com and pubg – is here in india, now youre, not watching an old video. This is not about bgmi im talking about pubg new state, the next gen battle royal game. Now this is a game thats all set to launch in india on 11th november, but we got a close nice look at the game thanks to a early look at the cinematic trailer of the game, along with some more videos, so whats new in pubg news state. How is it different to bgmi well, im gon na answer all these questions, but lets start with some action from the cinematic trailer. That was cool right i mean i love the new futuristic sort of world that pubg new state brings see. The game is set in a post, apocalyptic dystopian age in 2051, with new, futuristic technology. First of all, new state comes with a new map called troy, which is basically a destroyed urban city in america in 2051.. Its an 8×8 map with all new places to explore, but there are four locations that should be the popular landing spots. Theres exhibit hall, which is like the heart of troy. Itll probably be the pachinky of this map and it is a wide open air center with different vertical levels, which will make it an interesting area for combat. Then theres, the mall and its a proper mall with escalators and everything. This too has wide spaces and even an open roof for landing, and i think the scout drones, which i will talk about in a bit, will come in really handy here, its also the laboratory with four levels of corridor which gives me school and military base vibes.

I also noticed the bulletproof glass here, which i think should be part of more locations. Another cool location in troy is the trailer park which has all these trailers, and it should be fun, especially with this ramp, which you can jump off to run away, or you know, do some cool stunts and yeah. This ramp brings me to the vehicles in pubg new state. I mean you saw this cool new motorcycle thats, giving me harley vibes, and this is called the vulture. As you can see, it looks really cool and this is a bike that starts off slow, but it does seem to have a nice boost. Another new vehicle is the volta, which is an electric car, thats, futuristic looking and pretty speedy, as you can see in action. Another new electric car is nova, which is also really cool. Looking and theres. Also, this insane looking bike, which is also electric and even the buggy, now is ev and its called evax. Apart from that is the usual uaz in a slightly modified design. Now, coming to the guns, theyre the same, so you still get the m4 dp, m24 groza, etc, and you still get the good old pan now. The new thing here is that you can customize the weapons youll find the customization kits in care packages and, with this youll, be able to say turn the m16a4 into a fully auto weapon. You can also replace the barrel to increase the range of the gun.

In fact, this super cool shot from the cinematic trailer makes me think that youll be able to attach a grenade launcher to any assault rifle now. This weapon customization feature sounds awesome, but im pretty sure therell be some compromises to this. Apart from the guns, theres also a new vest called dyneema west, along with the other usual west, and this is interesting because this brings enhanced protection against five five, six, nine mil and 45 acp ammo. Now this sounds pretty insane, but there is a trade off. This west is sort of weaker against 762 300 magnum and 12 gauge ammo. So, basically, if you get an enemy with an ak or m762 youre done theres, also the new drone store in new state youll find these drone credits as normal drop loot, and you can use these drone credits to buy ammo guns. Anything now i know theres a similar feature in bgmi, but whats different here is that things you buy are delivered by a drone which is kind of fancy, but also quite attention grabbing with this blue flare, so enemies will spot you and they can even destroy the Drones now, apart from that, the drone store has a new green flare gun which lets you revive your dead, teammates plus theres, even a surge drone in the drone store which lets you spot enemies from the air. Now another cool thing in new state is that, apart from the fact that you can revive your teammates, you can also revive enemies with this hand, button and add them to your squad.

Now that is interesting right anyway. Let me talk about the gameplay as well, because i noticed some really cool changes there now. First up when you have a gun in hand, you see the ammo like this right next to the gun. I also noticed footsteps and gunshots on the main screen and not just in the map, which is something you can turn on or off. Apart from this, youll be able to switch between heating options like this, which is something you can also enable and disable the graphics settings have changed a bit too. You can set the graphics up to ultra and the frame rate up to max. You can also choose the graphics api and i also notice a new role button in the controls, so youll be able to roll on the ground to move forward now. Lastly, there are obviously new skins and characters in new state belonging to different factions, like mayhem, hunters, etc. Its all part of the storyline in new state now one big problem that pubg news state is solving for a lot of indian players. Is that youll finally be able to play with players from across the globe, see unlike bgmi, which is limited to india? Pubg new state is a proper global game. Now i know youre wondering this is pubg pubg news state, so wouldnt it get bad. Well, it shouldnt be see. Pubg new state is developed by crafton and pubg studios, theres no tencent here so its all korean, so yeah shouldnt get back anyway, thats whats new, with pubg new state, and i think it looks fun.

I mean it is pubg, so its all the same controls and basics, but i like the new futuristic map, the weapon, customization, the new vehicles and from all the gameplay ive seen. It seems like a more smoother, more optimized game than bgmi, but yeah thats. Something ill have to test when the game arrives. Also, i hope the new state has lesser hackers than vgmi. Well, like i said at the start, pubg news state is launching on both app store and play store on 11th november and its up for pre register. So you can check it out from the links below also tell us how you like this new pubg game, comment down below your thoughts. Also give this video like make sure to share it with other pubg friends of yours and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tech videos.