The regulations in their currently proposed form are an overreach of the FAA, Zathura t and unnecessarily threaten the future of fpv flight. So we want to fight it and that's. What we're here to talk about today? There are three things one you've probably heard a lot about is the comment period. That is the period to officially respond to the FAA x' proposal, and the comment period is open until the beginning of March. Another thing that we are pursuing is the drone integration and Zoning Act. This is a bill that has been proposed by Senator Mike Lee, and we believe that this bill could really be a good thing for how airspace is treated and could really help protect our hobby, and we have actually gotten in contact with his office to get behind The effort and more information about how you can support it will also be coming soon, but this video is about a third thing and that is, you may have seen from the title a protest, an actual in person protest. This is being organized by the: U FDA crew, which is an fpv drone team that has taken on the challenge of putting this together. The protest is taking place in Washington DC outside of the FAA headquarters on February 28th and 29th. When I first heard about the idea of doing a protest, I was concerned about how much of an effect can it have, or is it the most professional way to go about responding to this, but protesting is quite literally an American tradition.

It is a way to make your voice heard, and this is a legit protest that is being together with permits and organization, and we believe it is a way that we can bring this issue to the eyes of more than just people that want to defend their Right to fly their drones, the regulations will have a very detrimental effect to the stem and educational benefits to drone building and flying. This will hold back the United States ability to compete in innovation in the drone space. The hobbyists are the ones that have been pushing this technology further and faster than anyone. The regulations threaten many businesses like rotary that were built by and for the FPV community. They take away our ability to enjoy a hobby that has been enjoyed for generations and brings people together. These are issues that everyone should care about, and this protest is a way to bring these issues to the forefront. So there will be links in the description to the homepage of this protest, where you can learn more information. The Facebook event page, where you can commit to your attendance and to the GoFundMe, where you can support the protest efforts financially. So any way that you can help makes a difference and and beyond that, help us achieve the goal of this protest, which is to get eyes on it. Guys now is the time to come together and make our voices heard. Every body counts, if you can make it, we hope that you will be there.

I drew Camden president of rotor riot will be in Washington DC on February 28th and 29th to join a protest against the FAA and their overreach in regulation that threatens the sport and Industry of FPV.