Can you guess what it is? Não. Is it a nasty car? Não, is it a piano? Não, is it a guitar? Não, em seguida, what is it it’s? My new eachine ex5 drawer, are you ready now i’m going to unbox so excited before unboxing it let’s go through the features on the box. Can you see a picture of an excellent role here? Most importantly, you have to be over 14 years old to fly this. If you are under 14 anos de idade, you must never flight alone. You must always use your parents guidance. There is an excellent gps navigation here and there’s. A useful um follow me mode which, which it follows you wherever you go. It has speed control which goes threes, which it goes three speeds. Then there’s one key return. When you press a button, it automatically returns, then there’s headless mode and there’s an attitude hold. Then it has a 4k hd camera. Can it which can transmit videos? Can you believe it, then it has gps let’s open it here’s the remote here’s, the battery here’s, the manual he’s, a cable charging, cable here’s, our drone there’s something new: oh there’s spare propellers and a screwdriver. Now let’s look more at the drone Music it’s an easy x5. It is under 250 grama, é, 229 grams ex5, then there’s a camera, the 4k camera. Then it says here: 4câmera de k, then there’s, two lights here, two lights here then there’s an obstacle sensor and there’s.

An on and off switch it’s made up of a good kind of plastic. Then then there’s a battery holder. It has four legs here, one leg, then the other, the third leg and the fourth leg. Olhe para isso.. What a beautiful drone now let’s put the battery inside then so remote. It has two antennas, but eventually they are fake, then there’s, the two joysticks one for uh steering front uh, para trás, esquerda e direita. This goes up and down then here’s. The speed control then here’s. The video button a photo take button. Then these two are for calibration. This is for the camera going up the camera going down. Then this is one key. Take off one key landing, then here’s the off and on switch to calibrate you need. You need to download an application called jd drone and you press it, so you have to connect it so on switch on the door, then go to bluetooth, wi-fi, then uh it’s called yeah, so it’s right for it’s called wi fi, 5g, 4k gps ex5. So so now it’s connecting so now now you can see the camera that it’s on, and it has really good clarity so i’m going to turn it. So you can see the calibrating in the screen now.