Let me explain so insta360 sent me this camera to test how it performs on a fpv drone, and you know what i did. I crashed it on my first flight and scratched the one inch mod lens. So this is the reason why you’ll see a blurry spot in a few shots depending on the background. But in my defense it was a technical error on the drone, so not my fault, but the main reason why i’m angry is because i didn’t record the crash. So guys always be filming. I really wanted to show you what happened since it was a pretty rough crash, so i was actually positively surprised that there was no other damage and at least i can confirm that this camera has a good, build quality and it’s pretty crash resistant, and since it Has a modular system: all you need to do is to replace the damaged module it’s, not the cheapest solution, but it’s there. You can use different components to build up or upgrade your camera, and also the modular system of course makes it future proof you can quickly and simply change it from being a 5.3 k1 inch sensor, size camera to a 360 action camera or into whatever they decide To come up with in future, e sim, even though it’s a modular system it’s waterproof, you can go up to five meter underwater, so i felt safe flying above the snow, the weather, pretty much sucked this week, i had only a few hours of sun, so most Of the shots are done in cloudy conditions, and this is why the colors won’t look as good as they do in sonic conditions, and another thing i wanted to do is to compare insta360 with gopro hero 9 by flying them both on the fpv drone.

Ao mesmo tempo, so my friend has a 3d printer and he designed this mount for me, but the hole was a bit too small, so i tried to fix it and the result was i broke it and there was no time to print another one. So i tried to fix it with a super glue and all i managed to do is to glue my fingers together fun times, but you know what they say never give up. I still managed to get some cool content and, in this video i’ll share my experience with flying insta 360 1r camera on a fpv drone i’ll cover how the 360 module and the one inch sensor mod performed and i’ll also share my thoughts on how it compares To gopro hero9 let’s cover the 360 mod first, it enables you to capture your story from unique perspectives. The way i mounted it on the fv drone is with an aluminium extension arm that you can get on amazon when mounted on the drone. It looks ridiculous like a flying. Giraffe, i mean, looks really funny, but the result is fantastic. The footage definitely stands out. You can’t do freestyle with this setup because it’s too front heavy, i tried to do a roll and it was catchy a lot of prop wash happened, but the stabilization in 360 mod actually worked insanely good. So if you’re cruising around without doing any flips and rolls your drone should handle it easily, the image quality is good best in sunny conditions.

É claro, i’ve also tested it in a low light. After sunset, clouds covered most of the sky, and this is why the colors look so dull and empty. There was no proper lighting, but the image quality is still very usable. Infelizmente, i didn’t have the nd filters for this dual lens mod that’s. Why the props look so weird? I had to crank up the shutter speed to expose it properly, but i had the nd filters for the one inch mod and you can get nd filters for every mod on the official insta 360 Web site. I like the image that comes out of the one inch mod. It has a lot of detail because of the bigger sensor and also a great dynamic range and a solid performance in low light. How good is the stabilization you ask? Bem, na minha opinião, hyper smooth on gopro 9 is slightly better, but i was positively surprised with how good insta360 stabilization is as well. The footage you’re watching right now was shot in a very strong wind. The drone was struggling. A lot of shaking happening, mas, como você pode ver, the footage is smooth, so don’t worry one hour. Stabilization is really good. Oh and my settings when flying were 5.3k 30 frames per second shutter, 60 iso 100 and a super view angle, and i used the insta360 standard nd filters regarding color science, it’s good. I mean no matter what camera you use in such cloudy conditions.

The colors just won’t pop out and compared to gopro, i think the colors it’s personal preference, not too much of a difference. Na minha opinião, de qualquer maneira, you can color grade both to your desire and achieve the same look, but i still have mixed feelings with insta360, Porque, sim, most of the time it produces gorgeous colors with amazing dynamic range. But what annoys me that, in certain situations you get this violet color fringing and i mean if you think that i did something wrong and if you know for a solution, please do comment below this video. I mean this is what youtube is all about, helping each other so yeah. Let me know now let’s talk about what i don’t like number one touchscreen because of the modular design, it’s smaller, which makes it a little more difficult to scroll around, especially in the mountains with freezing fingers. It’S not really touch friendly. I frequently struggled to change the settings. Contudo, you also have an app which enables you to see live preview and adjust settings easily. So at the end of the day, não é um grande negócio. Second thing i don’t, like is the camera weight, because both insta 360 one inch, mod and gopro hero 9 are very heavy, not a problem on a 7 inch quad, but far from optimal for flying on a cineboop or even on a 5 inch racing. Quad extra weight drains the battery faster and i got around 1 minute less flight time.

Contudo, insta360 recently released a new camera smo 4k, which is a stripped down version of the insta360 1r 4k mod, and i might give it a go because it looks very promising. And if you flew with the smo 4k already comment below. And let us know about your experience, so should you get an insta 360 or a gopro for doing cinematic fpv? Bem, your decision is going to be based on what’s, more important to you and which camera system you prefer. If you need a future proof modular camera that can shoot action, video and a 360 video one r is the winner insta360 one inch mod also has a slightly better video quality and a better dynamic range, but gopro wins in the stabilization category. And if you have a gopro hero9, the 5k image quality is not far behind, na minha opinião, for doing freestyle fpv, it really doesn’t matter what camera you use you get a similar result from both, but for doing cinematic fpv the option to get buttery smooth footage With real steady is huge, so in 80 situations i will go with gopro and for 360 footage i will go with insta360 because of the smaller sized form.