Today we have a big giveaway today, uh in cooperation with welbots im, going to be giving away the qc uh five fish v6s underwater drone with gripper Music. This is an upgrade to the v6 that ive reviewed before still working on this review, but wellbots has really offered to kind of cooperate with me and do a giveaway for this guy and theyre going to actually ship it straight from their company straight to you. So this is actually im going to kind of unbox this. This is going to kind of be an unboxing video uh with the giveaway. So hopefully you guys can get a little bit of information on this guy while we unbox it. So basically, the requirements for entering the giveaway are just to make sure you make a comment down below and also go ahead and visit the welbots website. That is actually sponsoring the giveaway, so you know they can get some traffic and you can see what other things they have and specifically what the v6s is all about. So if youve seen any of my other videos, ive done a lot of underwater drone videos. If you havent go ahead and check ill, have the card pop up here above on the corner and also down the description down below you can go ahead and see all the videos ive done on these guys, but thats pretty much. All you have to do just make sure you leave a comment visit the website um also leave a like, would be helpful too, on the video, so that will get you one entry into the giveaway.

If you didnt want to amplify your entries im going ahead and for this one here, im going to go ahead and for every order, you order any merch on my channel im going to go ahead and give you 10 amplify you by 10 entries so youre going To times 10 your chance of winning this now this isnt a cheap thing either. This is like a 3 000 underwater submarine that has a 4k camera, its got high illumination headlights, and then this ones also coming with the gripper right. So you pop your ipad. You pop your cell phone on the controller kind of like other drones, and you can go down up to 300 feet with this guy, so this is like a three thousand dollar or so uh thing were giving away here. So this is not some kind of cheap giveaway. This is a really high quality product here. This is actually by sanaya, my daughter. She actually customize this whole all the art on my channel anyway, guys lets get started with the giveaway unboxing, so you know what to do to win this thing or to be entered to win this thing, and you know how to amplify your chances of winning. Now that we got that out of the way lets go ahead and take this thing out of the box: okay, so thats the product manual, youre, going to get remember this, the one you guys are going to win is coming directly from welbots brand new in the Box shipped to your address – and i should mention guys – this is a um usa, giveaway only this isnt, an international giveaway.

They told me theyre not gon na ship internationally. So sorry about that, but if it was just coming from me, i would just go ahead and ship it to you. You know sometimes its kind of pricey for the shipping but ill never charge you for shipping and they wont either. But this one is only going to be within the us okay, so anyway, the first thing on top is the whole gripper claw assembly. Here you can see that hopefully, the camera zooming in on that this is just part of the arm. This is the cable that attaches it to the bottom of the the rov. Now these claws are pretty hardcore guys. This is aluminum with you can see the serration and the grips here so pretty high quality. As far as um this company qyc goes um. This is gon na, be like their, i think, their third generation of products so theyre pretty much honing it down to being a pretty darn good product. By now i know the first generation one i got was a little bit. You know had a couple of quirks to it, but now theyre getting them really really good, so you get like a little um towel. That has, you know a little five fish on it submarine. This is like the towel to clean your stuff, wipe the lenses and stuff next thing in the box is the actual sub itself. So look at this guy, i dont know if you guys have ever seen this, but these things are really cool.

Like i said, i have done lots of reviews on these and they can really go down deep and do some cool stuff and theyre theyre. Getting really precision now with high illumination, especially with that claw youll, be able to manipulate things underwater with the claw in there and look at the motors i mean this thing has six motors, so you have full 3d control underwater and it will lock any of its Positions right that you put it in so thats the sub there. You can see the high quality 4k camera on the front. The significant thing about um the v6 s is it: has this extra little module here on the bottom and thats to put peripherals on all right, so well put this bad boy over on the side here and well see what else we get in the box there. We go so packaged very, very well what they do now. Is they actually ship you um fpv kind of a phone goggle box, so this is for your cell phone you can put in here, and you can hook up the controller and everything you can put on. Your head and you can actually have a full blown underwater, fpv experience, and this also has head tracking so its using the accelerometer in your phone. When your phones in this box, when you move your head around, the actual submarine will actually turn corresponding to your head movements like this, then you can control it.

