The drone this drone is really easy to fly. It holds its position in the air really well, and it’s got its own built in camera on the front. Definitely the coolest feature Music, so Music, so all right to go up and go down into turn left and turn right that just rotates it. It doesn’t actually go anywhere and then to go forward. Go backwards. Go left, go right, so those are the basic controls. Music. First, go to the app store and type in potensic it’s, the first app that comes up it’s, that one on the left there and go ahead and install it. And then, when you open it you’ll see the screen like this. So your ipad go to settings and then wi fi and you have to change the wifi to the funny name: udirc blah blah blah and then start the potensic app. Now your camera should be connected to your ipad and by tapping on this video icon. Here you can actually record video and there’s also a picture picture button as well: Music, okay, three dominoes! There we go. You can get three off the ground Music, four dominoes Music. Can you go up as high as you can go? Go up so we can get a good video. You can hear it just go up: Music, okay, land! It! Oh it’s, going over the tree, try to land it now, okay for headless mode! We push the headless button here and that guy flashes in there, okay on headless mode spin it around and then bring it back to you.

So this way it doesn’t matter which direction the thing is facing.