I am cheap. I dont like paying full price on anything, so i let the 10 percent of the population flock in front of the apple stores and then try to get the latest iphone or get the latest car or get the latest drone and full price. But i wait until the price drop or there is a sale or there is some coupon. So lately i have been wondering when the drone gps drones are going to be available under fifty dollars, and i think i found my answer in this box. I have a gps drone that i purchase on ebay, that is less than fifty dollars. So theres a caveat, though this is not brand new. This has been uh refurbished, but it should be like new condition, so lets open it up and see if its going to live up to my expectations for this drone i paid quite less than 50 actually so this was 49 from a seller called vip outlet. Just one word, and then he offered the 15 percent coupon. So when you took that out and added the tax, there was free shipping, it turned out to be 44.25, so lets get the contents out. As i mentioned, this is refurbished, so its not in its original box, but everything should be here. So this is the drone. Its called protocol cap tour gps2 drone it hd camera. It looks interesting, i mean look at the shape. This reminds me what the the monster from the alien i mean like the head shape and everything anyway, so lets see what else do we have so it looks like this is empty instead of this.

Here we have the drone itself, and here we have the bag of accessories and other stuff for the drone lets see what do we have here. So there are four propellers. These are the spare props and then there are four prop guards: propeller guards these im, assuming going to go here for providing some uh like legs yeah somebody took those off. I think so they click in. Let me put this so it will sit straight on the table and the last one here, good size, nice looking drone, not sure how it performs, but then we have what i assume is a battery charger. So this is usb, so it will connect to any usb adapter or your computer, but input dc5 falls 2m. So you will want to provide something that has a little bit of juice. I dont i wouldnt connect this to your computer. I think the uh amps on that one is a less than one. So just get a nice one or if you have one that is about around two amps of power and connect to that one. This is the battery ill, be charging that one soon – and here we have in this bubble, wrap packaging. The transmitter looks quite nice, it doesnt look like thats been used, i dont see any scratches and fingerprints, maybe they cleaned it up, and this should be the the holder for your phone. I think it will fit my phone yeah as well im, assuming that this comes off, and this goes in this way.

Maybe not this way. Oh yes, so its i mean the build quality, as far as i can tell, is quite good lets open it up to see how many batteries it takes. Okay, four double a batteries. Yes, here we go four double a batteries and thats all it has it doesnt. Even have a manual but thats, not a problem, i can just download the pdf manual im sure ill, find it online. So what im going to do is now charge up the battery, put four double as into the transmitter and get it started, and i will also look online to see what app that does this use, but so far its pretty nice. I mean it really has a good gps system and its stable outside and semi good camera. I dont care if it is hd, even if it provides me good footage at 720p ill be happy. I mean i paid 44.25, including tax. While we are waiting for the battery to finish charging, i would like to go around and then look at it in a little bit more detail. So, first of all, the battery looks as strange as the drone itself. Let me pull this out first, so look at shape very interesting proprietary battery. I dont have a problem with it and just goes in like this im wondering if this is a like a light strip or something it should be. Probably lighting up well see later and also the proprietary charger is really strange.

Looking as well look how it goes in, so you just basically push it in and then press in and then just start. This starts blinking. This adapter is a one amp adapter. I couldnt find a 2 amp, but it should do the job over time while you are waiting and coming back to the drone it. As i mentioned, it feels really high quality im, just wondering how this is going to look like when it lights up. Im really curious about it, and also the other material, like the props, and these prop tips feel really nice and solid well made and to take these legs off, you basically pull it off and it comes off just clicks and comes off and in order to put Your prop cards uh its a really nice system, in my opinion, so they go into the leg like this and once its there, so you just push it in with the leg and it just clicks in now. This is not a foldable drone, meaning that the arms are fixed. They dont fold, although it kind of looks like its going to fall its not, but i dont, i dont care its a really nice size and its not too big its, not too small, and i think this size it can take some some wind as well. I cannot see inside but im assuming that these are brushed motors, not brushless, im trying to see yeah. So there are like a little motors and theres some gear plastic gear.

If you can see here, i dont know if the lighting is okay, but if you look inside you see like a white gear, so rotate this one probably have like small, tiny motors inside and looking underneath or in the front. This is an adjustable camera. You can adjust the angle like this, but manually not from the controller, so you have to adjust before the flight which way its going to look and then there is this hole at first look. You may think that is an optical flow of sensor. I think it is a hole for a potential optical flow sensor, but doesnt have one. Maybe other models have that one. It would have been nice if this had one so that i could also fly it very stably indoors as well or when the gps signal is not available. Coming back. There is a very important part that im really happy about. I didnt know before buying this, but it takes a microsd card. This is very important to me because i would like to capture videos in photos and, if youre, using your phone first of all, you dont get as good video quality. Usually there are dropped frames and if you are flying far away, it goes out of range of your phone, then the video is going to stop recording. But if its an sd card it will continue recording at the same quality. There is not going to be a quality quiz or interruption to the video.

