I don’t have a lot of time to do like an intro to today’s video, because it’s gon na rain in like the next hour, so i got ta get my packs in this right. Here is the 533 switchback pro. I got a build video for this quadcopter on my channel today. I want to show you just how much faster it can make me. I got and i i’m not making that up. I got a race course out there. I was doing some laps yesterday and i cannot believe how good this quadcopter flies, and i cannot believe how much faster i am flying. It don’t believe me, i’m joshua, bardwell, you’re, gon na learn something today. Let’S. Do this it’s gon na rain Music we’re using the immersion, rc lap, rf lap timer, i got a video about that link in the video description. Let’S go, okay, props are on correctly. Let me show you the course real quick um, so i designed this course to make the most out of the few gates that i have. I have like five gates and two there’s the start finish here and to just force me to do the things i’m. Bad at so a long straight here going into this section of three gates come around the flag go through here and then a spiral corkscrew turn right. I have a real problem actually getting to full speed on the straights, so i’m, giving myself long straights, followed by like hair, turns to force me to get up to speed and then slow down, split s here, a little slow shimmy here this i don’t really like That element, because nobody actually does that in real races, come around the flagpole and then a long straight, forcing me hopefully to be at speed through this gate, long straight here – full speed through this gate around here.

This is a blind turn here. I don’t like it and then the start finish gate again, so that’s the course let’s see. If i can actually set a time here. We go jb 61.19. So i want to get speed on those straights without overshooting 30.65. Okay. 30.65. This is like the worst place to be standing because i’m, literally coming straight through the gate. I need to be close to the gate, to be able to hear the lap rf and to be able to because it’s bluetooth it won’t it doesn’t have great range. This is i’m, like i’m, really trying hard to be turning left instead of flying straight at myself, 29.4 again, that was good, tight right there. I really want to stay on the throttle there – Music. Oh there, it is 2766 good, whoo, good lap, good lap, son 27.6. Okay, yeah yeah yeah i’m uh charging up these packs using this rely on battery pack. This thing can charge like 40 of my batteries before it’s dead got a 120 volt. Inverter 1000 watts weighs about 30 pounds, but it’s like a thousand dollars. I didn’t buy it. They just gave it to me and said here’s to what you think of this. I think i’m gon na do a roundup of all the different ways you might field charge from the cheapest and the simplest to like something like this, so get subscribed and hit the notification bell. If you don’t want to miss that, i think this would be pretty cool all right, so i’m hitting pretty consistent 29s and then the best i’ve done is in like the low 27s.

So i think what i need to do is try to get consistent 27s, rather than push for like a 26, and i think the way to do that is going to be to pick up speed in the straights man. This thing will go as fast as i can take it, so i need to be on the throttle there and on the throttle there Music points. Um overshoot. Oh i really. I really thought i was gon na that’s the situation i end up in i’m, just going. I can go faster, but then i’m out of control – and i crash – i mean right that’s, i don’t know if that’s just like a hard limit on how fast i’m capable of going surely not right, surely i’m capable of improving, see i’m climbing there. That means i need more up tilt. I think if i were to increase up tilt i’d, be faster in the straight and i wouldn’t uh climb, but i would have a lot more trouble with the other technical parts. So i think i’m gon na leave it for now. But if i keep hitting consistent 27s and then you need to go faster, maybe i’ll increase the up tilt for now it’s. Definitely my skill that’s keeping me at that threshold, so let’s just try to improve that this corner here could be much tighter, yes, baby. That was clean as 25 and i’m hitting 27’s pretty respectable. I was trying hard to break 29 uh yesterday, sloppy sloppy as boy.

Oh 27.6, sloppy sloppy Music, oh hmm, Music, 26.77, sloppy, as that was a good turn: 29.93 um, 26. Ah, all right, that’s, it we’re gon na call that that’s it that’s a good day. Where’S my glasses go. Oh, my glasses are uh. Thank you so much for watching. I love this quadcopter. I can’t believe how good it flies. Uh. If you wan na i’m, not saying that you have to build one, if you wan na race, good there’s lots of good racing drones out there, but man this is something special uh it’s making me look like a good pilot. So that says a lot. If you see me race before, you know how much better i am and it ain’t cuz like it’s just this thing flies that freaking good. So i got ta build. I got ta build video in the video description. If you wan na build one, i uh yeah wow, all right, oh i got ta. I got ta catch. My breath happy flying you guys. I don’t know where i am, and i i don’t know what’s gon na happen, but if i don’t make it out of this, i just want to know that you subscribe to my channel or maybe join my patreon or click. One click.