Take a look at this new lethal Hell Drone Degree 10 with Soultaker Degree 10 ▻ SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/SubscribeCyanex ▻ Observe me on: Twitter: …


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  1. 3:35 They pissed their pants after hearing Helldrone's Laugh so they ran backwards like in the movies.

    pin if you agree

  2. What's that item witch shoots fire not helldrone

  3. Looks like a fortnight skin but I hate fortnight

  4. Hello cyanex can you accept my friend request please My name is Amanjot Singh

  5. Hi everyone if any of u guys a good website for me to get loads of dimonds and credits for gangster vegas could u comment below plz thx guys


  7. Cynex, I have no big gun can you send me one of your favourite big gun. My facebook account is Sabera Khatun . And I am from bangladesh .

  8. Didn't knew this game was still alive and so was your monetization

  9. please please send me a hxr bike lvl 3 my name is LIGHTYAGAMI18092004 please and make a challenge video

  10. Ei,i chellange you in my custom room your sqad v/s my sqad.send me friend reqest(anuj61999).i want to kill you

  11. You are like Raven for fortnute like it

  12. Plz send me some cool weapons and Guns Also Drone

  13. The blue flame ghost rider is on its way😎😎😎😎😎😎

  14. Please accept my request my name is anil kumar goud sathuri

  15. Send a jet poker in ganster vages

  16. Krishna I I give you that Chinese I give you that

  17. Cyanex how can i found you from gangster vegas..please tell me what is your gang name is?

  18. Sadly i don't have this drone on my shop

  19. Police guys also know how to slide on bike (just see in last)

  20. I havent got any gifts from you😫😖😣

  21. Oi, Cyanex, Which Gang Are You İn?

  22. Can you make another video about how to be rich faster. Last one was 1yr old. Plz make another in new version.

  23. Do you ever miss someone in comments?
    And bye the way Ayush Singh is me

  24. First man just wached it love these videos

  25. Cyanex please send me atleast one think then i can know your original profile please please love from nepal. Keep it up soon 500k😘😘🇳🇵🇳🇵😊😍😍 my name is sridip1111 and fb account is sridip pokharel please please cyanex i love you

  26. LOve your videos Cyanex
    AWESOME video 😘😘😘😘❤😍😍

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