They left us this. U haul right here, its gon na be a big prize. This is exciting. Were gon na learn the pc killers identity. They are the one who took out the tragic journal and agent peters and they probably want to join the spy ninjas or they want us all right, open that bad boy, three, two one: what the heck! What is this its gon na be weird dude? Guess what me and melvin were right, the p z killer is not a good guy. You just leave this around hey dont. Look at this. This is really creepy. I dont like that. Hey wait! A second thats blonde hair and theres a sword or something going through his head. Is this a chat, wild clay? Watermelon head? Is this a threat? Maybe this pc killer, isnt, the good guy? I thought he was oh yeah pz killer next stop spy ninja killer. I dont know if thats confirmed or not but im finding some things down here on the floor. I cant read this thing: what do you guys think it says maybe its not even like english language or human language? Do you think that was a coconut yeah its the earth? This is an igloo of some kind donut. If you guys know what these drawings are comment down below help us out, you know whos really good at drawing and maybe can help us out melvin Music. What is that i dont know look familiar to you guys i dont know.

Oh, we found that we found that where, when our safe house was emptied, we found these copper wires and they formed a triangle. Now i remember that genera its like these used to be spheres, you didnt know i was up here. Did you? Oh, you almost gave me a hernia. Oh i dont mind me im just doing some reading with a book i found up here major clue, alert. Watch out, i think, i know the true identity of the pc killer. Now at least i know how he killed. Those hackers check it out its a book right, thats, probably a hacker right there you may be thinking to yourself: stick figure drawings. This is silly. Stick figure drawing this is silly well, have you ever seen one of those flip books, so you flip through it really fast and its an animation check it out its a hacker falling to his death. Splat question mark. Oh my gosh, the end of that hacker. Oh, maybe the clues are not inside the: u haul, maybe theyre, underneath the! U haul hold up before you go looking under the? U haul! Look who i found whats this make. You think its me mario. What the heck is. This douglas has a toupee wait. A minute wait, wait a minute smell, it smell the hair. I think i know that hair okay. What does it smell like daniel? You smell it? No, i dont want it. Oh, are you okay, Music, stop smelling me! This is you, this is your hair.

I cut my hair like last year. I thought we got rid of this gross thing. The peasy killer has it? Oh, no, maybe this isnt, even the pz killers truck. This – could be anybody setting this up here. You know. Oh, oh, what scratch? What i just said, look what i just found. This is definitely the pc killers truck two pennies, two patties. Yes, this is his little thing he does. Maybe i was wrong about this pz killer. Maybe hes a fan but hes gon na. Do something really bad? Oh, like you think i think we should check underneath hub. I think we should uh the hoverboard. Maybe we should check underneath the? U haul its about time. We get out of the back of this jewel thanks for laying there, while we did all the work. Take it easy on my boy, eh hes, already taking it easy. You guys check underneath ill start underneath here. Okay, okay, guys make sure you dont do this at home. Dont get underneath any cars and whatnot im an expert in tiny spy, ninja thats. Why im doing this? It looks good. No, those dogs are barking like crazy, like theres something suspicious going on see. I knew this whole thing is suspicious get out of here. You almost got ran over me who started this up. Wait theres somebody inside of this no way remote start someones got the key and its watching us. Are you okay, yeah, im? Okay, i thought i was this is why you shouldnt crawl underneath cars yall, the key is in the ignition.

Let me turn it off. That is so weird there wasnt a key there before yeah. Did somebody sneak in and start it when we were looking? I think i was wrong about this pc killer yeah, i done told you, so we might be in grave danger. We got to get this all back to the safe house right now. Okay got all of our clues were going to find out who this pc killer is. This must be all of our stuff. Yeah. The pc killer gave it back to us. Yeah. Stop you got ta make sure the house is clear first, he could still be in here and this could all be a part of his master trap. Yeah. I dont even want to debate this guys. We are not undoing the tarp. This is a trick for sure. I dont know i see some of our stuff poking through daniel, i think its our stuff yeah, okay, yeah, you get the chair and the stuff, but theres something more too its a trick. What do you think about? What do you think? It only happened. Just a couple days ago, with these balloon, thingies theyre still up there, so maybe hes still here. This is crazy. We werent gone from the house that long we were just looking at that. U haul! For like 15 minutes! How did all this stuff get put in here yeah? Did you guys even lock the door when you left yesterday i mean who was last to get into the house thats daniel, but then whatever were already here, who was the first to leave yesterday? Why would the pz killer really give our stuff back without it being a trap, its not like? We did anything for them.

