I have to say right away thanks for all the support on patreon, i have a bunch of new guys helping me out on the patreon now, and i want to say thank you for that. If you'd like to support me on patreon, my link is down below because i am a full time youtuber and if you've ever tried to survive on a youtube budget, uh it's pretty hard. So thanks again for guys who are supporting me there and buying stuff through my links. That really means a lot, but today's review is all about the tx18s by radio king and i'm. Gon na show you this on the bench. It is a radio that can pretty much bind up to just about any type of quad airplane, rc, car or fpv race, quad out there on the planet um, including even the hubsan toy drones and some of the sema drones. It has a whole giant list of protocols that are built into the internal multi protocol module. It is a four in one multi protocol module, it does run 2.4 gigahertz. It also comes, i believe it comes with an extra antenna. If you decide to run it 915 and in the back, we have a jr module bay and it opens up in the back to reveal this bay right here, which you can add on different types of multi protocol modules. On this one in particular, i would like to see that they may be extended.

This kickstand out a little further to accommodate some larger style modules with antennas that are for long range that need to come out past. This kickstand it's always a really good thing for manufacturers to do that, and there is a new radio that came out that's going to come up on my channel that i'm going to show you guys that they actually did extend the kickstand out. So one thing that i always look for and being able to take off this antenna and replace it with something else for the internal module is also great. So this is the internal module antenna which is replaceable thumbs up there and back here. This would be your external setting, so if you're in the radio and you're wondering why your quad or airplane doesn't bind up to your receiver, you might actually be on the external setting trying to bind so keep in mind that when you're trying to bind up your Receivers if you're brand new to this hobby that you need to be on the internal module, binding up to sbus, d16 or d8 or whatever it is you're trying to bind up to, but this looks pretty good so far, um it doesn't have any. You know super fancy bling on it or anything like that, like you guys, have seen um in some of my facebook posts recently there's another company who released a pretty awesome radio with a bunch of different skins that you can get on it.

I know you guys like to accessorize so we're gon na check this radio out for what it is and i'll give you my pros and cons on this radio as well at the very end and we'll just go through some of the basic features on this radio And i will get right into it, for you guys here we go. This is pretty much the lineup that you're looking at when it comes to finding this style, radio for four in one or five and one multi protocol, uh, internal module or external type of bays. That you could possibly want out there um. These are the four top ones right now and everybody's. Reviewing all these we're gon na do individual reviews on these on the channel i've already reviewed the jumper uh t18 on the channel previously and um. If you're thinking about the t 18 s here, this is sort of a mash up of the jumper t18 and the radio maxter master tx16s. So um radio king has sort of taken this style, design and sort of mashed it up a bit. So there are several different options that you can get with radio master and this one's coming up on the channel. This review is going to be kind of crazy um. They do offer a bunch of different types of bling that you can add on gold or metal uh like silver um and some a bunch of cool anodized aluminum options. So i like this a lot and they they customized this one.

For me, with drone cams on the power button um, but with radio king, it is the cheapest of the bunch. So if you're looking for a radio that's going to be cheaper than any of these other three, then the radio king does win on price and you're. Also getting that 18s option on there so most of the switches and the layouts of all four of these radios are exactly the same and it's funny. Because if you look at the t16s over here in the t16s over here, it even has the same chicken feet. On the top switches right here, so these buttons up here are exactly the same as the tx16 series models and jumper is the only one who has the flat buttons across the top, but that doesn't really matter now. One other thing that i can tell you about is that some of these models do have sort of a hiss in the radio. When you turn it on, the speaker has a little bit of a hiss and the speaker on the tx 18s by radio. King is good, it doesn't have that weird hissing sound. Also. I found that the scroll wheel on this one was actually pretty locked in um. I saw another review where the guy said his was a little bit fast and slippery, and it might be that you need to open up this radio and tighten up the screw, because at the factory it could be that the person didn't tighten it down enough.

