Second revision of one of the most popular alternatives and drones dg ai on the market. What changes? Well, I tell you immediately: they are not there, the anti collision sensors, but there are a couple of not bad news. Lets start with what doesnt change or the remote control, which remains the same as the basic version version 1.0. Even 2020 mention 2019. It is always the same remote control that can be opened in this way and that I really find very, very comfortable, but also as a control. Stick is one of the most precise. We have the possibility to activate around the house automatic 2 wheels for the exposure and to tilt the jimbo two programmable keys that are needed so much on this model. You can find them here behind. It is the antennas in the upper part, however, a remote control which, in my opinion, is really good. What changes instead is the drone, especially in the lower part, as you see, and we have a completely renewed metal base with new infrared sensors mixed with sonar to calculate the height of the drone. Two power LEDs to fly in the dark and illuminate the area below. Very useful, especially when we have to land or in other environments, I am talking about between a moment. We have the camera view, is an unprecedented slot in which to go to insert additional modules. The rest of June instead remains almost unchanged compared to the 1.

0 2022 model, were it not for? Finally, the copy gb, all that the third or fourth version for purposes decided to implement a jim ball cover. However, very comfortable that can be removed from the top. Is that it is not actually produced directly from fine, but, as you may be able to glimpse, it is branded a little boy. The light bait without glasses, sunny life exact purposes, just cannot produce a symbol cover by itself. It is the sensor, although the data sheet would seem to be the same as looking at it with the naked eye. It seems to me slightly more big compared to the basic model. These guys are all the differences between the x86 2022 movie. I told you about a few months ago: it is a gift, it really came out a few months ago and you can recover my video review in the tab here at the top right being almost identical drones. I am not repeating myself again to avoid a video photocopy. It is the film x86 2022 v2. Basically, we have a jim ball cover that, in reality is not produced for purposes, but by an external company anyway, at least there is a gb cover, all very comfortable. It does not hurt, especially if it is included in the price, and then we have the lower part of the drone completely renewed and reinforced what can be inserted in this module. Well, a megaphone is already available as an accessory or a hook to carry something such as a hook, a bait to be released offshore, or this drone is framed very often, especially in China, as it entered the cost and costs about 400 euros.

The cost compared to the competition for protection, civilian for search and rescue a megaphone two power, LEDs so powerful that can be activated through the application. Then we will see it in the second part of the review. A hook can be very useful tools for search and rescue. Therefore, a gift and potentially interesting for a particular user niche for the rest remains an excellent drone. The best alternative, as far as Im concerned to the dj mavic with a beautiful 4k cam, an excellent active three volumes of the beautiful advanced flight functions. An excellent radio control, in my opinion, among the best on the market, is a excellent autonomy of about 27 28 minutes now. Im curious to try this v2 in flight to find out if there are also other hidden differences compared to the previous model, which is still on sale, had on the link below in video descriptions. I want the cam that by eye naked, it seems slightly better and then we will draw the conclusions together. So friends, I just wanted to inform you about this mine new purchase, is to ask yourself what you think of this wise choice or or what do you think lets talk together below in the comments if you want to buy this drone accessory, such as microsd batteries? Lenin, gpad power, bank, etc. etc., and I leave you the link below in video descriptions together with my telegram channel of the spa stills offer where you will find always updated.

Coupon offers enter it now. There is also the link for my facebook group, drones and technology. Italy said this friends and a nice lech to support me share this video to all your friends, and we hope it ends soon insert an anti collision sensor on its drones has now remained the only top company. Oh my top lets say that, apart from jane, there is not a lot of sce lta, a busan purposes and little else, at least as regards drones. If the professional, however, remained the only company in this category absence of anti collision sensors, despite this gift and in my opinion, it lends itself very well to their implementation, they will insert them. Maybe thanks to an external company such as the gb cover all at the fourth generation to friends I dont know we will find out only by living. It is still an excellent gift and I remember it above 250 grams. If you want a good drone film under 250 grams, there is the x8 mini film. You see there behind me and Im going to pick myself up guys. I walk away for a moment. This definitely deserves a second review, because over the months it has improved a lot to a flight. I rely on a truly exceptional trek. However, in the summer I think I will bring it back here on the canal. He costs on 300 euros and you will find on the link and coupon as always whose video sections surprises the official channel.

Well guys. Having said that, I am waiting for your comments here. I know tto greet you and Ill meet you at my next video.