I just wanted to make this video in response to some drama that was created over my x20 video about the possibility of dji working with the x20, and i also wanted to give you guys some follow up information because that’s what this channel is all about. It’S not about creating drama or trying to stir up hateful comments that joshua bardwell might have started. I woke up this afternoon to or this this morning to a bunch of comments like hateful comments like oh man, click bait, this clickbait that um, you know uh just bashing total drone camps, contusão, tão hum. I just want to tell you guys that uh, the video thumbnail was all about. Are they working with dji question mark, so we’re speculating what fr sky is doing with the x 20 line? As far as the hd transmitter is concerned, with that real time view monitor, that’s a touch screen, monitor on there and go back and watch that review, because it’s a really thorough and fantastic review full of content. No matter what some people may say about my style of reviews or whatever the guys that are on the channel. That already, like the reviews, know that i engage with you guys and make comments with you guys back and forth, and all the content is directed mostly towards the beginner and intermediate people in the fpv community. I don’t go too far into the trenches of things, but i like to sort of keep it simple on the channel and try to to do my own thing and i’ll tell you guys.

I am living in oregon and i mean you know: i’ve got my beads on here. We we don’t, create a lot of drama over here and um. We definitely don’t like put people on blast on the internet or try to defame people, especially other peers in our community it’s. Just not really something i would ever do make a title of a video about some other channel, basically defaming them, while making myself look better. É., just not my it’s, just not my style, caras bem, and it was really hurtful to see that video, because i feel, como você sabe, i’ve been in this drone thing since around the beginning of the craze, um and and so has joshua. And i respect him as a reviewer. I respect his titles that he does create too. He has a lot of best this and best that uh best fpv goggles, hum, five inch, quad and so on. Go back and look at some of his videos there’s a lot of best of in there. A lot of reviewers do best of videos so that we can narrow it down to what’s the best in a certain category. It might not mean um the best in the universe, because there’s so many different subgenres in the fpv community and each different quad is, i mean there’s, so many different classes of quads, então um sim. But you know it’s been all really hurtful today for me. Um, getting a lot of hateful messages comments on that video i’m reading.

Você sabe – and i think one of the biggest things about youtubers is that you have to realize that we are people too and um sometimes uh. You know it is. It is really hurtful and um, you know it’s about a little after four today and i haven’t really done anything except answer a bunch of comments and try to comment back and sort of try to defend myself um. I did say in the very beginning of that video supposed to work with dji. The hd version is supposed to work with dji systems. Então, um, you know i haven’t tested it yet and other people haven’t. The video thumbnail is about creating interest in the in that video, specifically yes, to find out what the specifics may be and engage in it and talk about it. Um, a lot of people are speculating a bunch of different systems, but for this video update, i did want to update you guys that um dji will not be working with the x 20 series hd edition um. I did get a confirmation from freesky today and i you know, like i said in the video i do talk to them um and i was told that it will not be that particular system, so um that is kind of a a bummer for me that dji Digital fpv will not be available on the x20, so um that sucks, but i’ve also got where that from other people um that it may be free, skye’s own hd system, whatever that may be it’s speculation again um.

So you know don’t go saying a bunch of things i say are factual or whatever um. You know people will kind of take things on the internet and and twist it around. You know which way they want and um for joshua to do that it’s. Just like. Eu não conheço o homem., i just i just wonder if he needs attention today or something i mean i don’t, i don’t ever engage in this kind of drama and i know i’ve seen it before in our community and man. Some people can get super nasty and fans, and followers are loyal to certain channels and other people only watch certain reviews. Some people don’t watch my reviews because they think i’m this or they think i’mthat some people don’t watch josh’s reviews because they think he’s this or that so um yeah it’s. Just your own opinion on who, you think is the most honest and valid on on their channel um, but at the end of the day i mean i don’t think that anyone in our community directly is lying to you guys about this product or that product. When i get a new quad, i don’t know what it’s going to do when i first fire it up man i have quads. I have piles of quads that are in the storage boxes that never even made it to review because they were so poorly tuned that i and i couldn’t even tune it um and i can tune.