For you, so if you're kind of like trying to to make a name on your model and it's skipping, you can tighten this jog wheel up on the inside of the radio. So that's one thing for you guys to know about. If you do decide to open up the back now, let's um go ahead and take a look at the radio king a little closer, and i will show you the options that it has. Okay, so like i said it does have very similar switches. They'Re. Absolutely the same as the other models here, for the exception of the jumper switches across the top. They both have this six switches across the top, and mostly these are used for inav if you're new to flying fpv or working with these types of radios. The included os on here is an open source os that most people do use. It'S called open, tx and most of the radios do now come with it flash. So if you need to update it, you can do it with the usb cable that's included, or you can do it with the micro sd card. That is in the back of the radio here. Here is the micro sd card in the very back right here, and if you pull that out, you can load the new firmware up on it and, if you're doing lua scripts and things like that, you can add images to the folders and create your own custom.

Menus as well so plenty of options there for for adding things onto these radios, but while we have this open also, this is the 18650 bay and it does have this little 2s connector right here. These are great because they are fairly cheap and they run a long time much better than my lipos, so it also can accommodate much larger size um, i believe they're around 2100 size lions, if you want to but you're going to have to solder those up yourself. If you're going to maximize that battery space right there, but the hatch goes on pretty easy and back here. We also have this release right here and two release buttons here: we'll it off and you can see the pins inside there and that's for your jr bay. Very standard there been around for a long time many many years, and i have to say that the the rubber grips on the back of this one feel pretty good. I feel pretty grippy even more grippy, see with the jumper there's, actually a larger bumper here, which i kind of like this compared to the jumper there's, not as much curve right there. So i feel like i'm holding on to the radio a little better when i'm flying it just feels more natural and ergonomic, whereas this one's a little smaller, and these rubber grips are actually pretty grippy, so they feel really good. The only thing i wish that radio king would do is follow up with the newer style kickstand that everybody's doing so jumper is doing this foldable kickstand, which is great.

It also has enough room here, it's a little taller out this way to accommodate your bay and any type of long range antenna. You might have coming off the back so that's, one thing: this one's fixed this one bends and a lot of times when i'm putting it in a case. It allows it to be just a little smaller in the case as well same thing on the we've got that extended kickstand back here. So this is really nice right here and actually it's, probably the freest moving of all of these and we're in love with the colors on that one. But you have this standard size, aluminum, strap hook system right here and usually what i do is i put it in the very middle because that hangs the best and makes it the most balanced. And if you do fly with these types of radios, i do recommend using the neck strap because i have dropped one of these radios on a road trip before and then not been able to fly for the rest of the trip. It was quite sad but um. Please do use a neck, strap it might save your radio or save you from dropping it on accident. You also have wheels on the side here. These are kind of like gimbal type devices. If you use a gimbal or you have some type of gimbal that you want to move up and down, we also have a two position switch here.

Sf switch – and i usually use this one for arming, because it's right, where my index finger is next one down is a three position switch another three position here: three position here: three position here: three position here: three position and lastly, a momentary switch, which is nice Up at the top, we have a little trap door here and that opens up for a usb c port right there, and this is probably going to be your trainer jack right here. So if you want to hook it up to another radio, you can also do that, but in the middle here we have this two power switches, and this is nice because in your box it it turns into emergency mode. If you press one um so it's gon na, do that and then it's gon na turn back off so it's just a momentary thing it you have to press both buttons here for the tx to start up. So that is a really good thing. So we're going to press both and the speaker is quite loud and the sd card warning. It wants me to update that, but it takes you to this main screen right here, and this is where you can just go dive deep into this radio and it's. Really great because we have a ton of options with this one, so we have a return button here system button. Here we have model page and tele right here, so that's, telemetry and that'll take us straight into the radio telemetry.

