I am michele, together with the x2 pro 3 for his flight test, a drone that has intrigued you. Indeed, there is really intrigued because for what really little more of 100 euros, it is equipped with a 4k cam with jim, a three axis mechanic, gps, vpu and a lot of other beautiful stuff, so on paper phenomenal. But it will be too good to be true. Well, lets find out today there is a lot of wind, but I must say that really very much stable obviously always consider that a drone for just over 100 euros, not bad. The controls are really very soft, the 2 and it flies well. I really like the feeling of the control sticks for this price. They are really very, very precise, also nice, the display on the radio control that under direct sunlight, you can see well now I dont know in the image recorded by the camera, but I have no problem. We can lower and raise the jimbo. Unfortunately, here the speed is a bit too high and it is not adjustable problem. Activate the volume, ok and mini ray oven that works the gift and follows me: he relies on the gps of the smartphone to follow us. It works really very well lets. Try some shots now. Lets try a video and lets. Try now to activate the automatic return home will return to the rooms up to a certain height, and then it goes down. Maybe stop the automatic return home to avoid that terry.

Above the rocks is not very delicate, I must say first post stamp considerations on x2. It would protrude for what it costs. It flies very well, it returns an excellent feeling, and especially for as far as the holistic control system is concerned, even the smart flys are incredibly precise, as volumes work very well. The return home, no problem, the only problem, the only big problem, as very often happens on these drones, is the quality of photos and videos. Unfortunately, I would say which is very, very poor this I do not think it is a 4k cam and even if it were unfortunately, as I have already explained in the pri but part of this video review, he knows about the video only via streaming on the Smartphone then, in hd and four cups therefore impossible, even if maybe the sensor is 4k, what it would have cost to insert the microsd slot in here. This, I do not know, are the usual mysteries on Chinese drones from a few cheap euros. In short, it is a real shame. They always get lost in a glass of water. For the rest, I consider it an excellent drone, if not one of the best cheap low budget drones to start flying to get familiar with this fantastic world. Today, they flew with a fairly strong wind with a kps tense index. I know you shouldnt fly in these conditions, but they didnt and, as you have seen, it has always remained there in flight against the very skilled, a lot of stuff.

However, it is obviously not suitable for those looking for a young person photographic as the minimum mavic. We obviously talk about different prices if you are looking for an excellent photographic dune with which to start, my advice is always the fine x8 minia s. That today is just under 300 euros on ben wood. I leave you the coupon link to buy both him and the film toto mini and yes to many other drones that I recommend below in video descriptions, take a look and enter in my official telegrah channel myself. Also sent below in video descriptions because I will publish the always updated coupons, so I wait for you and if you want to enter my facebook group, drones and technology, italy well and say that this is really all now. But I want know your opinion about the x2 pro 3 costs. You think you find forgive me yes, I know they are with short sleeves in early November in Bari, but its still hot. I said. Let me know what you think of this drone. Please frames the Would you buy no Would you buy? I like ronde lets talk together below in the comments, and, if you liked this video, you can support me with a simple and free, where I put it somewhere like a comment. An isc share. Go back to this channel im already done activate the bell, so you dont miss my notifications are the next videos. It comes that this is really all i greet you.

I wish you a good flight.