WiFi vs Occusync Test – DJI Mavic Pro & Mavic Air

Is the WiFi on the brand new Mavic Air actually any good in relation to working round objects that trigger sign interference?

DJI Mavic Air: https://amzn.to/2HDeC3Q
Rodas Mavic profissional DJI: https://amzn.to/2JMRLn7
GoPro Hero 5: https://amzn.to/2JNmccX
TASCAM DR - 10L: https://amzn.to/2HCl1wh
Chapéu de GoPro: https://amzn.to/2H2lHJY

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  1. Another question iFix computers and phones for a living and I'm a computer / network engineer.

    Has anyone tried to put their phone in airplane mode and then turn on Wi-Fi..

    This could definitely stop interference.

    Also make the Mavic air Auto reconnect in the rest of the Wi-Fi manual reconnect..

    I've seen tons of videos of mavic air going almost 3 miles out without any problems only a couple of glitches..

    Also has anyone tried those special reflective things that make the antenna stronger? I heard if you get a good one it makes a big difference..

  2. Very good video Captain drone! I found it very interesting! the mavic air didn't do too bad at all!! 😁

  3. Try to do that at the city !! Its a pain in the ass

  4. We tried using these to film a house and go around it with trees nearby adjacent to neighboring yards. Air sputtered and stuttered often on the video feed. MP was fine. In urban or suburban areas the Air has a little more of a trying time with transmission. More like the Spark which is what it really should be classified as.

    What's funny is guys that post the comparisons on FB's MA/MP group, those moderators delete them. They also remove any posts of consumer Q's when asking comparisons and refer them to the DJI spec sites. ri muito

  5. Was the mavic air in FCC mode or CE mode? In FCC the result of the mavic air is much better. Mavic air in FCC is the perfect drone. The higher moise of the air is because of the props, hope DJI will release silent probs soon. Also had the mavic pro, but the air is a much better performing drone. The only advantage on the pro is, less noise, better range en little bit longer fly time. But for the rest the air beets the pro whitout a doubt.

  6. when you lunch the mavic on RC, must have the wifi on on telephone?

  7. Air 5.8g is stronger than pro, on the others hand, 2.4g is weaker than pro!

  8. What’s the difference between ocusync and wifi. Also how do you know if your on ocusync?

  9. Consider reperforming this test once the trees are full of leaves. I would like to see the impact of the foliage. Amo seus vídeos.

  10. Coming from somebody who's had both, if you want a rock solid signal, go with the pro. I sold my air and got a pro because i was sick of the interference. I should have just gotten the pro in the beginning.

  11. Good video but what worries me isn't so much natural objects like that, but instead other WiFi signals. I live in a city and if I fly in local parks there are bound to be lots of WiFi signals to interfere. My P3P never has an issue with this. The Mavic Air looks awesome, but ultimately, its too expensive to buy only to find it might suffer in these conditions.

  12. Janet airlines I can tell u I try both in my city in same distance so many times! Did u know air has enhanced WiFi , a 5.8 signal reached 31 dbm , that is the strongest signal !
    Okey, may be this is my own test! I just
    want to share my information, it’s no big deal, just relax!

  13. I’ve been thinking about the Mavic Air, however the noise is bumming me out quite a bit. I will probably wait and see what the Mavic Pro 2 is capable of, however if DJI tries to get by with the same unprotected camera and gimbal that would be a no go for me. If they can take the time to protect the camera and gimbal on the Air I would expect no less from an upgraded Pro 2. If they don’t get it right I might be looking at the Evo instead, you know that ghost quadcopter.

  14. What a dumb Ass, look at the environment and surrounding you're doing this test in. Forest ? What forest ? Most stupid test ever

  15. Try that in the summer when there are leaves on the trees and you may have a diff out comeDon't understand why they made the Mavic air without Ocusyncif you want a small WiFi dronei would buy the spark before i would buy the mavic air The Air costs as much as the mavic proand the pro is much better than the Air

  16. just bought a DJI Mavie Pro, so I REALLY appreciate ALL of your videos. Obrigado. in fact you are one of the reasons I purchased the Mavie Pro, VR's the Phantom 3 Standard or the Air. obrigado.

  17. honestly didn't expect much difference betwen the two. but thank you for the video

  18. Yours is truly a valuable review. Very informative and among the best I've seen. I'm in the process of choosing/buying a DJI drone and one of my requirements is a very strong link with a drone that could fly to a theoretical distance of 5.8 kms and back. I believe the MP Platinum is the only game in town for my budget. I like your review because you chose a wooded area as a fly-over obstacle and then reduced the altitude to 10 m to assess signal strength. You proved that Occusync is the stronger link, precisely what I need because I will be flying over a forest. Thumbs up captain.

  19. NYC has really strong interference. The spark and mavic air barely pass a 1000ft. The air can reach around 1500 ft on a good day and the spark with range boosters. Though the boosters don't do much for the mavic air.

