I came across this. It is a drone with anti collision, sensors, cam, full hd, height control, bag, three batteries and many other accessories sold at a price of about 50 euros. It seems incredible, it seemed true to me too, and for this reason I bought it. The most curious guys will remember this drone, as I have already proposed it to you on my official telegraph channel tecnis linked fixed in video description immediately entered thousands of daily offers. All the others instead now they will find out what it is, because I love you together this park and lets see if the advertisement, the product page corresponded to the truth or not. Well, meanwhile, the package is full and you can already see the drone bag. That guys is really tiny. Then the name is the 13 mini model. Drone is already from this package. We can see that it is a toy drone, but at 50 euros it could be interesting to start flying cheaply. This is a first unboxing video. You were interested. I can try it even in flight. It is to understand if the 270 degree anti collision sensors work. They are front and side be acam and at least decent as technical characteristics. We have the wifi for the control of the drone, an integrated, cam, height control, with automatic landing and take off headless mode, headless mode. Then 3 axis gyroscope and 360 degree flip, and then we continue the boxing. Among other things, the drone is also foldable.

You want to see from this image very nice nice handbag. We can also use it with a shoulder, strap and lets discover together the equipment with which we get to this small drone. In the meantime, we have a bit of various accessories, including spare propellers power, cable and battery recharge. Another cable – indeed, we also have the para – is there that never hurt? I must say I have a small instruction manual that I recommend you read if this is your first drone with two extra batteries. These are 650 milian batteries for 3.7 volts. This is a drone with brush motors guys exactly like the dg highlights. Tello must not be too far away from us to be used any time soon, distance for indoor or outdoor flights with little wind and should guarantee up to ten minutes of autonomy with a single battery nor see the remote control. This reminds me of the Chinese gifts that I have reviewed in the past. However, cheap radio control, but for this price it is already so much so that there is a radio control in the package headless mode power, button, land and automatic take off. We can also select the speed of the drone and take pictures or record videos. Ristic a can also be removed, but it is still a very cheap radio control in the materials, the toy, but for a day from 50 euros. In my opinion, there can be, but lets come to the most interesting aspect that completes the endowment of the bag or really the drone has guys.

This little drone is equipped with infrared anti collision sensors placed in the front of the drone. Here we have the cam with a fake gene ball that can be positioned on different positions, but that does not stabilize the image. I do not know. If there is one ace stabilizer, then digital, we will figure it out together. The arms can be opened exactly like on a dj white bini area, fully open to these cute dimensions, the orange propellers on the side parts we have two other infrared anti collision sensors, how they work, bear agazzi, the infrared sensors anti conditions, unlike those that we may Find on a dj, mini 3, try vic pro a marker, etc. etc. they work at short distances. In fact, this infrared beam once it is interrupted by an obstacle, causes the drone to block so use it at low speeds. Instead of more professional gifts, they have real optics that map the circus environment. Given, however, the drone guys is very light, it weighs about 100 grams Im trying to understand if we also have an entrance for micro sd, but I think not inside. We have another battery with charging via micro, usb port that you see above lets, try to turn on the zone now and see if it works or not. There is a flashing blue light behind. Here we have an rgb led here in the front nice, I have to say the gene ball, every imbolc you prefer and fake.

I already told you so not established by the image. Is this is a small dog of 13 mini what to say guys interesting for the little that costs about 50 euros in the next few days? We will go and try it in flight can be seen as an alternative to de jerez tello to start flying cheaply. Obviously, we do not have the integrated gps brushless motors a lot of autonomy like more expensive drones, but to start or as a gift idea for the little ones. It could be interesting. Im really curious to test it in flight for v. We and with you for this, I refer you to the second part of this video. Let me know now guys what you think of this little drone. You find it interesting or not. Do you think that the drones sold at this price can make sense or better fall back on something more lets talk together below in the comments? If you want to buy this little drone, I remind you that until a few hours ago it was available for just over 50 euros, as I reported on my official textiles phone channel, that you find linked below in the video description then enter it immediately. Look for the name of this pain and take advantage of the offer that you find most interesting. I also remind you that my telegram channel you will find many offers on the world of technology not only on this drone, but on many other accessories.

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