Tutorial de montagem de zangão – NXP HoverGames

On this tutorial you possibly can study step-by-step, how one can assemble your NXP HoverGames drone. The NXP HoverGames sequence of hands-on digital embedded {hardware} …

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  1. Im interested in autonomus fligth, is posible connect one NXP developmente board (i use some kinetics boards) or do you have any fligth computer sepcially designed to autonomous navigation)?

  2. Here are some navigation time stamps to get you to the relevant parts:

    1.1 Motor Mount Backing Plate0:16
    1.2 Mount Motor Box3:40
    1.2 Motor Mount V28:28
    1.3 Motor Extension Wire9:50
    2.1 Landing Gear11:37
    2.2 Power Distribution Board17:36
    2.3 Rails21:12
    3.1 Mounting ECUs24:53
    3.2 FM Module28:28
    3.3 RC receiver30:08
    4.1 FMU Mount30:43
    4.2 GPS Assembly31:57
    4.3 GPS Mounted35:58
    4.4 Telemetry Radio38:06
    5.1 Arm Clamps42:39
    5.2 Top Plate Attach43:44
    5.3 Top Plate Wire Prep48:26
    6.1 FMU Encloser54:03
    7.1 FMU Wires56:47
    7.2 Power Module1:00:25

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