    The interference even hinders the mavic pro, usually reaching around 3000ft, which isn't even a mile. They can all go further once in a while on a good day.

  20. How did you record the controller video? Was that Litchi?

  21. Now try that in the spring or summer with leaves on the trees!

  22. it is possible to fly a drone without wifi?

  23. I bought the Air Fly More combo sight unseen some weeks after launch on the basis of price and the camera quality. I knew about the Wifi connection but I thought that DJI would have developed it sufficiently so that perhaps it was going to drop the more expensive Occusync in subsequent models? I still can't really figure why they withheld Occusync from the Air. The spark is essentially a close range device compared to Mavics and Phantoms, but why inflict even "enhanced" wifi on such a more capable drone as the MavAir? Beggars belief.
    Inside maybe 8+ weeks of getting the Air, the Pro had dropped in price to be considerably less than the AirFlyMore (the bare Pro, no extras) and the temptation was too muchso now I have the P4, and two Mavics that are so very different from each other.
    Findings are on the basis of very little comparison opportunitythe Air's marvelously compact to carry if a simple one-battery flight's all that's needed BUTit's noisy as hell and the wifi connection I find worries me. The combination of that, its noise and how the Pro flies (and sounds!) would have been enough to make me buy the Pro instead, had I the chance to fly both before buying either. Without a doubt it'd have been the Pro despite its fragile gimbal and I'd not have the Air at all.
    But the chance to try things out before purchase just isn't there. So different from buying a car or a mo'cycle…. Yet these things despite being lesser buys than those items are still a major slice out of anyone's earnings!

  24. Very nice test you made ! Obrigado.

    I do not know why DJI did not use occusync at Mavic Air as well !!
    If a system is doing great, why not using it ?
    Okey, Mavic Air does not need to go 7 km away like the Mavic Pro , but at least it would have more solid connection even behind near obstacles.

  25. That’s DONUTOPERATOR theme song

  26. Great Test. My Mavic Air could not achieve a distance like that through trees. I can only get 150 meters in a none wifi congested area in either 2.4g or 5.8g with straight line of sight. Sent my Air back and getting is looked at.

  27. Do you think the air will get ocusync

  28. Can that be a softwear upgrade

  29. your antenna facing up not facing the drone

  30. I know I'm late coming on here. I got the Air thinking it could do the same as the pro. But I found out after the order went in that it was Wi-Fi which was a big let down. I can get up to 3000 feet flying by the Sea. I'm now looking for ways to get a better range and I know I will in the end. Not sure why people are on about the noise from the Air, it's not that bad and I'm coming from the DJI Spark. Deus abençoe. Eamon.

  31. Yeah heard that the air wifi was a little hit and miss. This vid did justify what i had heard. Felicidades

  32. I bet if there were leaves on those trees, the results would be way different.

  33. Better test would be trees with leaves MUCH more moisture to block signal.

  34. Background noisy music unnecessary and irritating

  35. I actually don't have a problem with your test, is perfecly valid for the point you set out to make. Come the summer and leaves on the trees/ folliage, and I bet it will be more challenging for both systems, particularly the MA on 5.8ghz. Regards 🙂

  36. How do you post what appears in your smartphone screen?

  37. Anyone had much experience with adding a range extender on the Air? I love my Air for portability but the video looses connection more often than not.
    EDITAR: I'm referring to some thing like 4hawks or ITELITE SPARKWAVE DUO LONG RANGE EXTENDER FOR DJI MAVIC 2, MAVIC AIR AND DJI SPARK (sorry its a cut and paste, I'm not yelling!)

  38. Dieses Video zeigt Magic Airr nicht kaufen

  39. Anybody else think they were watching a donut operator video at the beginning?

  40. This was an excellent test, bom trabalho

  41. 基本上在市區更本就無法飛遠不是失敗的產品是什麼

  42. 而且畫面 lag 控制反應慢常常失聯難道買了只能在偏僻的地方飛嗎?!

  43. I’d be more than happy for DJI to have included the older phantom 3 adv/pro models lightbridge tech instead of dealing with the unreliability of wifi and signal loss.

    2018/19 and DJI managed to release and sell WIFI drones to their customers

  44. I'm new to cameras & drones.
    Could someone explain to me what Occusync is? Do i have to be within range of a wifi connection to use the mavic air?

  45. You can't see the trees 🌲 through the forest 🌳. Sorry couldn't resist.

  46. My mavic zoom range is cut short, i can go to 3500 ft then my control signal shows red no signal. Is it the plug in pc and update firmware? I all i did is unbox, charge then set to max range 8000m 2.4 /5.8ghz HD mode, wat im missing? Parabolics not working either. Im by the beach area too, so widely open sand and seas. Ajuda! Ty.

  47. Graças para o vídeo. Just curious, do you get any issues with the Mavic Air batteries from the cold? Felicidades.

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