So now you see what this looks like right. This is another in the long line of these knockoff. You know these scam youtube facebook ads. You see this, you know, like the other one like the dronex pro. They just keep recycling the same thing and calling it something else. So i had the dronex pro that slide had sent me. I did that that was a big fraud. Um xjet did a great video on that last year or whatever a year and a half ago, but the thing is they keep making these things and just calling them something else. Now this one, unlike the dronex pro, which is in another case in the other room, this one has an extra battery. This one has two batteries with it. It also has a little bit of a different tint to it. Its a little bit of a like a blue coloring to it, the other one was a black um yeah. These things theyre just knockoffs of the eachine e58 thats. All they are, you know, but they run those ads where they have the guy. Oh, this guy worked for this drone company and you know he was a scientist and he figured out a way to make the drones, for you know, 15 cents, and so they fired him and he went and started to come. You know that whole feel right. Okay, so these people they keep buying these things, and you know im not going to say these people are stupid for buying this theyre uninformed.

They just dont know you know what theyre looking at. If you watch the ad itself, the ad is going to show you all kinds of different draw: theres a mavic pro in there theres a mavic 2s theres. You know theres the many theres all kinds of different drones they show in the ad, but people were uninformed and they dont know any better. You know they buy these things. Thinking theyre going to get all this stuff and theyre. Not. This is just a little optical. You know not even optical flow, i dont even think it has that on there, no its just a little electronic barometer that holds the uh. You know the altitude then thats about it. I mean its just. I mean theyre theyre, decent little flyers. You know the e58 was a great little flyer and the dronex pro flew good, but its just theyre, not what they theyre, not what they advertise to be on these ads. You know its just really a shame that they uh take advantage of people like this. You know so lets get it out of here and take a quick look at it. Heres a qr code on the thing here. If you want to get the the app you dont even need the app to fly. The thing you know heres the transmitter and its the same one as the other one. That means its the exact same thing. These antennas are fake, theres, nothing to them, heres your auto takeoff land, and then you know flips and camera, and all that mumbo jumbo heres.

Your trims and the thing here takes uh. I think its four actually double a batteries in there three, i think its three right there, three triple a batteries like i said its just an eachine e58, but theyre, calling it the quad air drone and i actually have another one coming for another doodad. I dont even remember the name of it: okay, there. It is right there, its a beauty, the quad air drone so and theres got some lights here in the front. Heres, your wi fi antenna, um yeah theres, really not a lot to it, its not going to do these things that it shows in that ad that its going to do its just not okay, fine and simple its just not going to do it. Heres, your bag of stuff here, um yeah, lets just turn it on real, quick to see what the uh app looks like, because i think it does use a different app from the other one and they you know and the same thing with these apps. They recycle. These apps constantly um yeah theres those lights on there, so theyre actually working its bound up now. So lets try the app real, quick heres, the wi fi name is going to be called wi fi dash, underscore 4k underscore something or something else. The app is going to be called wi, fi cam, and you will see that right there right there see that wi, fi cam so well just get in there and hit start.

Yes, allow access, okay, so that should be coming in here shortly and it is – and you see the flowers and all that now, hopefully this one will actually shoot the video. The other one would never do nothing, but the dronex pro would always shoot at the ground. It never would shoot up in the air at all, so i dont know what the story was with that, but at least at least this one does the the you know shoots on the it seems like it does anyway. So i dont know who knows who knows with this damn thing: okay, i wonder if we could take it off here in the kitchen there lets see if the takeoff and land button work. Oh, it does okay, yeah its pretty stable too. Look at that. So it wont let you arm the motors or anything, and so since it doesnt, i think i think what it has here: im gon na land, it real, quick. Okay, before i tear it up um, i think what it has. What it looked like to me was the auto uh calibration on it um. Whenever i turned on the drone and then turned on the controller took a little bit of time to sync there, and i think that was doing the leveling so make sure when you turn on the drone and turn on the transmitter just make sure youre on a Level surface so the um, so the trim will be okay.

When you first take off that way, you wont have to jump on the trim buttons right away. So i think it does an auto um level calibration because thats what it seemed like to me all right guys lets go fly this thing all right, boys and girls im out here with the legend, the quad air drone. For the first time i dont know it looks like youre eating e58 to me. Okay, but uh yeah lets see if we can start the video up. Okay lets see if itll take off and it did Applause, Music and its dripping everywhere hold on it. Does the same thing, the other one did you know the camera points to the ground, all the time, um theres, a flip for you theres. The third rate well lets see how it flies so because we know that the cameras gon na suck, actually it zips around pretty good. Actually, it handles pretty nicely. Oh yeah thats great, because youre not going to see nothing on the video because its going to show you the ground thats what these things do. I have had to have one yet one of one of these to show the actual straight ahead. Okay, they all point to the ground, even though the camera is pointing straight ahead: Music yeah its flying decently, its just that the camera doesnt uh point straight Music, see. I have it up pointing all the way up there, Music, but its not uh its.

Not doing anything well at least well get to see how long the battery lasts right it does steer. Well, though, i will give it that so, and it does nothing flips pretty good. I think it was 600 milliamp hour batteries in there a couple of yeah. They gave you a couple of 600s with it, as you can see its very nimble, its in the third rate, its flying uh quite nicely, but the video is not going to show you anything right if i tip it backwards. Yeah itll show you the see that here ill go out here, a little bit its pretty fast too actually and then ill pull back on the stick, and you can see the ball field so im up there pretty far. Okay itll show the ball field. Now that im up there that high ill pull back on the stick a little bit that way, you can see some stuff yeah its unfortunate because it uh it seems to fly really. Nice seems to handle and steer very nice, but uh yeah thats too bad thats, too bad still doing a lot of walking away trying to get the trim in there. Applause, Music, Music, the quad air, drone Applause. It doesnt sit still long enough for you to be able to make it tick. Tock, okay, but anyway, who cares were just going to ride out the battery? At this point im going to stop the video just so well have some up the lights flashing.

I think i saw yep theyre flashing, okay, so the battery lasted about. It was like almost six minutes on the video, so it did the same thing as the other one did is the dronex pro. You know there its landing by itself. Now. Okay, i hear ya. Okay, now i want to start back up, unfortunately, my hands holding it. Okay, you can stop now yeah ill, just stick my finger on there and stop it all right guys.