So this is it. This thing has been around for a while. So here is what you actually get. First of all, it takes a long time to get here and it’s it’s really light and chancy feeling and the person that ordered these originally thought. These didn’t work and i had to uh, show them how to sink them, because the sink instructions are so crazy. So what you have is you have this folded out drone like this, so this is it not too bad, but look no gimbal on that camera that camera is fixed. It looks like it’s supposed to be a gimbal, but it’s not. You cannot move the camera independently of the drone. Let’S take a look at the controls here, all right, so here’s the controller. This thing is supposed to pop out to hold your phone down here. It doesn’t fit my phone. I don’t know your antennas. One of these little buttons up here is the flip button. I think it’s this one here, oh no, 360 right there on the end, like i was telling you it’s just one button that does it 360 trick and uh to sync. It is extremely hard, so let’s see if we can read the instructions here open the aircraft switch, the aircraft placed open. The open aircraft power switch, the aircraft placed on the flat ground. Then the aircraft indicator light flashes, open the remote control source, okay. So basically, what it’s saying is turn on the drone, while it’s here and then after it flashes.

You have to turn on the remote and then you have to use the joystick to go up and then down on the remote in order to sync it. So they couldn’t even get these to sync. Originally so let’s get the battery in this and see if we can get it to sync all right, so let’s turn the drone on see. We’Ve got some flashing lights here all right. So then we’re going to turn the remote on and then we’re going to go up and down, and i think we are synced. Okay, so let’s see it actually works, but it is a piece of crap all right. So you can see thing is a drone it’s, a foldable drone it’s, very very! Is it dead already? I don’t know what’s going on there. We go i’m not going to apply this anymore, because i don’t want to hurt my friends drone here because you know they’re. So expensive, but these things are not worth the 5 000 that gimbal doesn’t move and then in order to get it to work to get use the camera. You have to use this install this app and then it’s really hard to work.