The box I've already been flying this a lot and I love it. It is just a brilliant little piece of kit. I know it's winter in the northern hemisphere spring will soon be there, but then you get the equinoctial wind so always looking for something to fly inside, and this is just such a whole lot of value. In a little package it is a fully capable aero racing, tiny warp indestructible by my own hands. I'Ve tried very hard trust me and the most happens is the prop sometimes fly off, but you get spare props in the Box. Other things, sort of put mine somewhere else at the moment comes with four batteries. Four batteries. You know my shit would cost for a five inch mini quad, a lot of money, but you get four in the box for free they're, just a little 180 is it. I don't know because I put stickers on them because one of the things I found that wasn't quite so good was they're, not a tight fit in this thing, so they tend to slide out. So I put stickers on so they sort of let you in there. So you could do that to just subject my bees run: Kemp's tickets, why not I've got them? Everyone love stickers, standard, a little connector. There comes with a charger as well. Where is it ah here? It is USB charger, see there piece of cake plug it in USB plug the battery in there.

You know that batteries charge pretty quickly. They don't last that long. I get about three minutes out of it, but pay inside that's plenty of time, and these are a doddle to set up they're just got the standard micro USB connector in here, see by my thumb, plug them into your laptop running bit of flight, just tweak the Center points: a penny, video showing you how to do that I'm, not gon na educate you on this one, but yeah value for money, proposition excellent, excellent downsides. As I say, batteries tend to slide out the sheeple sticks on them, and this one's got a bit of jello. In fact, this one and when I got it, worked okay and then one of the motor stopped well what's, going on so with my crappy little Parkinson's hands out to take these little screws undo. The circlet pull the motor apart and it was a tiny bit of metal in there. I think it's cuz, I flew it outside and I landed it on a part of the issue where there's been a lot of angle grinding, going on so lots of metal flicks. One of them must have got sucked up into the Magnus and it jammed the motor, but I cleaned it out still flies affect flies better. Now, since I did that so who knows yeah brilliant? What can I say? That'S, the box comes, bind and fly free sky or flies guy. I think, and as you saw in a previous video I made it fly with the tango tune with my little repeater thing, so yeah you could, if you want to do the same thing, but most people just fight with your standard radio transmitter inside it is a Blast if you sort of get depressed like I do when you can't fly in the middle winter, got ta have this.

It is just fantastic it's, so light it's, only 28 grams or something stupid, silly light so yeah. If you want to see videos of this fly and go and check out my tango to review or not review, but the repeater station I set up for the tango you'll see me flying it out. So it's got plenty repair kits, you know it's, just fantastic. One is so, you know it's, it's, totally manageable inside and yeah, so there you go link in the description, not an affiliate link. No, this is one that been good gave me to use, so they can track um. If you click on the link and if you do click on the link, you go to the been good product, page it'll. Tell you more. I think if you order now, maybe a few weeks away, because, as we know, the thing that we can't mention for fear of being demonetized has still not been resolved in China and it's slowing production and shipping and all sorts of things. But hey. If you ordinaire, then you'll be first in the queue when they start shipping again so yeah. I love it and I see other reviewers love it too. So not just me, it's other people go look at other reviews, but when you've been there or go and click on the link in this description first, so they can see this we're sending me stuff to review and then look at other reviews.

If you like, but I'd, say get one get one, even though it's it's coming out of spring in the northern hemisphere, it's a long time to go before you get those lovely fine, calm days of summer, so you'll need something acting much better than this. The camera is actually pretty damn good in there I got ta say pretty damn good for a little cheapy there.