You Really Need a Hard Case for your DJI Drone!

Everybody one with a drone wants a very good exhausting case, because the drone is an funding. You should purchase the exhausting instances proven on this video right here: Merchandise are within the order proven within the video:








GOPRO three WAY:


White background was a bedsheet 🙂

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  1. very nice case's I have to get one for the spark Thanks for the info

  2. Muito bem feito, Pretty sweet deals on the cheaper ones too. I use a cheap Camera back pack. Holds a MP fly more ,tablet, filters, extra #4 bateria , cables, note book, cell phone and there’s room for more. $35. Us from EBay.

  3. grande revisão ! One thing I look for in a case is if the Mavic Pro or Mavic Air sit beneath the foam. Otherwise if there’s any pressure on the top it could damage the props. Waterproof is definitely the way to go. One thing I have yet to see is a case is one that will fit a landing pad, a tablet, and my mount for the controller (MavMount). If you come across any let me know !

  4. I have the Polar pro hard case for mavic pro

    It's a good case but one of the latches already broke but Polar pro sent me a brand new set

  5. Video legal. I will be investing in a new case. obrigado…..

  6. Hi There. Right here in Quebec Canada there is a company called Plasticase which makes high quality and very durable cases. Além disso, someone has actually made a specialized online store for these hard cases that have customized foam inserts for all kinds of camera gear and DJI drone sets. Store address is

    I am in no way affiliated with these guys. I just live near by and wanted to pass the info.

  7. Those are probably Chinese Clones of the Pelican Cases the Military Uses . Except for the Molded Foam for DJI Products . The Round Spot by the Handle is a Pressure Release Valve for Flying . Very Good Cases . Enjoy Your Video’s .. I Didn’t Hear You Mention That the Cases can be Paddle locked when Traveling ..

  8. I love FreeWell Gear they make some quality stuff! Even some of those cheap Chinese cases for the money are hard to beat (patent infringement and all)

  9. I have the Nanuk case for my mavic pro. Expensive at almost $130 but definitely worth it. Thinking about getting a Phantom 4 pro and the nice hard cases for those are upwards of $200

  10. Harbor freight has various size cases with removable foam blocks so you can set it up anyway you want

  11. Microraptor custom Mavic backpack (not a hardcase), with an ordinarie backpack raincover and you are good to go with all accessories you will need (iPad, tabletholder, filters, landing gear/pad, chargers etc.) and is easy to carry on your back. Use only Pelican hardcases for travel and storage, never usage. Grande revisão de vídeo! thumbs up from Sweden

  12. Isto (from Billy Kyle) might explain why a hard shell case can be handy:

  13. #5 the locks ruin the case, they're not durable, they should have a bit different locking system, so not worth it. Same goes with the #6.

  14. I know there are a lot more cases out there but I think you did a great job on your choices for the review. While you had cases on your mind did you happen to see one for a Monoprice Mini 3D Printer?

  15. Mais uma ótima resenha. I have a Freewell case for my DJI goggles and really like it. I also love GoProfessional cases too and have one for my Phantom 3 Pró, Mavic Pro, and Spark.

  16. Ótimo vídeo, obrigado. I'm on the lookout for one that the batteries can be stored in a flameproof bag (within the case), and the Mavic Air stays in its DJI stock bag (novamente, within the big case). Then this becomes a storage and car/plane bag. And I can pull out the air, still in its little case, to throw in a backpack for walking. Haven't found such a thing yet. Might need to buy one of those cheap pelican copies and cut out the foam to fit.

  17. Looks like that slot next to the controller is ideal for your phone. And maybe on the other slot a phone charger also for the 5th Case. Really functional one, but not really that nice looking.

  18. bela revisão, obrigado. I have a hard case I'm trying to sell, rarely used because my So. Calif environment doesn't need a hard case, I don't fly in the rain or snow much. I prefer backpacks, which are lighter, more configurable, multi-purpose (not just for drones), and hold more gear. This backpack is great for Mavic Pro or smaller drones. Great zipper too! If you get caught in the rain it comes with a water resistant cover for emergencies. $26 = UTF8&PSC = 1

  19. Obrigado!!! I've bought and returned a few cases from Amazon alreadyI wish I had found this video sooner. It's such a lightly covered but extremely important topic!

  20. I use cases that are similar to Pelican ones at a much lower cost. Lifetime guarantee and waterproof. They are hard cases like the last two you showed but have lining inside that can be cut to make the space you need. so if you change model, you can just replace the material inside and keep the same case. I use these for my SLR and drones so that I can keep things in the back of the car and not worry about the cases moving around. Great video showing the options.

  21. Is there any chance that the Spark could accidentally turn on inside the case? I wonder if this has ever happened??? 🤔

  22. Nooooo! Only for big drones, not theese you consider here! You will loose portability! Ridiculous! Better a simple hard shell for drones, radio and a reflex bag not hard and small! You will loose a lot of space with theese bags! In my manfotto bag I can put Mavic, Pró, Ar, Anafi and accessories like Epson Moverio too and not big at all! Manfrotto are the best bags in the world and all tropicalized

  23. And this is the best to go flying for Mavic Pro or Air DO NOT WASTE SPACE!

  24. GPC, go professional cases. From San Diego, Calif. Military grade, à prova d'água, automatic ambient pressure relief valve. The one for the spark cost $70, holds the fly more package, 5 baterias.

  25. Im a bit late to the party but….its beyond me why someone would buy such a big bulky case for a compact drone. One of the best features of the Air is is compact size and throwing it in a backpack and always have it with you.

  26. I'm bored At work. Really hard to fl. I'm a noob

  27. You can use the Pelican 1200 which fits in a backpacksee my recent review for Mavic 2 zoom

  28. I put all my stuff in a Lowepro backpack. Inside I fit my DSLR body, two DSLR lenses, 3 Batteries and charging equimpment for the DSLR, an action cam, 3 action cam batteries and charging kit, the Mavic Pro Fly More Combo, 3 Mavic Batteries, the controller, ND-Filters, spare-props, memory-cards, a 14" ultrabook and a 10" tablet, charging equipment for them and a mouse. All this stays under 55x40x20cm, so it is qualified as carry-on luggage with most airlines. And I can fix a tripod on the outside. And if the rain comes, it also offers a waterproof backpack-cover built in. Already south-east-asian monsoon approved 😉 Needless to say, a backpack is much more convenient to carry than a suitcase or shoulder bag. Hiking, (motor)biking and even climbing is no problem.

  29. Key words. Water proof and water resistant. 😂👌

  30. Hello I have the DJI Spark combo and going to be getting the mavick air combo the only thing is that I don't wanna carry 2 cases. I was hoping maybe you can provide me a direction in where or if they make a case that is compact enough to carry both drones and all its accessories. I see many cases for individual drone but I don't see any cases compact enough to hold them both if you have any ideas or any direction it would be greatly appreciated thank you so much.

  31. I know that you are not known for straightforward answers to these kind of questions. But I will give it a shot anywayIf you had to choose a top of the line pelican case or a top of the line freewell. What one would it be. ?

  32. I’ve got a peli storm im2050 for my Magic Air. Safe, waterproof and small enough for travelling.

  33. All Nice cases, but the biggest flaw is why dont they have a compartment for a notebook!

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