I just built a sicario and i want to try to get some shots with it before i get into any details and stuff how about we just get some test footage with the gopro Music. Oh Music, me Music. Many many times you cant get in. I dont want no put over there, hello guys, so, oh that was fun flying the gopro and i quickly wanted to go over my settings for the gopro, so im rocking the hero 9 with the camera butter nd32 um camera butter honestly is like the best nd Filters out there it just clips on it doesnt clip on its like a lens replacement. It snaps on like a normal gopro lens, does and im using the nd32 right now. So i can use 150th shutter because its pretty bright outside an nd32 just looks really good. In my opinion, yeah so camera butter for the win, um gopro settings. So, right now on my gopro, i am watching 4k 24 frames per second in 4×3 um lenses on wide, no hyper, smooth, bitrate high um shutter 114, one 148th iso locked at 100, and my white balance is native sharpness, medium and color profile flat is basically it. I got to say this rely on outlaw, has uh really been helping me keep my uh batteries charged, because i only have four of the uh big five thousand milliamp hour success for the sicario. Thank you seriously for sending me those, but uh yeah its really nice to be able to recharge them out loud, expensive um.

So i kind of wanted to talk about this. Oh my gosh about this thing a little bit. This is the shendron sicario and uh im using these t motor cine 66 motors shout out to t motor for sending them to me. I really appreciate you guys, i kind of want to see what the m50 would look like on this quad, because, oh my gosh, i hope you guys can hear me its like pretty loud um but im here to see what the m50 would look like on here, Because, right now i dont have a dedicated cinema camera. I dont have a dedicated cinema camera so right now, im going to be rocking a m50 with the rokinon uh, 10 millimeter and im going to be flying it at like f8 im saying a bunch of camera stuff. But really my friend leon vander help me with all that stuff. Thank you, lynn, um, but yeah. So, im really excited to test this thing out: um im using some cnhl 5000 milliamp hour 6s batteries hq five by four by three eight inch. Props um tyler from rotorite recommended me use eight inch props. Why i dont, i dont really know. Apparently it handles better and i think it handles fine, because the only other student lifter that ive flown is the syndrome slick, and i do think this one flies a decent amount, better um, so lets go ahead and get some shots of it. Music is Music.

Me, Music, Music, Music, Music, so um, Music, Music, Music Applause, all right guys! Thank you! So much for watching the vlog. I hope you guys enjoyed all the drift footage that you got in the beginning. I was, it was really cold outside and i just wasnt feeling it, but, as i kept going, i really felt in my jam and i just um all my thumbs moved all right thumbs for the win um. What else am i talking about? Oh yeah, guys. I i released a new frame by the way um im gon na make an official video about it, but right now its called the moxie by bubby fpv. It is super sick. Let me uh find it here. It is all right so guys. This is my five inch mini quad freestyle drone frame called the moxie and um im honestly im in love with it. I designed this to be super durable um, because honestly thats, the thing that i only really care about is durability, because when youre at a bando and youre just shredding, 24, 7 or whatever i need a friend with durable and that i can rely on. And then i can, i dont know just have confidence that i can full standing into a crazy dive and not have to worry about my breaking so yeah, so basically designed for maximum durability. I know a lot of you guys are a weight snob. So if youre a weight, snob honestly its not the frame for you, youre, probably going to be looking at a much less durable frame, this is the fact so yeah.

So you can pick this up at rotorite.com today. Ill have a link in the description, but also um. This is just a brief introduction to the frame, because im gon na do an entire video about it, hopefully coming out in about a week or so um Music, but yeah.