4 gigahertz connectivity drone weight with a battery. It is about 160 grams and more about this. Quadcopter were gon na find out, as am i opening this box and see how it works and, of course, inside were gon na find out the manual. If you want to read it is your choice but stay with me: youre gon na find out all about this product wow, so many instructions theres a drone lightweight now lets see in the accessories now lets see one by one. One weve got other box, the cable, of course type a to micro usb. You can charge this battery battery. It is leon polymer, 3.7 volt, 1100 milliamp hours watt hour, input 5 volt, 1 amp. You can charge it from a power bank or a power adapter with a 5 volt 1 amp output. Weve got this button, just press it, and we can see how much capacity it has the battery four leds now weve got three leds. It is near 75 percent press again this button and hold and it will switch off the leds lightweight the battery. We can see some of the compartments inside the battery here. Perfect weve got a screwdriver two 2a batteries, tronic 1.5 volt. It is for the remote control thats why it isnt the screwdriver. You need to unscrew, remove that and install inside the batteries im going to do that later. Weve got four spare rotor blades nice. I like that it may fall down and break this, and you can replace it one micro sd card with the adapter eight gigabyte it is you can use if you want in this adapter connect it to your laptop, desktop and transfer the files one phone mount.

It goes here at this slot, just press it, and that was all and of course you can adjust it as much. You want weve got soft rubber at the base up and down. You can hold very well your smartphone all that were going to find out together. How we can use in the remote control weve got the status flip camera normal headless speed, one two three four: this is leds. The joystick buttons on off start recording, take a photo more button, rotate rotate here up and down. Well, i like the joystick, and here weve, got the flip and start land button. I like it. It feels very nice in my hand, it is very useful. It fits perfect okay and there is the quadcopter here. Weve got the micro sd slot lets install the microsd. Just press and locks the polymer 3.7 volt 1100 milliamp hours. It says here: perfect, weve got the four motors around led lights at its motor are adjustable. You can fold it just like that. If you dont want to use the quadcopter nice, i like it now it is too small. Oh, you can see it fits to my palm nice and again you can open the motors moving parts hold the product away from your body, yep correct and i can see its rotor blades. It has the a1 here it is. The b1 weve got the a2 and the b2 and the same weve got and for the replacement each blade.

It goes to the right position and, of course, the screwdriver. It is very useful. You can unscrew this screw and replace it with a new motor, blades, nice and, of course, at the front, weve got the hd camera adjustable from 0 to 60 degrees. It is your choice. How you want to adjust it and it is manual adjustment. You need to do that before use your quadcopter. It has integrated six axis gyro for extra stability in the air four channel, remote control with 2.4 gigahertz technology, four speed and auto hover, plus one key return function: altitude sensor for easy control, as well as one button starting and landing function, intuitive control for impressive area. Maneuvers and more were gon na find out together, as am i using this quadcopter now. I think its time to charge this battery fully charge. It now for a power, and we can see our turns on one by one, the leds. That means its charging lets, wait for fully charged for the first time, and i will come back and start using this quadcopter now battery is fully charged four leds solid on okay. It takes about two hours to fully charge from zero percent 100 flying time. It is nine to ten minutes with this battery. Okay now lets connect it slide and it locks press the on off button and we can see weve got the leds at the front. Blue Music same for each motor weve got red at the back and blue outfront.

Nice i like it now for flying this quadcopter, you dont need any operator or flyer id. You can use it without id and the maximum range. It is 30 meters from the ground. Okay, beautiful now lets install and the batteries perfect switch it on. We can switch it off again with the on off button switch it on status. It is normal now for using the quadcopter. Of course, you need to have the remote control on with the joystick go forward backward and then press this button start land Music, and you can see you can adjust the speeds with these buttons up and down speed. Twos v3s b4. Well lets go at speed. 2 right now, hmm and im back guys. There is a quadcopter with many dust. The blades i can say theyve got some damage at the edges, but they are working well lets see what happened. Ive tried too many times to fly with this quadcopter, but was too difficult even on the first speed and on the headless. This is for the beginners. It was so hard to fly this quadcopter. I have made many calibration three times if i remember correct, but the result was the same. I have managed to fly it once about 15 meters, but then i have realized the camera was not recorded. I dont know why, but the microsd was in the slot, but i didnt have any record just to record with this quadcopter. You need to press and hold this button for three seconds and we can see the camera is flashing and thats.

How you know is recording and just press once and it will stop. Oh and the battery i forget the most important. They say it can last about nine to ten minutes, not even last uh, six to seven minutes. It was too hard to fly with this bar because at the time when i start and learning to fly this quadcopter, then the battery drops and you need to charge it again. You need to wait about two hours just to charge. It well guys just put another two batteries in the box is nothing for you guys another two batteries thats how you will have more time and fly with this quadcopter. Another thing i was trying to connect with my smartphone, but again nothing i have connected once and then it says all disconnecting disconnect and disconnecting. Well, i dont care so much to work with the smartphone. This quadcopter i enjoy with the joystick, but if you decide to use your quadcopter with your smartphone, you need to switch off manual this joystick. Otherwise it will not work on your smartphone. They say at the manual, but in the end it didnt work for me. Well, it cost only 60 euros and honestly i was too much skeptical if it will do the job and fly, but that not happened at all. Well guys that was all about. I dont recommend you to buy this quadcopter, but if you have decided and buy and see by yourself, if its working or not well good luck, if anyone has buy this product and manage to work with this quadcopter.

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