Video um yeah today – is a review of the 29s remote control drone, so yeah it has 14 speed. Uh 14 features so thats, really good light lighting mode, uh, four different lightings lighting modes, um altitude hold one key: take off flash landing, auto rotation, 3d, flips, very cool, headless mode; one key return, emergency stop and three speed modes, 30, 60 and 100. So yeah lets get cracking into this box, so yeah it comes in this styrofoam packaging, so uh yeah heres the its instruction manual to how to apply this and yeah lets open this put that away and then theres the stone and the controller and parts so lets. Take it out right there, then here is a controller as all of these different buttons buttons on the top as well so yeah, and then here is a packet for all the replacement, propellers and screws and a screwdriver and charging cables for your rechargeable batteries. So theres a packet for the rechargeable battery right there uh there is two um theres one in the drone, but usually ones in the packet. There are two packets, so theres one there and then theres another packet, the ones in one packet ones in the other. But i just put mine in my drone so to make it easier, um yeah. So when you turn on the drone theres an on button right, there lets turn it on and it lights up very much. So when it does that, so you press that.

So you longer long press the on and off button, and then it goes like that then theres, a lighting button that and then press it different lighting modes. And then, if you dont like colors or light you just yeah and you can fly it without light. So thats very cool and lets put it on like that, so yeah, its very cool um. If you would like to see another video um, if you would like to see another video um, show me how to fly this and flying this drone then make sure to like and subscribe and comment.