This is alex i’m here with eric our big friend and fpv drone pilot professional drum pilot from the dronus. He has his own brand. He develops his own drones, he’s a pro overall in the fp world. We have no idea, so we thought that we could record his reactions, his feelings and what he actually thinks about the new dji activator. So no we’re, talking i’m gon na give him the mic and we’re gon na have some fun. This interview was made in spanish and, as we don’t have professional voice over resources. Bem, it’s just gon na be my voice over his and it was filmed before the drone launch. So this is why some things we don’t really know how they work Music. I expect this drone to be super easy to fly and, claro, the biggest problem that fpp don’t have. Is that big learning curve, claro, but dj i’m pretty sure, as they have done on the mavics it’s, going to be something super easy to fly for everyone? Música? When touching this drone it’s a very compact droneand it reminds me a lot like the mavicthe arms are made out of plastic, which i don’t know is gon na, be interesting to see how it resists impact. I see nice motors, i see nice lights. What i also see is the battery is really really big, é, a pretty heavy drone, and i also see this camera on the gimbal and i’m very curious to see how this behaves in the air.

For now i have a good feeling, but i just have a ton of questions. Let’S see what happens Laughter is, i can see battery percentage time, esquerda, satellites and speed and overall, a much better ost. Okey, Music is wow. This is super strange guys, i’m flying like a mavic, but in an fpv version i don’t know this is super crazy Music. This is strange for me, as i’m, really used to the fpv mode like like the real effect. The video quality is super super good and dj is very well known for this, with their digital systems. Música, but what’s. Super strange is that the throttle stick is always like centered that’s super strange. The camera is always looking at the horizon, which doesn’t really allow me to understand exactly how i’m flying and i’m just seeing the letter h in the goggles and that’s exactly the point where we took off this is so fast it’s super crazy, but it’s super strange Strangest thing, i’ve tested in my life and these limitations, angle and tilt are super strange, Música, Isto é. So strange i mean crazy. This mode is like flying a mavic, but with goggles and faster, the video quality is awesome and the drone reacts much faster than a regular mavic una reaction activated. How fast can this drone get 140 kmh, Nada mau. Let me see how this drone stops. It’S super slow turning around what a nice take by dji Music pilot is completely different from what we’re used to, mas é, Não é mau de todo, Nada mau.

You got ta, be super smooth hold on it’s, saying low battery how to return to home in four sec. How do i cancel press start start to cancel come on wait i don’t even know how to go up or down i’m pressing down all the way make sure the drone is cooling great, but in sport mode i can’t really feel the full potential can i put It in aggro let’s go ahead, put it in there, let’s go apart Music, what a strange acro, it’s aggro, but it’s still hovering and stabilized Music wait. Let me see this movement. A normal sport, steam manual, switch to manual mode use. The control stick to move the cursor to the green line, switch it to manual mode. ó, Que diabo. Now it is it’s acro, so it still has some stabilization. It has a lot of sensitivity and does some strange moves. Há, like an ia telling me hey it’s like an acro, but keep it easy, but super cool. This mode is something kind of similar to our fpv m Music cool to switch from that strange and limited acro to a sport mode. My it’s good, mas é, strange there’s, like someone saying hey don’t, do this, like i don’t, know limited. I feel like something strange. If i told you before, it was like more like a mavic now i say it’s closer to an fpv drone, though we finally found out to really unlock the full acro mode, completely manual, with no limitations and now we’re going to fly it.

My buddy christian will follow me with his fpv drone and let’s see what happens Music, my Music Applause, Aplausos musicais, Música, we’re flying now guys in full acrobat with no limitations whatsoever. Is this is 100 accurate. Agora, sim, now it is. Ladies and gentlemen, follow me christian Music, foreign Music. ó, oh guys! This is incredible. It flies so great in acro, é, é, so strong. It has power the putoya Music Applause, sim, but the rules are strange because the camera tries to correct the image. Somehow it has an acro which is not exactly the same actress ours but it’s very similar. It has some kind of delay in the gimbal, but it honestly looks very similar, i’m orbiting now christian Applause. Now this is the real acro guys, Música, something up guys. I really liked a lot that dji gives you a full combo, o zangão, o controlador, the goggles charger and batteries. As in the real fpv world. We got ta purchase everything separately and that may be complicated. I think it’s a super good tool to introduce people into the fpv world, as you can fly it from day, one meaning you with no idea at all about fpv in the real world, you can use sensors and a stabilized flight you’re, doing like a guided fpv, Which will help people to get into the fpv world and the best part, claro, if you’re interested to develop as a pilot, there’s full manual mode, with no assistance that looks really similar to a real acura mode.

Perfeito, you feel like you’re flying on top of the drone, and i didn’t lose the signal at any moment. The drone is very strong and the battery gives you a ton of flight time for its agility. This is why i believe that this is a super top product, i believe for a newbie it’s the perfect product. Well guys. I really hope that you enjoyed this video. It was important to bring someone really professional in the fpu or like eric from the duronus. You have this link in the description if you want to know a little bit what he does, how he builds his drones, everything that he is doing enter the link, and it was important for us to see the full potential of this drone uh. We had a lot of fun.