You know what daniel youre right and, in fact i think me and the girls owe you guys, an apology. Girls come with me. I need this. I need to talk to them. You know yeah yeah were gon na make our apology real nice yeah were gon na, come up with something real nice yeah, okay, but yeah. We want to say, were sorry by doing this. Three: okay, wait. A second puts all this paint on our desks: do this person graffiti our desk and ruin our paint thats? What im talking about its been tampered with? Maybe it looks cool its like a design theyre, an artist yeah with all the clues with the igloos and all the word. Maybe they didnt steal our stuff theyre, the one that returned ourselves exactly. They got it back from agent peters, the guy who probably stole our stuff. Oh really, maybe we were wrong, melvin, no daniel! No! No! No! Just because we get our stuff back. We cant change our opinions about this peasy killer. Oh no! No! No! Oh boy! Melvins! Mad, oh remember: it was only a year ago where you were worried about any single person who came to the safe house. Now people are coming in left and right like this is some kind of open play for 7 7 11 airbnb and were okay with it. Its not done, oh god, hi from who whos here, hes 89 – oh whoa, what the daniel? What what look at this chair? What is that its a glove with three fingers? Thats a three finger? Glove isnt it a bowling glove to enable like the fingers? No, you know what it is: alien clubs, aliens im telling you like i.

I know it sounds crazy, but we dont know who or what the pz killer is the governments involved or the guys in suits classified information, something powerful enough to take down project zorgo. The footage of the pc killer that we were trying to get are being hunted by men in suits theres, a million billion stars in this universe that all have thousands of planets aliens exist, youre right dan. How come youre telling me to stop alien boy, because aliens have transcended the need for kind of gloves. Their skin is probably already protected by some kind of technology, or they dont even have to experience any kind of atmospheric differences because theyre inside their motherships. All the time dude its like when we go to the moon, we wear, suits and gloves to protect ourselves. It makes sense dude its like all of a sudden. You guys are the alien experts here, oh shut up, everybody ill ill. Look for more clues then keep pondering on those three fingers. Music. Hey i mean its got. Ta, be like a youtuber right, guys, theyre, huge fans of us. They know we like vlogs. They know we like challenges. Uh, hey melvin, if its not an alien, then explain why this rug is moving whoa. What the heck colonel it might be an alien dont hit it. Is he killer? No, your friends, a friendly, friendly, alien holy crap. What is that lets find out brother? Be careful man who the heck, what oh my gosh its going to come out daniel careful wait is that fbi agent agent, ford, yeah agent board dude.

This is the cop guy who helped us defeat project zorgo. Last year, huh water, water, all right, get her ill. Get him some water get some water hey? Who? Who did this to you asian foreign? Do you need mouth to mouth, theres, water, daniel? He said water every chance you get yeah no mouth to mouth daniel. He got vitamin water right drink, it sit him up, set hes, really dehydrated. He must have been here rolled up in that rug for a really long time. If he hasnt had water in that long, there you go drink up buddy, maybe maybe they return agent ford to us so theyre, a good person, whoever this person is the pc killer. Okay, oh my gosh. We cant hold you up shes too small ouch youre, always in the way melvin youre at the safe house. The spine is just safe, careful, careful, careful, careful, relax, remember youre with friends a year ago, shut him down; youre, not asian, peters, youre, a asian for the good guy chad yeah its me man. Oh my head hurt. Give him water here drink some more im at the im at the safe house, yeah yeah yeah! Well, you were in a carpet. You didnt do that to yourself. I dont you remember, do you? Do you remember what happened to you who wrapped you in this who made you burrito boy lets see. I was undercover. I was chasing undercover after agent, peters yeah.

I was at the warehouse and he found me out. Okay, its coming back to me im starting to remember, and then do you remember anything that happened right before your magic carpet ride all over me lets see yeah. Okay, you found out that i was undercover and i was trying to get him. What you hit me. Melvin, i saw you and i thought maybe melvin was undercover too. You hit me on the back of my head. This is so so why, if i hit you – and it puts you in no carpet ride, though i aint no aladdin man, what in the pc give him the water man? What did the pc killer do to him? Okay agent, ford, who put you in this rug, heard a bunch of screaming. I seen hackers running everywhere and theyre running in my with the room i was in to hide and then something came in the room. Something came in the room, chad, i dont know what it was. I dont even know if it was a human being see dude hes describing september 4th right now, you were there and the sounds, and then all the hackers in the room it happened so fast. Yes, it sounds. It was like fast like a wolf yes, but it sounded like strong, like a grizzly bear, threw hackers across the room. Yes, bodies were falling, like leaves in the forest, and the next thing i know all of a sudden.

