PARTE 2 – A verdade Real sobre a DJI MAVIC ar vs MAVIC PRO câmera comparação

Is there a BIG distinction between the Mavic Air and Mavic Professional cameras?

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  1. Thank you Capitain Drone , this is the best image quality comparison I found on my extensive research ! Ótimo ! One thing though is that in the image comparison Mavic pro vs. Ar . The mavic Pro uses the Jpg compresion while the air uses the dng . You can see it watching the cylinder bush in the background. The color and the compression is quite different / aggressive in the Mavic Pros JPG.

  2. To compare a drone camera static, makes no sense, second at least in the UK and I believe in the US night flying for amateurs is illegal, so night images are immateral ….. the stabilizer between the Pro and Air and lens makes the difference

  3. What's your honest opinion if you had to have a Mavic air, or a mavic pro and you had to choose between them which one would you take?

    And what if they were roughly the same price.

  4. One HUGE difference in my opinion is that the camera and gimbal on the Mavic Air is so much more better protected that the one on the Pro, I’ll bet the Mavic Pro 2 will fix this issue. There is no real excuse not to fix it and give it better durability.

  5. You seem like an excellent photographer do you have any camera settings video for the Mavic Pro

  6. Ótimo vídeo. Pergunta rápida. I lost my Phantom 3 Pro recently. One of the motors locked up in flight and down she came. I tried the Mavic air, sent it back. Battery life was very short. Especially after flying a Phantom two years, it felt like a toy. I'm in the market for a Mavic Pro, however wondering if I should wait for the new Mavic Pro 2. I'm with out a drone now, should I wait for the next Mavic Pro? Will there be much difference in them? WHEN will we see it? obrigado!

  7. Finally somebody who gives it to you straight thank you so much I was on the verge of buying the Mavic air even though I already have the promo and new inspire personally I think I’m gonna go ahead and get the spark because the air is just not a big enough improvement for me to spend almost another thousand dollars when I already have the Mavic pro. I am still learning about the NG and raw and JPEG on my Mavic pro would greatly appreciate if you could take a second check my channel out let me know what you think of some of the footage and how I can make it even better could definitely use a professional opinion if you happen to like my videos I could definitely use another subscriber as I am now however I know someone with your skill level probably would not be interested however I will continue to follow your channel as I feel this channel is the one channel that I learned the most from thanks again

  8. Interesting the pro is keeping up at the lower bit rate over the air

  9. Mavic Pro struggles with aliasing and oversharpening. Immediately prefer the air's image.

  10. I have the pro and I'm not selling but I would've got the Air just because the camera and gimbal are more protected

  11. Mavic Pro (&Platinum) is BAD because of the terrible gimbal. Look up gimbal issues with Mavic Pros.

    Mavic Air is 100% better than Mavic Pro (mainly due to the bad gimbal on Mavic Pros & Platinums). I purchased the Platinum a month ago, and the gimbal broke 2 week into it. Now the arm is broken. The Air is, até agora, much better overall (but I understand occusync vs enh wifi). Com o que disse, there’s only two super portable DJI drones worth buying: Mavic Air and Mavic 2. Don’t buy Mavic Pro/Platinum.

  12. Magic air shoots 120fps in 1080p though 😉

  13. After using the Mavic Air for a 3 days and Pro Platinum for a month, I have my analysis:

    If it wasn’t for the terribly fragile gimbal on the Mavic Pros/Platinums, the Mavic Pro/Plat is a superior drone to the Mavic Air. Occusync, alcance, vida útil da bateria, quieter noise, more wind resistance are all the reason for Mavic Pro/Plat. Contudo, the gimbal issues are so prevalent, that, if my only choice was between the Mavic Pro and Air, I would have to go with the Mavic Air, because, without a functioning gimbal, nothing else really matters.

    So I’ve had the MP Platinum for a month now and the gimbal is broken. And I am testing out the Air. I prefer the Mavic Platinum, but I can’t spend another grand to take a chance on the gimbal (unless the price goes down to $500). I will need to wait for the Mavic 2.

    As for Occusync vs eWifi, I saw a big difference in the connection. Lots of connection issues with WiFi whereas with Occusync, I didn’t have any issues. There was a big difference.

  14. ótimo vídeo! Obrigado por compartilhar!

  15. good thing u got a gopro in the background..
    what has better cinematic shots….the gopro hero 6 black or the mavic pro? or is the mavic wayy too good to compare to gopro!

  16. DJI have the option of 100% connection reliability Lightbridge and Occusync and they choose to use good ol reliable WIFI on their new 2018 Mavic Air…Thanks DJIHow to deem a drone useless? Use WIFI

  17. Example here with the mavic Air :
    eu amo isso !

  18. That explains a lot for me. I was trying to take some low light photos with my Air and having trouble getting a good photo. I needed to be in jpg. I was shooting in raw. obrigado, your help is always useful.

  19. i dunno manthe contrast on the pro is next level, it's sharper and the colours are more natural

    and im on a cheap 2k LG panel with a completely ignorant and unskilled pair of eyes

  20. yep. that's a proper review Captain! myths busted! – Some prefer "kind of softnes and maybe more natural AIR's image" some others preffer much sharper (can be smoothed) and also more detailed image of the PRO, Occusync, and 2x better flight times, as well as almost 1 stop brighter lens. I own a spark and I am totally happy of what I've got, but If I had to choosenew Air or used Pro (1St a gen) I would personally go for the PRO.

  21. I’m really glad that I found this video 🙂

  22. I’m convinced the Mavic Pro is my drone of choice 😎👍

  23. Oi. Primeiro, Eu amo seus vídeos. First rate👍 Secondly, based on your video I’ve purchased a Refurbished Mavic Pro. I hope I won’t be disappointed. Any advice for getting started on the right foot — or is it the Left? — would be appreciated. Obrigado. Slade

  24. Watching your comparison video again because it’s so informative and helpful. BTW, have you or might you make a comparison video between the Mavic Pro vs the Phantom 4?

  25. This is the video I've been looking for for the past week! I was torn between buying the Mavic Air or Pro and I finally made a decision after watching your video. Obrigado!

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