What not, how do they fly? How do they compare between each other today with me, is dominic co, founder of seven day fpv program which we created for beginners, who would like to learn how to fly fpv link is below so yeah the meaning. Would you like to introduce yourself to our audience sure thing my name is dominic chapon i’m, a filmmaker just like tom we’ve, been working together on various projects for the last two years, and i believe today we got some questions about fpv drones, right lots of them. Yeah so let’s start with the first one. How does it fly uh well, é, a complicated question: uh let’s let’s separate it to maybe freestyle cinematic fpv and long range uh. If we start with freestyle and if you compare it to the nasgol, which is a very popular popular freestyle drone, Bem, this one flies much better that’s just the reality, but on the other hand, this one is not bad, but where i see the biggest problem is That i don’t feel so confident when doing split as diving and trying to hit a small gap, because the drone is going all over the place. Eu não sei: it’s got it’s got a lot of prop wash and when you go sideways it just drifts around so it’s, not as precise you don’t have so much control and i feel, like you also don’t, have so much power on the throttle. I mean no.

When i tried to do the power loop, i went like full throttle and it didn’t go anywhere. Yeah and it’s also sketchy when you’re doing like a dive and want to catch the drone just below the ground, it’s really hard to do it with it happens. You don’t feel so confident to approach the subject. You know you know i’m trying to mean uh to say so for proximity flying it’s, okey, if you’re just like cruising behind a subject, but if you want to like really dive full speed, 100 kilometers per hour and like stop behind him, it’s gon na be sketchy. Obviously we’re comparing it with the best, which is a freestyle, fpv, zangão, uh and even by design. You see that this one is is smaller and therefore much more agile. Eu sou., not the biggest fan of this design. But that being said, it doesn’t fly bad. So for a beginner who has absolutely no experience with fpv, this is a great entry point and, na minha opinião, the best beginner fpv drone on the market right now. But if you’re gon na get serious about the fpv, you will eventually change ships and go uh with that goal or something like like yeah with the fpv quad yeah. Next question that we got was uh yeah what’s the range. So how far can you fly what’s? The image quality in the goggles, like we did some nice long range yeah today, a few kilometers like two three two, two kilometers like that’s, two kilometers and the image quality, was actually pretty nice.

I think the image quality is even better than with the air unit. You get a more crisper image. You know lots of detail, yeah yeah lots of detail, even the range and uh like two kilometers away. The image quality was the same as when i was 50 metros de distância, so that was not a problem. Sim, sim., no problem with that uh. I even tested like going uh behind the car here and i was flying behind me. So not the best reception and i still got a pretty nice image, even like 60 metros ou 600 meters away no problem. Yeah you’re facing with the antennas forward, but you flew like behind you not turning the head and i mean the the omni antennas are obviously working yeah really really well, mas há. Another thing: you only have one single camera on this drone. So what do you think about that tom? Not the biggest fan because think about it! Se, se você está, using the same camera for like viewing the image in your goggles and recording, and you set the exposure to manual what happens if let’s say you’re outside on a flying on a sunny bright day. And then you want to do a dive in a bandeau in a dark room and suddenly you you like come from super bright in a super dark environment yeah literally, even if the auto exposure works perfectly it’s, not good for the final video, because you know it.

Doesn’T change it just would you strap a gopro on it in terms of recording high quality video, yes in terms of aerodynamics, yeah yeah? What do you think about the image quality like? Would you use dji fpv for professional shoot? Por quê, sim, Por que? Now in some cases? sim, if it’s like a bright sunny day, if if the exposure is perfectly if the exposure is perfect uh, but if you want to do um a really stabilized video, like with real steady, you won’t get that here. It’S uh it’s a pretty good stabilization like hyper, suave, yeah yeah, something like hyper smooth, so it is smooth, but not as good buttery smooth like real steady wins by far. If you want that really really smooth footage. So next question ease of use tom. You said that this drone is best for beginners. Why super easy to use? Quero dizer, eu sou, the biggest fan of these batteries. I wish the normal fpv drone had just like unplug plug back in bomb you’re ready to go even charging these batteries is super simple, because learning how to how to properly charge and maintain voltages and especially maintained, you don’t, want to burn your house with the with The normal fpv lipo batteries check this tutorial by the way to learn more about that. I mean it’s, it’s kind of a headache, especially at the beginning. If you have no idea about how to startand it may be dangerous, but this is super simple, even if these batteries are charged and you’re not gon na fly for a few days, you can just leave them yeah and they will discharge the in terms of That uh great and it can hover by itself, meaning it’s very safe.

You got three different modes and i’m sure you watched a ton of tutorials about that and returned to home. Right to repetitive, return to home is huge, especially if you fly behind the mountain accidentally. It will return home safely. I mean you got gps rescue with the normal fpv, but it’s not it’s, not as reliable it’s, not yeah. This one is really really good. Gps works great and it’s fast. I went hundred and thirty hundred and forty kilometers per hour uh when diving down full speed. So what do you think about the motion? Controlador de? The motion controller is a marketing gimmick, Sim, é, very intuitive it’s like easy to use uh you don’t need special instructions. You just pick it up turn it on, and then you just move your hand. Então, regarding that yeah it’s good, but regarding the actual flying, you cannot be as precise you drift around it’s, not as responsive you get much more control with a normal controller. So yeah this this version not very useful, maybe the next maybe to just try it out for a couple of fun flights, yeah just to try something different, but in terms of practicality, é, more for fun. Okey, next question flight time they advertised 20 minutes in reality with free stuff lying. We got what 11 12 12 minutos, something like that yeah. It was a little bit more when we went long range and just cruised, Sim, 50, 60 para 60 quilômetros por hora.

Nós temos 15 minutes almost 15 minutes then, but but when you’re doing some power loops or some action, it’s like it drops to 12 minutes at max, something like that yeah, mas ainda assim 12 minutes of fpv yeah that’s insane with this one. With the 6s batteries, 1 400 milhões por hora, you get what five six minutes: yeah five to six so yeah, so yeah let’s double a points to the dji fpv. Aqui, to close it up our final thoughts for dji fpv. Is it worth it for a beginner? Someone who is not yet in the fpv world, sim, absolutely the best beginner drone on the market right now in our opinion, but but did you get if you want to, Você sabe, be professional with it and have it for projects then, and if you already have This one yeah, then it’s a no brainer. If you have any more questions regarding dji fpv comment below this video and we will answer them.