So far, im really happy. I mean it looks really nice quality and i love the shape it is. It looks awkward, but i love it its very different type of design its that departure from just like a regular mavic mini shape of drones. I like it and by the way, if you are wondering, then the on off switches, it is hidden here. So there is no way that you are going to accidentally hit it, so you have to put your finger from the side and or even from the back, if you have a small finger and press that very nice so far, so maybe you have a question. Can i fly this without registering it with faa lets. Look at that lets. Wait it out. How do we fit this on that platform? So i have this foam pad that im going to use the bottom part fits perfectly on the platform and lets put just the drone first and 132 grams lets add the prop cards. Assuming that you are going to fly with them, i would wouldnt outside, especially our trees around. We dont want to make a tree ornament hanging, so 137 grams and im just going to interrupt the charging for a second and add the battery as well lets. Stick it in where it belongs, and it is just shy of 180 grams, so thats 70 grams less than the limit, which is 250 grams. Yes, you can you dont have to register you.

Cant fly it so thats thumbs up checks, all the boxes so far. It feels really nice and solid. It is rare to see a transmitter that looks high quality, purposely built and designed by somebody other than an engineer. Engineer builds like oh. This is as long as function thats, okay. No, this has been designed by somebody who took care of the shape nice looking shape and the way this this attaches. I also like this – i mean you just pull it up and you should not lose this and then click send so its nice and clean. If you dont want to use your phone while flying, maybe youre just flying with the controller thats fine, if you want to put your phone on you just press this out and push this in, and you are ready to go a couple buttons as you see here. So it is very clearly labeled. I love when things are labeled like this, every company puts it in a different location. So if it is not labeled, then either you have to remember everything or you have to print labels and put them on or use a sharpie or something. So this is for taking photos, and this is for starting stopping video recording and then on the right hand, side. It has the takeoff and landing so once going press it takes off, and then there is return home like youre losing sight or you want it to come back and you press it since its a gps drone, it will come back where it started where it took Off from this little usb adapter, i was using was getting really hot, so i switched to this multi purpose, charge adapter, which has a usb port with 2.

4 amps, but it is still blinking so and i cannot take it anymore. I have to try this out so im going to stop charging now and fly it indoors its night outside. So i have to wait for tomorrow. For the you know, the testing, the gps and the app and all that, but for just doing a quick indoor flying lets, set it up for a flight just using the transmitter indoors, no gps, no, nothing, no app, no phone. I think i have enough space to fly in my basement. Lets. Do this im going to press that power button for a couple seconds? Okay, the lights start. Blinking lets put it here and now lets turn on the transmitter im guessing that i have to initialize. By going up down so some of the lights stopped blinking and lets go outside. Nothing lets go inside all right, its started, so im going to just take off all right. I love the lights. I mean look at that. Let me bring it a little closer and its very stable. It doesnt have the optical flow sensor, but it is pretty stable right now and im just controlling manually im just going to rotate it. So you can see the different lights uh. I love the lights in the front, so lets bring it all this way, a little higher maybe slide around a little bit and look at the red light on the back so cute and its very, very stable just doing like minute movement, and i have a fan Over there working right now and theres a lot of air currents, so its still like i mean right now ahead.

So its floating element, due to the fan, probably and doesnt, have an optical flow sensor and doesnt have connection to the gps right now, but its very easy to control. I mean i love it: the the design, the the lights, everything is beautiful and can go pretty quickly to my controls, like you can see that it is really responsive and then im just going to press this button which says, take off landing and land by itself And turns off the motors im going to take off again and then try to just take a couple videos and pictures and if just pressing these buttons and if they are successful, you youll see it as insets in the video. So lets take off again. The same. All right lets maybe take a couple pictures photos so lets see if theyre going to do anything. Oh the lights, blinked good. Let me get it down, so you can see it in the camera, so im just taking it picture, and you see that the blue lights blink another one. Let me try to take a picture of myself. I can bring it here front of us Laughter Music. So if you see it, if it blinks blinks again and now, im going to press the video button, so it is taking a video – and i dont know what to seeing because its not connected to my phone, but it is definitely taking a video so lets rotate. It around and im going to stop the video by pressing this video button again and im going to let it land itself by pressing this land button, and it is landing all right if you decoded anything, i will put it as insets to this video tomorrow outside.