What sort of digicam filter will enhance your Drone Photographs or Video? This video will clarify what sort of filter is finest for what you need to obtain.

The merchandise demonstrated on this video could be discovered right here:

Freewell Filters:
Freewell GoPro Filters:
PGYTECH Round Polarized Filter: camera-Lens-Filter-for-DJI-Mavic-Air-RC-Quadcopter_MU2360082.html
Mavic Air Gimbal Guard:

My Video evaluate of the Mavic Professional ND Filter Digital camera Bubble:

DJI Mavic Air:
Rodas Mavic profissional DJI:
CÂMERA: Filmadora Panasonic 4K:
CÂMERA: Canon 80D:
CÂMERA: GoPro Hero 6:
LENS: Macro:
ÁUDIO: Rodelink Wi-Fi qualificados:
ILUMINAÇÃO: Softbox estúdio:
TRIPOD: Manfrotto:
Touchdown Pad:
CASE: Mavic Air Waterproof Case:

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  1. That was very helpful. The primary reasons I drove to the DrDrone/DJI store in Halifax was to inquire about filters for my old Phantom 3 padrão. They didn’t have any sadly but I’m ordering a few. After this video I know what to look for.
    Homem dos elogios. Obrigado mais uma vez.

  2. That was the best explaion of ll 3 filters that I ever seen! I looked a lot of them. Obrigado Capitão!!

  3. Lets try this again.. That was the explanation Of all 3 filters that I have ever seen! I have seen a lot of them. Obrigado Capitão!!

  4. Oi, Steve., love your work, I have a full set of ND filters which include ND4, 8, 16, 32, and a Circular polariser, I fly mainly over water as I live meters from the beach, I tried the CPL for the first time after watching your clip and got stunning results with my P4pro Plus
    Will a hybrid polariser set perform better as a all rounder than my standard ND filter set irrespective weather I am recording over water or not as my go to filters ? or just stick with the CPL filter and adjust my camera aperture in the settings on the fly.

    I found the picture was just starting to blow out as the angle changed towards the sun with my CPL filter as expected, will a hybrid filter reduce this effect to a more manageable level?
    The only other drawback I came across when using the CPL lens and adjusting it to the sweet spot was the sky intensity varied in hue, it is really noticeable on my 75inch 4K television set, will the Hybrid filters be any different do you think ?

    Oh by the way your Christian and surname appeared briefly when Ken hung up on you via skype the other night, I noticed you have not made your name public on your channel so I assumed you did not want it known to your You tube subscribers, you might want Ken to edit his recording if that's the case.
    Andy B from OZ

  5. Hey bud great job actually answered a bunch of my questions I have a couple videos on my channel with the Mavic pro using the polar pro ND filters what do you think of those

  6. If you get a chance or I would greatly appreciate if you checked out a couple of my Mavic and inspire videos and give me your honest feedback I’m not asking for you to subscribe even though I would really appreciate if you did I would just now really appreciate if you could give me honest feedback on these videos being that you are definitely more experience than I am at defining a great photograph I just got my F107 license last week and trying to figure out the next step

  7. Yes I do. Do you know a lot about that drone and if so any pointers you can throw me

  8. I got to be honest the first time I used it it was a little intimidating now I’m starting to really understand the functionality of thex4s I never actually got to use the first inspire but from what I hear it was a revolutionary machine when it came out I believe about three years ago do you think you’ll get the new one

  9. If you want a good laugh check out my newest review on the bugs guaranteed to make you smile

  10. Lol that is for sure I’m glad I could make you smile makes the video that much more worth it that’s all I’m trying to do is get people to smile and enjoy this stuff

  11. I really need to get myself some filters for my Mavic Pro and spark which ones do you think are the best?

  12. Great explanation, thank you so much for that! Greetings from Poland!

    Steve! Out of all and thousands of guys doing videos and experiments on the drones world I trust you and only. Please I need your help. I wana buy a drone my first drone. But I care a lot about the camera. The better camera is the key point for me on deciding which drone I choose to buy.

    Please note that I am obsessed about taking videos of sceneries in the nature (including water and greens) or cities and I don’t care about shooting photos and to me the most important about the video quality is 4 coisas:
    n#1 wider angle and more field to capture in the camera( although the air is 85 degree and the pro is 79. But whenever I see videos on YouTube it seems the pro has a wider field of view more than the air which doesn’t make sense with the numbers.
    N#2 Sharper and more vibrant colours ‘but not far from reality’.
    N#3 More light to capture. (Please note that my most videos will be taken in the day time).

