DJI MAVIC PRO PLATINUMGotta Have It? Realmente?

In case you are about to purchase a Mavic Professional, is the Mavic Professional Platinum price the additional $100?

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  1. Primeiro!!!! – also wanted to say it's terrible that the same shitty flimsy weak design of a gimbal is still on the Mavic Platinum. When they make a better gimbal for the Mavic, I'll consider getting one. Had a Mavic, sent it back due to weak gimbal design. Happy with my Spark as travel drone and P4P+ for the rest. Thanks for a good channel.

  2. So if you just buy the platinum props for the normal Mavic it will reduce the sound? The ESC of the updated model isn't having a effect on that?

  3. Errado! It has to do with sinusoidal power delivery

  4. I have a Inspire 1 v2.0, Typhoon H Pro and a Phantom 4 Pró. Am I missing something not having a Mavic? I would like to only have one kind of drone, but I have not found the perfect one for me yet. Should I try another? I like the features of all of them, I really have no favorite. Eu gosto do 6 props on the H. Pinpoint landings on RTH on the P4P and heavy load capable lifting with the Inspire for extra cameras.

  5. instead of getting the platinum, use the extra $100 to get a spare battery and platinum props. Now you will have noise reduction and an extra 20 mins of flight time instead of 3

  6. Thanks for your take on this,and I agree with you ,I waiting for the Mavic II ,and meanwhile I will order those new props

  7. I like the new props! Happy with my Mavic..

  8. Thank you for taking the time putting this video out for us. As a Mavic owner, I would save up and wait for Mavic II

  9. I sent my Mavic back to DJI 3 vezes, hate the thing!! Got the P4P instead👍

  10. Thank you Captain Pro
    I just purchased the inspire 1pro with the Osmo Pro for video production work, Your thoughts on both.
    Many Thanks Chris

  11. Clearly weak, even for non Mavic owner getting the original Mavic Pro + new props + a spare battery still is a better deal for the same price.. Just adding a 60p 4k would have made the upgrade worthwhile for me, this is really weak. I pass

  12. Honestly what would make me buy an upgraded mavic pro would be more collision avoidance sensors.

  13. I was about to be pissed i just bought my Mavic. I just got on the waiting list for the props.

  14. Great review I totally agree with you but I have 10 batteries with my Mavic pro is it really worth it no not really for me the only thing I'll probably do is buy the props

  15. I'm waiting on the Mavic 2 também

  16. What's your guess on what the Mavic 2 will be like?

  17. Booooo on not having the proper navigational lights for night use yet without having to rely on third-party navigational lights. The noise reduction props are a joke on the original Mavic as all you going to do is just strain the speed controllers because of the increase pitch of the props which will decrease battery life.

  18. its only 10% from the Price when you pay 1000 é 100$ nothing

  19. @1:20 did i just see a phantom fall out the sky

  20. I think I'll wait for Zie Germans to release a consumer drone. DJI constant forced downloads requiring two hours of your precious time are really busting people's balls Big Time. Might buy one when it's half the price. They are playing with fire.

  21. concordo. I don't see the need to buy the new one. I'll just get a set of props and call it a day. 😉

  22. Great presentation I liked it a lot

  23. Time to order the platinum props

  24. Going for the Mavic pro Platinum since I don't own the Mavic pro already. Otherwise I agree with you on staying with the regular one. Por agora, I just wanted a little bit more, and also need it to be quiet too anyway.

  25. '
    nice RC drone
    what country make this RC drone

  26. I just don't know where I am with my UAV's.. the Mavic is awesome, I truly enjoy my "H", Q5004k, XSP, and P3PThe Mavic has really gotten to become my favorite.. So I'm pretty satisfied that I won't upgrade to the Mavic 2..
    But you know, I think I'll wait until someone comes out with that" heart stopper camera!!
    Grande revisão Capitão!!👍👍👍👍


  28. Então, in spite of the Platinum upgrade, you are still expecting a Mavic Pro II? Por quê? And what are you expecting it to add to the Platinum release? Is this just wishful thinking or well reasoned conjecture or inside info or what?

  29. Finally a good review that made me feel confident in purchasing a Mavic Pro and upgrading props. I could get the Platinum but I’d have to wait 10-21 days after payment. Thats definitely not worth waiting for!!

  30. Thanks for your honest reviews. I am thinking of either buying the Air or Platinum (or the Pro with Platinum props 😉 ). Now I have never owned a drone and I am concerned about noise (mainly of the Magic Air) as you me mentioned in your review. What is the general response of the public and nature around you when flying a drone? obrigado.

  31. Do you know if Dji improved the gimbal and or camera mount that was a issue on the standard pro. ??? With the platinum.

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