Can the DJI SPARK actually fly 1.6 Km (1 Mile) out of the field?
FOR SAFETY: By no means fly your drone far if there are folks beneath your flight path. This was an early morning check over farm fields with no folks or constructions within the flight path.

For this check, the Spark Controller was used. Related to a Samsung Galaxy Notice 5 cellphone. Some folks flip off the blue tooth on their telephones, however I left it on (the blue tooth on my cellphone communicates with my FITBIT).

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  1. Mine will fly 3.5 k's no worries! No otg, all standard. I'm on my third Spark, eu amo isso:)

  2. I just bought the range extenders 15$, and otg was enabled for the first time* recently. My range went from a choppy 600M to a solid 2km. That's roughly return to home time so I haven't flown further.

  3. Grande teste, Recebo cerca 400 meters and video starts breaking up.

  4. you must have used 10-15% of the battery life just by getting to 1:30 no vídeo…

  5. My best is 1730 metres for the Spark. My Anafi beats it in head-to-head range challenges every time, except when both meet the same signal barrier or competing signals. Basically, I can still fly and control the Anafi with some finesse at the point the Spark is as responsive as a teenager on a Monday morning.

    With the Spark I could fly almost as far as the lake, with the Anafi I could cross the lake and zoom in on and follow the boats.

  6. Hey Capitão! In your honest opinion, do you recommend this little drone? I remember in the early going when it first came out people were having all sorts of problems with flyaways and disconnection issues, it seems though as time has gone on and has gotten a little bit better this would not be my first drone I already have a Bebop 2 I had the mavic pro but I sold it and I was considering possibly getting this little spark with the radio. The price has gone down to 399 in Amazon. What is your honest opinion on this little guy from DJI? Obrigado antecipadamente, Joey

  7. this auto played and all I coul dhear from my basement was that obnoxious beeping. I hear it enough when my drone gets lost and comes home.

  8. People with no distance were probably just using their phone

  9. 8:478:49 you sounded like a sheep😂😂😂

  10. Zangão do Capitão. I got one of the little Redpawz RO20 toy drones to learn on. I flew it twice and then one the motors stuck running any time the battery was inserted. So much for it. I think I am ready to upgrade. It is either a Spark or an Anafi! Right now Sam's Club has the spark with two batteries and the controller for $399.00. I figure the Anafi may drop in price by Christmas. I have heard rumors there is an Anafi 2 in the works.
    What would you recommend? Only thing I don't like about the Spark is the 12 para 14 minute run time. But the Anafi has no obstacle avoidance at all. The Anafi 2 coming out might but it will probably be $899.00 ou mais. obrigado, Tom

  11. Believe it or not, I made it out to 7600feet/2300m. Spark is a very capable drone.

  12. Great flight video. Thanks for posting.Subscribed and notifications turned on.

  13. Wow amazing footage and test

  14. Is that a weed spots in the field 🔞🔞🔞😎

  15. What is the OTG cable everyone talks about & how do you use it & were do you get it from??

  16. This video isn't fair because you flew at such a low altitude

  17. I've gotten my dji spark to fly over 1000m or over 4000ft on my data it showed just under 4300ft away I was very happy idk y people are having problems I always pay close attention to how My antennas direction I average about 2000ft with great signal and have no problem at all I dont use a cord or anything

  18. What if you Use the parabolic booster and see if that works other YouTubers have had success?

  19. That predictably DJI RETURN IS GREAT ! WHAT WOULD BE YOUR IDEA IF IT FAILS OUT THE AIR? AND NO WARNING Beeps. Very good batter, just feel in a tall grass field

  20. How long time playing ….2km ?? Ou…1 km de comprimento…longlong

  21. The Spark is a kick-ass little drone that is a blast to fly. I also bought mine on an impulseand I don’t regret my decision. It’s amazing that such a tiny little drone can perform so well, yet be so easy to operate. I highly recommend it for the casual drone pilot.

  22. I use No cable with a controller in sport mode and my longest fight was 13,307 ft of converted is 4055.97 meters at an altitude of 1,386 ft..I don't know why your getting such short flights with yours. I few to the Very top of this mountain straight out my front door.

  23. Oi Capitão Drone. I am new to the drone world and have about $500 to invest in a drone. I have is narrowed down between the Holy Stone HS700 and the DJI Spark Combo. I know you are busy and want to get this before Christmas so any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Obrigado.

  24. The antennas 🙄 just point them more up

  25. Try putting the "ears" @ a 45 degree anglethat's what it says to do.

  26. Please do a video with the antennae boosters

  27. Would this be a good drone to take Arial shots if pieces of land for sale to show estimated size of and road frontage?. Can it take pictures directly underneath the drone? Does the media record to the device.. the phone or an SD card. Which one would you buy. This drone or the bebop 2? Im leaning towards the spark. The low battery home i like. Oh and can you put in a path for it to fly and film?

  28. Wow..amazing drone..i love dji..

  29. Eu recebo 2.44 km at 400 meters high

  30. Great video I have the same exact setup phone controller and all I was wondering if you could inform me what the Fitbit is ? I usually turn my Bluetooth off .

  31. Wont somebody think of the CARROTS!!! Hehe, grande informação!

  32. how do U get crossair in the screen ?

  33. No Doubt Dji products are freekin amazing

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