1 ive been having a look at it on the test. Server weve got the release, dates for it. Weve got a new gun and weve got. The reintroduction of the original sanof map were going to take a look at all of those things, including a gameplay footage in todays video, so for the release times its gone live, as i said, on the test server for pc. Now its going to go live next week next wednesday on the 13th of april for pubg pc and then console as usual. Well get it a week after that, so thats going to be thursday, the 21st of april. The main feature in this update is the return of the og sanhok. If youve been playing the game for a long time, youll be familiar with this map. If youre a new player since free to play launch, you wont have ever played this one before its, not too dissimilar in layout from the current sanox, but theres a lot of significant changes, namely the boot camp area, the ruins and the docks area down in the Southeast all pretty significantly different paradise is about the same, as are some of the compounds like bravo and alpha. The river running through the middle of the map is a lot wider and harder to traverse in the original sanok and the general layout of things theres a lot less bushes, its a bit harder to sneak around and hide, as it probably is in the current day.

Sanof theres also a massive mountain on the island in the northwest, which is great fun for throwing yourself off and doing other silly things its quite hard to push up and fight on, but i like it, i think its fun and silly. I wasnt too excited originally about old sanof coming back and then when i went and played it on the pc test server today and i went and saw old ruins, which was my favorite and old docks and the lobster building at boot, camp and jumping around on The mountain i got very excited for trying this out so really looking forward to this coming back, i do like sanhok and i do prefer the old layout to any of the ones theyve really done. Since these changes mean we will lose the loot truck thatll. No longer be a thing that wasnt on the original sanox to be no more loot truck on sanof, and they are also going to get rid of the jammer pack and the decoy grenade im. Not entirely sure why? But theyve decided to uh to get rid of those moving on from the sanog changes. Weve got a new gun coming in this is the new 762 full auto ar that was teased called the ace 32. So this is meant to be basically a sort of easy recoil: 762, full auto gun to sort of sit alongside the ak and the barrel, but packing a little bit less of a punch, but a lot easier to control.

It will spawn on every map and it can take all sorts of attachments. It can take a muzzle attack stock, a grip and obviously a mag as well just from playing around with it. Briefly in the training rooms on the pc, i found it really easy to control with a red dot and even with a 6x as well, not too bad and keep in mind when youre, watching that that i play pubg on pc, probably for about two hours. Every single year i jump on for about 20 minutes on each update and try on the training room. So my recoil control on pc is terrible and recall on pc. Pubg is stronger than on console because, obviously on console its a lot harder to aim, so they reduce the recoil to compensate somewhat so ive. I managed to control it pretty easily on pc, surprisingly slow, so on console its going to be incredibly easy to control and a 762 gun. So i think it could be a pretty popular choice. Itd be interesting to see how the time to kill feels compared to other guns, but certainly as an easy to control gun. I think thats going to appeal to a lot of people alongside those changes. There is also the new ranked season coming season. 17 theres. The rewards for ranked theres some new items that are going to spawn in ranked, which is going to be the ace 32, the mountain bike and the m79 smoke launcher, which is pretty cool, as well as the p90 also being found in care packages in ranked its Nice to see the smoke launcher im not really playing much ranked at the moment, but i think the smoke launcher has a place uh for for usage in ranked so its nice to see that happen, tactical gears had a little bit of a tweak.

They basically acknowledge that the spotter scope is a bit broken. It needs some work. It spots, people out too easily, but they havent really fixed that yet, but they do say the tack pack has had some nerfs theyve basically made it. So you cant put other tactical gear inside the tack pack, so it says the drone emt and spotter scope uh. I guess thats all the different bits that cant go in anymore, so that does make it a bit less powerful on console is already pretty much. Never used by anyone because its just so clunky to use on a controller uh on pc – i imagine it gets used a bit more, but they have nerfed it to make it a little bit less useful. Now the map rotation is going to change with this update. As well were going to see, carrick in going and old sanof is coming in, so well have erin gold, miramar, taego, haven and sanok, and then ranked will still be eringal, miramar and tago, leaving it, as is for the last couple of seasons on ranked theres a Bunch of world changers, just minor stuff, getting rid of the fifth anniversary stuff on some of the maps bringing in some new stuff, the pgc 2021 winners, new happy on the hall of fame and theyve got some stuff in the training rooms as well. The training mode itself has been tweaked slightly, the new gun can be spawned in training rooms and theyve removed.

Some of the explosives that were used to annoy people a little bit blue zone grenade, molly, c4 and sticky bomb have been removed from training rooms. Arcade modes have been tweaked slightly, the new gun has been added and theyve, also added new ammo to some of the dmrs and other guns on arcade mode. That didnt really have enough when you spawned in new sanhok is not currently in arcade mode, but it is going to come back in later on top of that theyve added an animation, a fooling animation for knocked characters when they fall off so thatll be interesting to See rather than you just kind of falling down crouched all fours, you actually have a proper falling animation and then, alongside that theres, a bunch of ui ux changes and a load of bug fixes listed. I didnt see the console bug where weve got silent. Vehicles listed on the bug fixes, so i hope that is fixed and its just not been mentioned, but thats a really serious issue on console at the moment, with completely silent vehicles all the time uh driving around, including gliders, bicycles, cars bikes, you name it. They have. These issues, even brdms silent bidms, have been spotted in the wild, so thats about it for 17.1, not a massive update, but a couple of cool things in there with sanok and the gun changes and keep in mind. The last update was pretty big and wasnt really that long ago, so quite regular updates coming out at the moment from pubg, which is nice to see just little bitty things nothing.

You know wild and game changing but uh its nice to see regular updates coming to the game. So let me know what you think about the update and the patch notes in the comments down below or jump over to our stream im gon na be streaming today and also on friday over on twitch.tv, slash the beard guys and ask me anything. You like over there if youve enjoyed the video and want to help support the channel. You can add our creator code ill put a little advert at the end of the video that you can watch. That tells you how to do that. Its super easy and you only have half to it once and if you do do it, you are an absolute legend. So thanks very much for watching thanks for hanging out hope you have a fantastic day and ill see you next time. I just wanted to drop. You all a quick message to tell you about our pubg creator code as a pubg partner. We have a creator code which you can add to your account, which means, whenever you purchase anything in game pubg, will give us a commission whether youre buying season passes gcoin, bundles or anything else. That requires cash in pubg. If you have our code added, then youll be helping us out without costing yourself a penny extra, its a great way to support the channel, and it really does help keep us making. Pubg content for you, plus its easy to set up and youll only ever have to do it once to add our code first visit, accounts.

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