. I i don’t love that i feel like the jumper, although jumper kinda has taken a backseat to radio master lately on the full size, radio, i personally use the jumper t18 pro i like the alps dc gimbals that are on that, i believe it’s the same gimbals On a futaba radio, i use that over the radio master, because i prefer the gimbal stick distance other than that the radio master jumper almost alike, but on this style radio.

I think that i might go for the jumper tea lights honestly or if you just want to taste something to try, simulator and maybe do a little fr sky. You could start off with something very inexpensive for forty dollars, then upgrade to an x9d, a jumper, a radio master full size or one of the team black sheep offerings like the tango 2 or the new mambo that came out that’s only 149.. So this does save you a bit yeah. I think it does have a space for somebody. It would be very nice to be able to simulator. With this thing, i do like that the ports for usb are on the top. That is also how you’re going to charge this thing, so it is nice that it has an internal battery. You don’t have to have to mess with batteries. One unique feature that i actually do like is that it has these little flip outs, uh things for your fingers to rest, so you actually get the best grip of almost any other radio out there on this. So that is one really nice thing. The gimbals feel really good they’re a little bit smaller than a full size gimbal. So if you already have that muscle memory, um just keep a note of that it’s going to take you some time to adjust, but nice job on this radio master keep coming up with different options. I mean the bread and butter is obviously the full size.