    I ended to choose between two drones (Mavic Pro or Mavic Air). I saw a video for you before comparing these two drones and their cameras but please give me a suggestion here and an answer which drone I should choose based on what I said I will be using the drone to record.

    Massive thanks to you and all the respect.

  14. You thought the images were the same? I thought they made a pretty big difference. The UV filter side was a brighter picture with a more of a baby blue color in the sky. The picture to the right without the filter. Looks more like a darker color.. and the color of the sky was still baby blue but a darker baby blue along with the other colors. Almost like there was a ND filter on the right side..

    But the question is which side looks more accurate.. WITH YOUR NAKED EYES VERSUS THOSE TWO PICTURES.. what does the sky really look like?

  15. The polarized filter on the mavic air worked pretty good but. It made the sky color look uneven it was more Docker to the middle in the left and to the right it was a lighter blue.. but without the filter the sky had more of a lighter even color blue but the ground in the greens weren't as good..

    That stinks that you have to turn the filter to get the best angle that's definitely difficult to do and judge not a good system.. I guess it probably can't be fixed..

  16. Excellent excellent video thank you!!!!!

  17. Let me take a wild guess….you are sponsored by Freewell??

  18. Consumer grade lenses are made of GLASS, which is VERY difficult to SCRATCH. Filters (Nd, Polarizing or otherwise, are often made of PLASTIC, which will scratch EASILY!) come between your lens and the LIGHT, which it is trying to CAPTURE. This is a BARRIER, translucent or otherwise. Are there rare occasions when you might need an ND or Polarizing filter. sim. But even on a bright, sunny day, there are still plenty of manual settings that you can use to limit the light reaching your sensor, without putting a barrier between the light and your lens. I own polarizing filters and ND filters for my Mavic Air, but they are NOT for daily use. I live in the desert, where there is very little shade for a flying camera, and there is often HARSH glare and reflections. Sometimes I even go to the beach, where the sun reflects off the waves, the sand and lots of other shiny things. But even considering THAT, I don't use filters on a daily basis. I certainly wouldn't call them "essential" for any drone enthusiast, unless special conditions were met. They are nice to have, but so are DJI Goggles, and I don't recommend those to everyone I know either. Além disso, I own a Full Frame, Mirrorless camera, and I own 0 filters for it, because I can set the camera to adjust for even the harshest lighting conditions. It has far more settings to control and limit light than my drone does. Mais, while I'm cleaning the filter on my camera, I could be missing a shot! I'd rather be shooting. I clean my gear up after every shoot. But that's my work flow.

  19. Nice work maaaan. Love the polarizer Love.

  20. Circular polarized filter, the best filter ever for photography. Glare gone, can see surface and color. Mention that best result from CPL filter you get from 30 to 40° angle, not with camera on horizont

  21. Thanks capt.drone getting my filters tomorrow!!

  22. excelente vídeo
    So all you need is a CPL, also protects the lens?

  23. Very very nice explanation. Thank you..+++

  24. When I went to try my newly purchased ND filters I discovered my MA lens came without the glass. By that I mean it was a ring only. Confused the hell out of me. So it is suppose to have a glass when shipped then? That would make sense to me, but I am not surprised now having owned a DJI product. DJI not being able to answer your questions ? Been there and I feel for you and the experienced you have suffered.

  25. Thank you very much for the explanations! I need to a set of those for my Xstar premium. 👍😊

  26. 10:20 I didn't get that Captain.. What do you mean by adjusting the filter for a specific direction?

  27. Looking forward to an update re Freewell filters DJI Mavric 2 Pró

  28. Adoro seu canal !!! Videos are so informative and upbeat.

  29. Ótimo, simple to understand, obrigado

  30. Muito informativo, that’s for taking the time for us all, thanks and Regards.

  31. Best video on this topic. Finally know what to buy.

  32. Hey Stevo
    what do you think about Neewer filters for the Yuneec Typhoon, just received my set of 4 from them, any thoughts,,, ?? and curious are you a photographer in your other life?

  33. The Australian company NiSi which I have just swapped to for my 1DX mk2 as all glass. There drone Mavic pro pack comes uv polirizer and 3 Nd all glass and brass threads. Water proof snd are weight balanced for the gimble yet no one seems to promote or even shows them??? Just thought u might like to know

  34. Your videos are some of the best. You are a great teacher. Very Profesional.. I sure learn alot..A++++

  35. Uau, I spent a whole week looking a tons of videos on ND filters and this one was by far THE BEST one! Thorough job!

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