Backpack we’re gon na quickly go over all the compartments. I’M gon na start on this side. There’S a couple small pouches, the backpack is lying on its back up and down nice stuff chargers, whatever you want to put in there. The back has a nice spot that you can store your backpack straps your arm straps, and it also has a nice duffel bag. Strap this is duffel bag mode. Let’S. Try it pouch on this side opens down your backpack station up. Also, this is, i found out large enough to fit my tripod and then both sides have these adjustable straps. So you can strap stuff in on the sides cinch. It down the left side of the bag if you’re looking at the back of it also has these nice rings that you could attach any sort of buckle or strap to to add any sort of thing here. It also has this nice velcro label. The only thing i put in here so far is my 17 inch laptop, and that is to show you that, yes, a 17 inch laptop can fit inside there’s two pockets, a mesh one in the back pocket. This is also pretty thick to protect your laptop. So this bag is designed to open down like this, i am going to say that i’m, not a huge fan of how this drapes up at an angle. You see how it opens to an angle, a lot of other backpacks, either open down or have some way of just opening flat, so there’s two mesh pockets on this side, a clear plastic pocket on that side, not the biggest part of that material but that’s, okay And you can also zip out pads that are in the sides, top bottom back that are making it rigid.

This is all basic standard, velcro inserts a lot of them have pockets tool, insertion slots, and then it comes with these three of these little bands too. So i’m gon na fill it with stuff and show you how much stuff i was able to fit in it. Oh look at all this stuff. Let’S try to fill this stuff into this bag Music. Well, i was actually able to put everything on the table inside the bag. I actually had some room left over, so i added a couple more quads to the outside. I didn’t put any quads on the inside because i didn’t have to let’s count how many quads we put okay here it is 20 quads all my fpv gear and all my camera gear, my field charging station and all my light bulbs see what we got inside. I use the side pocket to put all my camera accessories um. I used this pocket to put a spare mask some nd filters. Put that tripod. That goes to the monitor the ground station inside of here. Put my laptop. I stuffed a couple 3d prints, little pouches that have antennas and a tool pouch down here grid it tool thing: let’s, look inside the big part, all right main compartment, lipo bag in my lipo bag, so that’s 17 lipos. We got lens lens camera, oh my god. Dji goggles taranis x9d se, i got more lipos 16, more lipos in that bag for micros lipos for microbes orcas up here furious fpv, smart cable.

I got the monitors top up here. I got my like pill case that i keep soldered and screws and nuts and stuff in a toothbrush i’ll, probably put more tools here and then i got my charging station for the field. Isdt q6 nano and two 5200 15c tattoo lipos props. We got five inch. Five inch, seven and ten, like i said more ten inch, carbon props right there um, i guess we’ll just count how many props we fit in here call it 27 sets of props uh. If you enjoyed this review, come give me a like and a subscribe and uh you know. Maybe i’ll do some more stuff like this in the future. Also what i do wrong, i don’t do too many of these i’ve done a couple of reviews.