Today. Respect goes out to ifly rc for making one of 2021s best quads bind and fly six inch quads or a five inch version that you can get with your money. Uh ifly has gone from a one office setup and just a few guys starting that company out. Maybe like six or seven years ago, it seems like now we were getting kind of subpar type of carbon fiber frame kits and eventually they made their way up the fpv ladder and now theyre at the top shelf of what you can buy so ive been with Iflight, since that very first office, helping them out with their brand – and you know, giving them advice, of course, theyre the experts, but you know as pilots we like to give our two cents – and here we are with the nasgo, evoke f6x. This is the truex version. They also have the f6d, which is the deadcat version today, were going to fly this on 6s. This is something that has everything every fpb guy would want. On a quad, i mean we have the full size gopro mount six inch motors on here, hq props. We have iflight gps back here. We have hd digital dji video on here as well, and a full size, dji cam. So this is the one that everybodys requesting and how they have stock of this camera im not really sure, because theyre hard to find but ifly seems to have ate up all of the vista stock and the full size hd cams from original dji camera, which is What most of the fpv pilots want so and crossfire? I mean this thing has everything you want on here and on top of all of it great components, this has side plates on the side, leds tbs crossfire in the back, so we could really send it out there and get some distance on here with a 6s 1400 milliamp battery this one is not really going to run something like a lion type of setup, but you will be able to send this one out there quite a long way so were going to see how this battery performs today were going to do some hardcore Freestyle with this – and i went so hard with this quad – that i almost destroyed it about three times in this one flight test, so uh yeah very lucky to have this back in one piece, because when i got on the throttle with this quad, it was like Handing me the keys to a supercar, i went kinda crazy and its a good thing.

I didnt have a supercar because i might have wiped out and and killed myself with this thing so um. This is the supercar and the one. If i could have one clod in 2022 to fly all of 2022, i fly f6x. This thing is legit, so respect iflight lets go out and fly after that. Well, come back to the bench! Well, talk about this guy on the bench and what its all about here we go: Music Applause, Music, wow, Music Applause, Music, oh Music, Music, oh Music, so Music, Music, so Music. Oh all, right guys! Welcome back from the flight test there. It is the new nasgol evoque f6x sitting there, looking pretty strong like a supercar. Oh wait: no thats, not the f6x, um thats, actually a little toy supercar. This thing does i swear to god. It does feel like a supercar. This thing is really really hopped up. Um very precise, the tune is like two thumbs up. The hd system on here is top shelf fpv system. I have to say, like i was saying before when we were talking about this in the podcast last week and everything fpv podcast. We were saying that this has pretty much everything on it that most fpv guys would want. It has an hd system. It has gps return to home on here it has crossfire. It has an overprotected side, plate body setup on here. Its got a gopro mount in the front, and it has larger motors on here.

Six inch props also the original dji hd camera, which is sought after by so many pilots and ive talked about this before this has been in short supply lately, but iflight seems to have like somehow got with dji and got a whole ton of vistas, and these Original cameras which everyone wants, i know runcam and other companies are racing to release their own hd cameras. But still most pilots want this one because it still looks great. So this is the quad of the year youre. Looking at this one because im calling it quad of the year on the channel, because we are at the end of the year, its time for quad of the year to come out like i always do traditionally on the channel. But i have to tell you like, if i had one quad for next year to take out on fpv road trip, go fly with my friends in my own personal time. It would be this one. I i honestly could say my my roommate, diego hes, been flying. Six inch for years in oregon, he has some of the most beautiful oregon footage for long range footage that you will ever see its uh, diego. The colombian bean on instagram, look up his instagram and check out some of his six inch footage with his new hero. 10, it will blow you away. He has like a real combo uh, like a small short clips of a reel from last year, from from all the clips from actually this year and its amazing, and he loves six inch and and now i kind of understand why ive been a huge fan of Seven inch for a long time, but this has more um diversity for use.

It will freestyle like a maniac, and i feel like its more efficient than a five inch. You get a little longer flight time. It has a nice float to it, but its also extremely fast and flippy dippy. When you want it. So not only can you do all that you can cinnamon with this guy and its really has that extra bit of control over a five inch, whereas a five inch requires a better pilot. Six inch is going to let you kind of smooth things out. A little longer in those straight head shots, but its not going to be like a 7 inch where its just kind of mostly a cruiser a 7 inch. At that point, it becomes kind of like a glider or rc airplane, its very stable and thats. What those platforms are for you know getting out there, you can go up, you go miles and miles and miles out on the seven inch youre going to keep the six inch a little bit closer, but you have more freestyle and aerobatic capability with this quad. So this one is a squash x. Like we talked about configuration, it is over 250 grams. You would have to register this one initially, maybe put transponder on it. Who knows whats happening with all that weve got leds down the side and on the bottom, youve got green leds. You got the iflight logo there. We have a buzzer on the very bottom bumper up front, bumper in the back and four motor bumpers here for each motor.