We can set up different widgets here. I'Ll just bring this a little closer, so you guys can see it but there's all kinds of different screen layouts you can do. You can do flight mode on and off trim switches and sliders here and we can page over to see the rest of this stuff. Add different main view if you want – and you can mix this up for your models, if you wanted a different main view, you can do that for individual models, which is kind of neat, so i'm going to go ahead and return here. Go back out. Show you the system as well. This says: crossfire configure, fr sky, ga suite sbec, sxr, groupner and spectrum, so this is something that has already been put on here from opentx and let's go ahead and page over sd card. This is important for you, guys that are going to be adding lua scripts or you want to add different images of your model. You can actually take a picture of your quadcopter and then you can put it in this folder on the sd card and have it show up on the model screen which is really really cool, so logs other models. Here you can make copies of models. Your radio scripts are in, there sounds that's for your total sound. You can add all kinds of different wave files in here and make up your own sounds. If you want, we have different themes, so you can find themes and download those and widgets of course, and it shows us that we have open tx and we can click on that.

Maybe it'll show me something. Nope looks like i need to set the date. You can do that the time the battery range meter from 6.7 to 8.3 volts. You can turn off the sound and haptic in here as well. Your wave volumes are in there and it looks like i have no key for haptic, but if you want it to beep when the battery gets low, you can also do that certain voltage and the backlight mode. We can turn that up or down which is kind of cool, so if it's too bright, you can turn that up and down and now we're going to go down and power off delay. This is something that has bothered me with opentx for a while, because around the early days of opentx, we didn't have that option for powering down. So you'd have to press both buttons and it would take at least like five seconds to be able to turn the radio off and it took it took too long. So now i usually like to turn it down actually to zero and then watch this immediately off. Now that might be dangerous for some people to do that, but i like it to turn off that tx and i could probably turn the volume down just a little bit loud for me. But the good news about this is that this wheel actually performs pretty well for me, so let's go ahead to the model menu and the way you get to the model menu.

Is you press and hold on the big wheel and we can say model select so now. I only have one model in here, but let's go ahead and duplicate this model and that's how you duplicate a model just just like that really hold down and select duplicate there pretty easy. So now we're going to go ahead and select that model that one's selected so we're going to go out and if you want to get to the model, you can press the model button and to select a model, long press, this log wheel or the jog wheel. There so we can go ahead and press model again and now i can name my model so let's name it chimera, because we just flew the chimera on the channel. You guys i'm going to go to h and i so this wheel's working a lot better than one of my other ones, sitting behind it and i can't remember which one it was that had a too fast of a wheel. Sometimes these companies, like they don't, get screwed on right on the inside of the the radio. So it what happens. Is it kind of jumps, a letter when you're trying to select a letter? But you can see that this is pretty good here. It'S not jumping letters which is really good, so we press that, and now we have chamira on there. If you're trying to bind a model, you go down to the very bottom and right now we have internal rf is off so it's set to crossfire by default, which is kind of strange.

But you can go back to off here, turn that off and then, if you're using say freesky, you can go here and turn it on and open up, multi protocol, internal module and that's your fly sky. It starts out with fly sky, just click on that and look at this you can scroll through like all kinds of different models: frsky fy yeah. We got um high tech in here, it's amazing. This list goes on and on hubsan um, j6 pro and goes on and on mjx models, potency, which is like some kind of crazy amazon toy drones, propel. It has a bunch of stuff i've, never even heard of in here, and the cool thing about this radio is that all this is expandable, so i mean walkera for crying out loud wfly, wl toys. I mean let's go whatever you're, looking for whatever type of drone you're flying sema to fr sky to spectrum. They have dsm on here, they're, just really really awesome that these radios and all four of these radios have that same multi protocol by the way. So if you're wondering about my nails, it is 20 20 guys. So i have a punk rock and skate skater background. So sometimes i do paint my fingernails. I really don't care what you think about that, but so okay, multi protocol, we're gon na leave that on fr sky, okay plus we live in the us, and i live in a really liberal area.