Something hits me Music. Oh my head: well, the news agencies are calling him the peasy killer. Whoa whoa hang on. This was on the news yeah. Oh, this is highly classified information. This is important. Oh asian farm, you are going off the walls youre, usually nice and composed. You guys. Dont understand this situation. All right – this is serious. Okay lives are on the line here. You have to tell us youre our only friend thats in the fbi. Thats left does this have anything to do with the cia or the nasa or the g e, f, f, b e z, o s Music ive said too much look its because i care about you guys that im not gon na tell you anything else, all right. Just forget about it: go on about your lives hold on hold on hold on dont leave. Yet you got ta help us out bro. We got ta question him and he remembers fords hiding something we got ta keep him here. We can figure out who this pc killer is agent, or do you like pastrami, you want to stay for some uh dinner. We got some more of the the water. We cook a mean, lean, sweet, potato pie. What no we dont! Oh my gosh, are you? Okay? Man – oh my god, shes going to the bathroom, oh gosh. I think he needs help whoa there you go heres, some more water. Oh no dont give him that dont give him that water gave him that one theres toilet water in there, regina thats.

Your do you need some whipped cream yeah that comes in handy all. These things are from the bathroom. If you guys dont know why theres toilet water, that regina was drinking youll have to watch the video from a few days ago. I got ta, go no wait. I got ta get out of here. What hold on just forget everything forget everything. What are we doing? Man hes right? Oh my gosh, i took my shoes, you got any extra shoes, they took your shoes, i dont know what happened to them. You cant just walk home. You got to stay here. Yeah yeah! Well, give you some shoes after you answer some questions. That way. That way, you dont understand the danger that you guys are in to be regular. Youtubers dont mention anything about egypt, peters its over all. Right dont mention anything about what the pc killer dont test. 22. None of that hes even afraid to leave hes looking around outside hes supposed to be really bad, hes afraid of the pz killer. He knows what it is, but i thought he was. I thought the pc killer was a good guy, yeah yeah, maybe hes not um its so confusing thats. Why we got ta, clear things: up, easy killer, good or bad. Lord knows hes. Just he just reminded me of how it felt to get hit by the peasy killer. You got hit too. I thought i died. I thought i was dead.

Ive never been hit like that. Do you have the the do? You have the migraines? I feel it right here listening to me you, you know what the pz killer is right. I know you dont want to say it, but can you at least answer this? Should we be scared, scared, daniel? Oh, my gosh, i got ta go. Oh gosh. Forget everything. What live normal lives be happy. What youre never gon na see me again come on. Oh i cant hes, just leaving us like that. Everybody is so freaked out right now, agent ford is gone. Hes freaked out. He must have seen something that really scared him and hes a brave guy. What did he see was this thing? An alien must be something crazy. This thing must be scary. An octopus men in suits are, after it a seven headed goose. We did see a lot of goose poop out in the backyard. A lot of us bear platypus bear, i think, fords right. Why dont? We just start up a cooking chat. Oh my gosh! Oh no, look, chad! What john hey wait! I havent seen this in years. What is this, do you remember when project zorgo was being led by the project zorgo leader and how they could freely just delete channels just like that? Yes, whose channel did they delete? They deleted my channel that one yeah its called that channel was called regina genera. It had over two million subscribers yeah and project zorgo deleted it yeah we get it.

We dont need to rub it in. I still dont have it back so isnt it weird how you never ever got your golden play button for hitting 1 million subscribers. I never even touched that thing because uh i have as of like five seconds ago. Look at this. What look at this? Oh retina, genera, 1 million subscribers. What too bad your channel is still deleted, though this is pretty cool, though this pc killer is a good guy. He returns your golden play button. I love the pc killer, peasy killer come here. Let me smooch you yeah on the cheek, but guys my channel is still deleted. Okay, theres got to be some more reeses pieces to this puzzle. Wait wait, wait. Would you pick jack said theres got to be more reeses pieces to this puzzle, one more time. One more time, chad, what did you say whats wrong with you girl, you heard me: theres got to be more pieces to this puzzle puzzles. Do you know what im talking about puzzles every single desk here has a marking on it. Dont, you think, thats a coincidence. I dont think it is its a puzzle. Every single death in this house has a marking on it. Youre right every single table has a piece to a fossil trapped, dont piece it together, melvin, okay, whoa what it is, though, whats the snake whoa look at this. Give me that camera look at this a red snake thing that goes around turns into a green snake.

It looks like an eight, its an infinity yeah, an infinity symbol which means forever, but it also looks like a snake thats eating its own tail. That is a snake in the shape of an infinity symbol. What is this mean? Spy ninja message from the peasy killer? Wait a second. Does anybody have two pennies you got venmo. I have one in my pimple pocket, pimple pocket its where you store your pimples. We find them all the time from the pc killer. It forms an infinity symbol if you trace around these itll form this snake looking thing: fine angels theyre, always super helpful at home. Theyll figure this out. Theyll know what this means leave a comment at the bottom of this video help us figure out who this pz killer is. Oh, what a oh! What what happened? What happened? What is it? What is it ive seen this before calm down ive? Seen this before i cant, i cant you have to, let me go ford was right. Lord was absolutely right.