These were fun because i knew when i was flying this at the bottom of this was really straight and flat, and that allows me to do those airplane skids. When im coming down the street, i can kind of land and kind of bump, along on the concrete and hope you dont hit a crack and flip over. But i was able to do that with this quad and get away with it because of the flat profile battery on top. I love that stuff. On the very back again, we have the 6s 1400 battery two straps up here. Holding it back, weve got that angled hard mount back here, which is the xt60 going from the 6s battery in there thats, not my favorite combo. I wish it was kind of straight up and down, but if you have your battery on the back and youre running your gopro, even with the shorter cables like on the r line batteries, you can still get it in there youre not going to run this on A lion setup because the i think the kv is a little bit too high. Well, talk about that in a minute, but you also have tpu mount in the back for your mortal t for crossfire, which i have set up, and this mount is actually on two m3 bolts. They go through here and allows this to move up and down. Thats kind of cool, so you can move this out of the way or take it completely off if you want to so.

If you dont want to run gps, you can unplug it and take this thing completely off tuck the wire in there or just take it off the flight controller and inside we have a new, updated flight controller. On this, it is an f7 blitz flight controller from ifly. It is a mini stack and whats really really cool about. This is that it has new 55 amp escs theyre, going to handle plenty of power for 6s freestyle so before. Maybe it would have been mostly a cruiser now you can really hit those high ends of the throttle were also rocking. Some hq props on here, and i do prefer these ill put the link down below for these. They have a nice sort of thin cord in the middle out to a really nice taper on the end full size prop nuts on here we have zing motors, and these are beautiful, four bolts on the very bottom and anodized aluminum stator. If i can get this into focus here, i mentioned before they kind of look like christmas, ornaments, theyre, really really nice. We have motor wire covers here to keep you from tearing up your wires when you go through the trees for a crash and the scraggle, and we have the crossfire receiver down here right now, its in fail safe because the radio is not on, but you can See that red light there and you have enough room to get through here with a little bambi skewer just to bind it up to your radio, which is nice on the side.

We have labeled usb c ports theres an extra hole here for binding up to your goggles, which is cool and the cadx vista, sits in the back seat and f7 up front. So it actually says: nas go here and cant read what it says back here, but it says, link button and its cool, because iflight puts stickers on everything and labels. Everything there was also a sticker around the whole thing, telling me to be careful about making sure that i had the anson on the vtx before i plugged in the battery, which you always want to do, because you could burn out your vtx im going to unplug. That, because that thing is cranking 700 milliwatt and its been several minutes now, so you can also get various different gopro mounts for these quads, which i love, that is, the hero, 8 mount and thats. How that fits right on there, not bad. I guess the only thing different about this one that i would probably suggest is getting yourself a taller antenna, one that kind of clears everything here, its just barely coming poking up to the top of the battery there with dji systems. Honestly, though, its not hasnt been a problem for me, i would run this the way it is for now and then get yourself a taller left hand circular polarized antenna for later, and they also have a tpu mount around that as well, which is cool so that Little shroud around the outside of the antenna post, it helps you just kind of screw it in and out right there really easily, but everythings, looking good on here, um thats the cover for they actually give you a nice lens cover for your mount, which is pretty Sweet and again, if i had one quad to fly for 2022 and to take on fpb road, trips and stuff, this would be the one hands down quad of the year.

For me, its just phenomenal quad. I love it and im so happy that iflight sent me the hd version, because i really got to show you some good dvr footage from this, and i had a lot of fun. Making the edit coming up on the channel as well im going to do more videos with this one were going to do some more like cinema long range type. Video with this im going to show you how six inch is a benefit and kind of the sweet spot for kind of mid range. I wouldnt say long range id say mid range flying so thats. My definition of what this quad could be, and mostly six inch or mid range, a lot of fun mountain surfing with them and getting epic cinema video thats coming up on the channel and dont forget guys on friday nights at 7 p.m. Pacific standard time. We have everything fpv podcast, please do subscribe and check out the links down below you can use my coupon code bgdavis2021 and hopefully you get a discount on this. One and dont forget its on the flash sale right now, its like 458 dollars for the f6d thats. The dead cat version, if you dont, want the props in view or you can get this x version for 469, you can get the analog version for 299., so links are down below guys. Really helps me out when you purchase from my channel directly on my link.

So i really appreciate that helps me.