Lets take it off and discover it in flight to avoid accidents. However, because you never know, I brought myself to a safe distance, while he hooks up a few more satellites lets see the application, which is really very, very well done. In my opinion, the best aspect of this drone – the interface – is very clean, even if essential, there is everything you need also the possibility to adjust the radius of the circle, so we format the microsd. Unfortunately, some important settings are missing, such as those relating to the resolution. The quality of the cam we have hooked 13 satellites lets, try to take a photo to which maybe in the foreground, we see if it focuses, because we hope that the young man does not go against my car. The engines are armed, all tech off and here is smooth nex 5 pro the flight with 15 satellites hooked up. Well, I would say that, unfortunately, it is not the best in terms of stability as it lacks a lower v, so it relies only on the gps. Look at how it moves Im, not touching the controller commands at all, and he tends to skid a bit adapt to lowering, especially damn it would have taken just a little while lets. Do it hazare and lets see how the reactivity to the commands behaves. It seems very, very good to me the drone responds well, even if it always tends to get up a little by itself.

Lowering alone is not the best in this respect. Now lets see how the altitude control behaves without touching anything. We are at about four and a half meters, 5 meters above the ground, and at this height we say that it is more stable. Instead, at 12 meters and much more lively lets say so lets go back to the application. In the meantime, look what a beautiful green here we are in November in Puglia, and it is very hot. We take a couple of photos. Saving the photos is slow m. Very very slow lets try a completely vertical photo. Maybe lets raise. The drone first here lets say that it doesnt go down totally 180 degrees. Jim ball, with batteries already discharged, lets, try an automatic return home or activated automatic return home because the battery is already discharged. We see the drone where on the ground. Forgive me if I am moving a little too much, but lets say that it is not very precise. As regards the automatic landing here, we are around two and a half meters, three meters away from the take off point missing a v below we cannot have the same accuracy as a more expensive drone. Luckily, I brought with me another replacement battery, and this is fully charged, as you can see from the green led, so there shouldnt be any problems at the bottom. You have telemetry, so data distance, height and scoring is quite good, as you see at 30 meters away.

No artifacts, we are now almost 50, so it performs well even over medium distances, b revi and now i would say, to try a nice video. Ok, there sheen promises a 4k at 30 fps judge. For yourself. We have a jimbo the mechanic with three axes, which is obviously cheap, does its job, even if some vibrations still remain guys the police passed when the police pass. I am always very, very afraid. Ok, I am in order, but you never know. Well, we try to move the drone quite abrupt in the movements we try to accelerate this speed. 2. This is the maximum speed. The speed 3 is fast enough. We are around 7 meters per second. We are quite far away around 140 meters. The signal is always very good, so big point in favor of this drone. We stop the video, but it must be saved or a big doubt that it has not saved it guys. Let me check for a moment. I think it has not saved it. Why? I would say to try now a smart flight ta function as it can be the flight that we are interested in at all. The drone approaches us until it can the gene ball and should now follow us takes the camera in hand, and I try to move see. Ok, it is following us, so it seems good enough. We even try to start the video recording. The volume of this do use the gps of our smartphone and not particular sensors, so it is very precise but a bit limited because we cannot choose, for example, to follow a vehicle even going under.

It continues to follow us, and here we are smooth guys. Nex 5 pro landed safe and sound. There are aspects that convinced me and others that do not. I was fully satisfied. Lets start with what I definitely liked. The application of this drone is really very, very well done, a big point in favor. It is rare, not to say impossible, to find an application with such a beautiful interface on a cheap drone, recently more than 100 euros, also, the radio control for the chip of the materials and the sticks quite precise, but at the same time the drone is a Bit abrupt in the response. I also really liked the fpv or the return video signal on the smartphone, even at over 100 meters distance. I also liked the crazy me that, although basic, although not evolved, like other, more expensive drones, it works well. It follows us without any problem, indeed follows our smartphone, so it is also suitable for following us during a walk or a ride, but remember that this pain is obviously not equipped with anti collision sensors. For the rest, it is a drone that flies in a way that is congruous with its adequate price. So for beginners it is not. It has particular problems, even if a small v more to keep the height better, they could put. It was definitely the cam has stabilized, but, as you have seen, the photos are ok, nice, but they are not the best videos.

Instead, I did not understand why it does not save them. On microsd, therefore, I lose 80 a lot of quality, but for a drone for beginners. For those who want to start without spending a bit of madness, a little more than 100 euros for this ishin could be worth it only a few years ago. A 100 euro drone would have never reached these quality levels. So what about friends? I recommend it or not: smooth nex 5 pro depends on whether you find a good offer, a good coupon on 100 euro, or maybe a little less. This hobby could be a valid choice to try this world where you can find coupon offers on this drone. Well, obviously, in my official telecom channel textiles linked below in video descriptions along with the purchase links, you will find many offers dedicated to the world of drones and not only among which lynn sheene ex5 own income c. I expect we are already over 31000 now, but I want to know your opinion about the nex 5 pro skis. What do you think of this drone is yet another wasted opportunity, or you find us something interesting lets talk about it together below in the comments is for doubt, questions will not hesitate to ask that are as always at full disposal if this video also liked it. You can support me very simply and for free with a like a comment, a share and by writing via this channel, activating the bell so as not to miss the notifications of my new next videos.

And so I would say that this is really all Im going to take a good walk, because today, its a fantastic day here in puglia. I hope it is also from you said this. I greet you and I give you fundamental in the next video as long as you always want money, here.