Today we are gon na review. This jjrc h345 compare it to the others, it’s, not a drone, but two drones, which could solve a problem with the battery if one’s that take out the other one inside the box, there are two drones: a transmitter charging cable user manual and a qr code it’s An ai game that you can play when getting bored flying is similar to the little other drones, which has functions like headless mode, 1k, return and 3d flips and it’s easy to control. Last but not least, the speed of the 3d flips is fast and you will love it to summer. I would say: it’s a nice toy nice looking affordable design and easy to control. The drones have a built in battery to charge. It just need to plug the cable simple. Two drones can extend your flying time to around 12 minutes now, it’s only 28 bucks worth or not you’re welcome to drop down some comments or join our poll.