I can tune just about any quad um, but when they have extreme mechanical problems, and things like that, like sometimes they don’t even make it to review but um when i say something’s the best. That means it’s the best um at the current time that the video is made in that certain sub genre that the best and it’s also referring to uh the types of binding flies that we get so not necessarily going to be the best, such as a custom Catalyst machine works, build you know, é, like top echelon, stuff here, tbs frames and also super good, and you know the the squirt and other frames out there. They’Re custom in the trenches type of frames, um very well thought out designs by many respected developers and and engineers, so um yeah in the binafly category. It just depends on that particular that particular quad and the components on there the way they fly the way they feel. If i see jello up high, we always talk about that on the channel and um. How will they cinema were they freestyle? Would they do both um? So many factors come into play here so um with this current thing, that’s going on, i just kind of wish it would um kind of go away a little bit. I did lose some subscribers today and i’m. Very sorry that some of you guys um take josh’s twist on this. Como você sabe, something that made you mad about me and i’m.

Eu sou.. Truly sorry for that um and some people read the thumbnail as me saying they are working with dji, but i didn’t say that there’s question marks on that thumbnail. Are they working with dji, so it’s very um, Música, very questionable that’s? What the whole point of the thumbnail is is to create a question about this new x20 hd system, então um sim, so i’m wondering i’m wondering like you are and i’m. I was really hoping that it would be working with dji. Então, um, you know that’s a bummer that i do have clarification from directly from the source that it’s not actually going to be dji, so that’s that’s a bummer um, but you know i’m, just bummed today, um for so many reasons and i’m, just kind of taking The wind out of my sails to wake up and see like another one of my peers, just totally put me on blast and um that sucks, Você sabe, it’s really really hurtful and um. I hope that does not continue. I know there’s gon na be people out there just hate on me anyway, just because you’re, a public figure and there’s. You know if you put all this in a lineup, not everybody’s gon na, like everybody standing there in the lineup um, but i will say that i respect every single person in our community um from uav futures all the way down to um some of my favorites That have smaller channels like um albert kim.

Você sabe, Eu acho, he’s a great resource as well and and we’re all a great resource, we’re all bringing all kinds of content information to you, guys um the best we canand you know not one reviewer smarter than the other one um, because we all know Things and do things that not everybody does on different channels, so we all bring something different and new to the table um and we all share a little bit of different information. So if you watch all these reviews together, you’ll find out that, like you’ll find little tidbits of information from every different reviewer that maybe you didn’t learn from another channel so um, i can’t say everything about a quad and sometimes joshua might follow up with a video That gives you another handful of information that i didn’t say that you didn’t know that you learned about so it’s great to have a diversity in our community and um. You know i don’t feel like anyone is doing anything different versus my channel to to flight test or wrote a riot um. All of us working on youtube for full time. Content, é que é, very challenging and um youtubers have to think about how to put a spin on things to engage our audience, and you know that will be called click bait in certain instances. Um, but mostly what the youtuber does is try to create content that sparks interest uh for that possible viewer. So it is kind of a um kind of an art form, so sometimes it works, and sometimes it causes blow back like in this instance it’s being misconstrued.

As something else in that video, i actually do say supposed to work with in the very beginning of that video, so um and then from the rest of the video on. We just went into the specs and really um got deep into the ethos system operating system. On that radio, but man, i love that radio. I think the x20 series is super nice, hum, é, Legal, that it’s dual band and all that jazz um and a possibility of working with some type of hd system. I mean as far as f4s guys freeze guys marketing they needed to come up with something for the last six months to a year, because jumper and radiomaster and some of these four in one multi protocol module radios, are around the 100 para 200 price point and They’Re, you know kind of like eating a huge slice of the pie out of fr. Sky’S income, so they’ve been working in development to try to create something new for you guys. Even a new operating system. Um that looks super nice and shiny and ethos is, is maybe the future of uh taranis radios and i think that’s cool they’re bringing a lot of new cool stuff to us. So i just wanted to share that with you guys and bring some positive light to all of your day and and really not really not way too much in into the negativity on the internet so um. I appreciate you on the channel.

I appreciate you subscribing and uh following me and uh. You know supporting me on the channel and and all my patreons and all that stuff too, because um no matter what i try to, i try to bring you detailed and engaging content and uh. You know again like before i end this, like i had last year, was one of the years. Worst years of my life i lost you know i lost a lot last year and um still getting over that so um but i’m doing better this year, Eu sou. Doing great this year and uh, you know i’m, a single dad and uh. I sleep right next to my kids here. This is my kids bunk beds right there and um yeah man i’m, just trying to do the best. I can like everybody else on the internet. So i appreciate all you guys and uh really thank you thank you for watching and and supporting drone camps and uh yeah. I hope that people don’t continue to do that to me in the future. It is pretty hurtful and uh it’s, not very nice, so anyway, caras um, i hope you’re having a great day and uh you’re doing some flying today and uh you’re not falling too much into fpv drama but take care. Everybody i’ll see you on the next one.