How you want, with the controller and speaking of the controller, this is what youre getting for the controller right here, this guy pops up, you pop your phone or tablet in here this can fit up to, i believe, an ipad mini itll also fit the regular ipad Size as well, i remember i did an ipad air 2 with this as well so thats the clamp youre going to put your smart device on and just like any other rc controller. You can see that you have the thumbsticks here, so you can change the controls. However, you want in the application, then you have picture and video buttons up here and then these two one of them is to actually control the arm. It does have like a depth module that senses the depth pressure, and then you just press this button and it will lock its depth. So you just have to worry about moving around and not going up and down in the water, which is pretty cool kind of. Like what most drones have now, when you let off the sticks worth talking about the tether now this big old guy this this is, i believe, a 100 meter tether that it comes with so youre going to be able to go down just about uh 300 feet With this guy out of the box, then, as far as connecting this thing up, you can see that they give you about 10 feet of cable to connect to the controller.

Everything actually has protectors on it like plastic protectors, which is great, for you know, corrosion and stuff, but this just connects right into this, its almost like a audio jack. You know nothing majorly difficult here, right, youre, just unscrewing these popping this in these are all waterproof connections, of course, because youre going to be going down pretty deep, you might want to put a little bit of silicone grease on these connection is what i recommend and Before you actually go down in the water youre going to want to see this loop here, youre going to want to put this over the handle and tighten that up, because what that does is it gives you a little bit of slack on that port there and So when you are pulling on this thing from the surface, its not going to damage um the actual port right, thats not going to break off all the tension is going on. This handle right here a lot of times these things dont come with tether, feather reels, but this one does now, i believe in all of their um models. They come with this type of tether wheel. Here you can see how its just like a fold down you just pull this thing out fold it down. So this is like kind of a honking big charger here, big old charger and thats. Just the thing that youre going to plug into your wall right and thats, going to plug in to the same port that we plugged into the tether to actually charge.

So this might take a few hours to charge. And then we have the controller uh charger, and all this is doing guys is. This is plugging in right into the bottom member, the handle where your sd card goes and thats going to plug in right there to charge it on your wall as well. Okay, what else do we get? We get a little set of two extra propellers, so you dont get six extra. This is theres two in this bag. So if you do, you know, hit some rocks or get some rocks in there for some reason or weeds, or something and chew up your propellers. At least you got two, and this is the goggle box. I was telling you about that. You put your phone in the side, actually slides, open its got this little handle here and so youre gon na put your phone inside of here. Maybe i can actually demo that real, quick with my phone, you can actually take this thing all the way out. So once you configure your app, you download the fifish v6s app from the app store you go ahead and put your phone in here. You can see how that just clips in its spring loaded spring locked, you can adjust it a little bit side to side. It looks like its maybe going to do like a six inches size phone, so some of the larger phones you might have trouble with so once you got the app up and youre ready to go and use the fpv underwater.

You just go ahead and close that up put this on your face. Now your phone is wirelessly linked to the controller, so youre going to have to do all that setup and link it all up, and i think im gon na go through that in my next uh review of this thing, then you put this on your face. You can see how it has kind of like you would see in, like any of the vr headsets youve got like an oculus rift type of two magnifying glasses for your eyes. Right definitely, dont put this in the sun. Keep that up keep those lenses out of the sun just in case you get that magnification burn in remember. All you have to do is those three things i said in the description comment on the video, like, oh make sure youre subscribed as well im. Sorry, you have to be these. This is for subscribers a subscriber video uh giveaway, so you have to be subscribed for sure and also remember if you wanted to boost your chances with 10 more entries go ahead and purchase one of the merch items down below the video. When i do go ahead and check, whos purchased the merch ill go ahead and amplify you by 10. As far as your chances of winning this cool underwater robot, is it a robot? Is it an rov? Is it a underwater drone underwater submarine? I dont know i kind of like to call them um underwater rovs underwater drone just seems a little bit um its, not really autonomous.

You know what i mean: theres, no gps on it. So its not like it can come back home to you when it loses connection. You just have this tether thats connected to it right. So even the quadcopters that look like drones, theyre, not really drones until you get autonomous functions like return to home and stuff on them, so those little toy ones that dont really have any gps. People call them drones, but they should probably just be called quadcopters anyways thats everything you get in this v6s package, a great package to win good luck with the giveaway. If youre confused about anything or you want verification on what you have to do to enter.