You have been warned today. You are here to witness spider, mans drone duel, an event that does not happen in the movie lets start with the minifigures. The first minifigure is black and gold suit spider. Man which really its just the red and black suit inside out hes got a gold spider and some gold webbing, which continues onto the legs theres. Also, some very detailed arm printing, which is mirrored on the other arm and on his back hes, got a bigger spider logo on his mask. Hes got some classic spider man eyes and some gold webbing and the gold webbing continues on to the back. Also included. Is this long web piece thatll come into play later? Also included? Is a bunch of exclusive gold lead pieces, very, very cool, very easy to lose. The second minifigure is vulture based off his look from spider man homecoming. He comes with a stud shooter and a purple jewel. He has a breathing apparatus and a visor attached to a helmet. He wears a brown coat. One side of his head shows an angry face with the vulture eyes, and the other side of the face shows a happy michael keaton heres his back, and he has a neck bracket that can attach to his wings. The wings have stickers on the feathers mirrored on the other side, theres some sticker details on the wings mirrored on the other side and the wings also have some big turbines on the bottom theres one last sticker on the back to show some more detail: the spider Man, drone doesnt actually exist in the movie, but lets take a look at it anyways.