So, depending on what type part of the world you're from. I guess you know i could get some dirty looks but that's, okay, so we're gon na put it on fr sky d16 right there and now it's usually set to aetr. So that's really important for your setup for your sticks in betaflight to be right and then you can go down to bind and telemetry on one through eight bind and we should hear a beeping yep. We do hear a beeping, so good, now it's looking for a receiver which we don't have right now, but that is pretty much the quickest model explanation for this radio, and also you can go even further, so we're going to hit model again and now you can Go through all these different settings in the very top right here we have the page button which will bring us through. So, if you're flying a heli, this is the heli swatch plate setup, so swatch type. We can select that if i was setting up a helicopter, 120, 120 x, 90 degree, but pretty cool, so i'm gon na leave that set not set because i've never actually set up a heli on one of these radios, it's kind of intimidating to me, but eventually I'Ll do it flight modes are in here if you're running i nav or you want to get crazy and for your inputs. This is where you can go and reverse servos and things servo direction.

You can add, if you long press here, you can go into edit and you can change your expo as well. I usually add about 25 to 30 percent expo if i'm running some big type of control, surface 3d type of plane, like the challenger most recently flew the challenger and the bighorn the bighorn is on the channel. You can go back and watch that that's pretty cool. So now we have aileron. If you want to get back out of that, we can press return and then we have aileron elevator throttle and rudder there and all those look good and if you want to add a switch it's, actually pretty easy guys. You just go down to number five here. This is an open channel that would be channel number five, so right now, it's set to s1 let's go ahead and click on that until it's blinking and then say you want to set up an arm, switch that's, sf right there. So click on that – and all you have to do is touch the switch that you want to set up and it'll automatically go to it, which is really nice now don't put any expo or anything on that and we're going to go back and we'll set up. Another switch and number six is channel six, so we're going to go click on that again with our wheel and then i want this one to be s e so that one's se and that's usually going to be my modes switch and a lot of times.

I do it here or you can do it on sb and sb is a little bit safer because it's a little further away from your arm switch. So you don't accidentally, do your arm switch on accident because you can have your quad drop out of there? I'Ve done that in the past, so i'll probably end up doing it in the future too, but over here on sc is usually, where i add my beeper and that will be on channel seven. So i'll just go down here, flip that switch now sc can be my beeper channel. So in betaflight this will look like aux 1 aux 2 and aux 3 for you. So if you're looking for those switch them around in the the channel maps, menu and you'll see them moving, and then you can go back into your modes menu and you can set up your switches there and activate them as aux 123.. So this one does have a lot of pros to it number one, starting with the price of this one. It is cheaper than some of the competitors about there back there, so that's one thing to think about, and these three have fairly adjustable neck strap hooks, which i like this one has three different positions: the txc 16s back here only has two positions here and the Jumper has three as well exactly it almost looks exactly like the same thing and the tx16s back here only has one on it so um.

I don't really think it matters that it's that adjustable, because i don't usually don't fight as long as i can hook it up in the dead center, where the cg is of the radio. So it'll hang correctly um and that's your own personal choice there. So one other thing that i didn't tell you in this review is that the lights in the middle the same little chicken feet right here in the middle this lets. You know that the radio is happy if it comes up as red something's wrong with something inside the radio. It could be a hardware issue, but if you see blue, your radio is good. So this is about the end of my review on the radio king and again. I think that, as far as pros and cons go, the pro is that it's it's less expensive than the competitors, and you could pick this one up for a little bit cheaper, but it just again it seems to be it's it's. Definitely a mashup between the jumper radios and the uh, the radio master t16s, so um yeah that that's. That is what it is and uh as far as this company. They are a newer company so um. If you're gon na put your trust into a newer company with not a lot of track record yet that's totally up to you guys, so a lot of guys in the us want some extreme support, so be careful with the company that you're looking at when you Go to buy a radio that they will give you a little bit of tech support if you do need it so we're looking for reliability and something that we can just keep updating over the years and opentx is constantly having new updates and it's a really awesome.

Os so i'm justin davis, guys thanks again for watching my reviews and uh. Hopefully you learned something today in this video hall effect gimbals super nice.