The english name right here, as you see like three different types of vehicles, officially paired with the future bus into three different kind of robots. So the background is like a frosty blue silver and such theres. The front card insert a big close up of the rather unique shaped face ill, get to that a little bit again little disclaimer that this car has a face because you cant see it on this. Very flat clamshell packaging, which was patched like this yeah thats, really spacious out just to display it in all its glory, wait a minute. I think the blurb was mixed up yeah. I think the blurbs are mixed up. This is nanotus and this is dough yeah, but i think the names got mixed up if you see by the outline yeah uh yeah thats a little there unless it was packaged like this, which i dont think is the case. I know little goof again, just this standard automatic and cross system blurbs now lets get flying to it. Foreign Laughter, foreign, Music, Laughter, Music, foreign nano test is looking like a much more futuristic car than the other mini bang car bots. I guess the color break the color matchup is really selling it because of the bonnet and the windscreen and the top its the same shade of blue. It kind of makes it look like one big, windscreen and also the size and the rear, also all connected yeah. So those kind of big connected with screens kind of make it different, futuristic, vibes and also the headlights that also run over onto the top of the bonnet very futuristic.

Looking stylings of car and the back has some more panel line. Details like these very trapezoidal exhausts. Those yeah, at least it has those car features. The four features the car to have afford to tap exhausts whatever one rear, tail light, stripe and uh sunken in details on the side. Here, the handlebars way back there tiny little wheels Music yeah on a closer inspection. It looks like all the micro car bots have these same little wheel types. I guess thats kind of i guess – thats fine, reuse of parts, yeah thats, not the most important thing, youre gon na be seeing on these tiny little cars. I think dough is the best. Looking of these middle bang, carbots yeah, it looks like a short little van, like a very futuristic little compact hatchback fan hollow in the back, but ignore that yeah a big curved windscreen, although with the same orange plastic as with the back, which not much of a Break up there, but it still has a more simple it in details, although, although these little trapezoids are cut off heres, a little design bleed and a big splash of red at the top very nice curves and the windscreen that is not too overbearingly big. The front is looking pretty plain with the red lower painted bumper intake vent thing, although its looking a little mispainted there, like uh, less darker red paint on this side than the other brighter red paint on the side.

I think that might be a case by case thing, yeah bringing out the last two i mean. As i said, the pal was a little looking a little too tall, and i think this is look. This looks more like a machine just a autonomous machine than an actual vehicle to ride into but yeah. This looks like a little futuristic vehicle thing. Also, the middle car rods all share the same. They reused the same wheels so thats a little bit of trivia Music. Nano test b, the car, turns into a flying drone drones all the rage. I mean its a very wonky, looking drone like for one two different elevations of propellers, just molded in there. Of course, no spinning bits two different elevations, like the two big ones in the back and also theyre slightly, not parallel. I mean its parallel as you can get, because these things overlap like this and two smaller propellers on the top Music, and it just really lifts up way up from the body. Because of just how this thing has to hinge up – and i guess they just couldnt uh – just make it lower to the ground – i guess also, it needs more clearance for the robot mode, Music, so yeah. I guess if i try to lift the finger i this is realistically how it would balance this thing would be constantly tilting forward because its very front heavy. So i guess this thing: cant, really both really struggle to stay in place or go backwards.

Itll just keep flying forward. I guess if the thing can even fly at all, does this design make aerodynamic sense? Do you think this kind of weird propeller proportions would really work well, at least the car in the back stays in place, unlike this, which just keeps flopping about, because of just how well that slope, bumper just slopes thats, so here this thing is face dirty. Maybe it is maybe it is pharaoh who is too fairest, yeah pharaoh? What are you doing? Yeah so nanotest has better latches, because even jackson also flops and again, you can just transform dough by itself into its little little helicopter drone mode without the mini micro tovo. Just press the buttons on the back weird little drone thing: i guess you can partially transform it halfway, just to have a more balanced looking flight mode, so with two tiny little propellers uh. This thing just might hover. If it even has that power just imagination – or these could just be a little the goal wing doors, the gold wing doors looks like this little blue shirt boy is in scale enough to ride the little dinosaurs drone yep. This is officially how he ride the thing this is pretty protected on front, but not in the back so yeah watch your foot watch your grip just a little tidbit about the future bus. There are more than one of these in the show and in the ending credits, but theres been one instance where there were two of these yeah.

So these are like just big drone bodies, although you cant buy this separately, unless you already own one and need it to be parts replaced, but other than that you cant buy this thing separately, not that you would really want to. Maybe unless you just want yeah, we, you would probably like to have multiples of these buses. If it just was a vehicle and not a automatic spring. Robot suit looks like this particular area has taken quite a slamming beating from keeping slamming into the top here. Yeah not much forward momentum on nanosis either Music yeah, i guess nana says his hood – is a little a little too tight, nanotis bangs colors also blend in pretty well, because the main body is predominantly blue with a little bit of orange. That gives it a nice splash of color, also a bit of red on the gray here, its not the same shade of blue as jack suits towel drones. Blue, i mean i think this is like a bluer shade of blues is that this is a darker shade of blue, also with a painted blue, but its blue different shades of blue. The blue blends, in with the lighter blue and again a slight little gap left from the folding bits of the propeller back, which i guess just slightly just minorly inconveniently gets in the way of the shoulders, but not not that much its high enough and again, i Think these helicopter propeller blades would only work be practical when flying like this, to give it a slight more boost upward lift then i just assume just the flying drag of pharaohs wings and that noggin is certainly very distinct from all the other carbide faces.

Thus far. It looks rather smooth and featureless, like a big blue, curved dome and a black face, or is that is that the face or is that the face on the faceplate? Is this the entire eye? Well, looking at the illustrated face, guess where the eyes are yeah, apparently in the animation they decided to put the eyes there, even though the actual model doesnt look like it, has the dedicated eye sockets, so thats a really weird place to put the eyes. So if you didnt know any better, if you didnt watch the animation and just looked at the toy, i guess most people would be inclined to think this entire sec. This entire blue section is the eye just like a big screen, visor eye. I think a lesser percent would think this entire black section is the entire visor, and this blue section is a big blue forehead. I cant tell if this is bad head design if you cant tell where even the eyes are – or this is a very alien design – im, not sure whether its good or bad, but at least its distinct from all the other very similar looking carbide spaces. I guess of the b supplementary car box weve seen so far. I think this one has a little more play value and i think this is more fun to play with they get because of the helicopter thing rather than a swooshable floppy jet yeah thats. Just my opinion, but yeah, but even so yeah, even though its a really wonky looking helicopter dro thing.

I guess this thing looks better, but i still think the included jack suit is probably the best one look best. Looking its a simple robot road thats, a ground tank, you in the thing i mean its, not a weird flying thing and thats with the official configuration you have three different sets of bodies and heads to choose from or yeah you can even swap out the inner Mini carbide heads to come up with different color combination: styles, all blue, mostly yep. You can go white and matching these little magnetic things.