Take it for a spin and youre coming along with us lets check it out. The propeller mini is basically a scaled down version of propellas, larger single speed, electric bike, but despite the smaller frame and 20 inch wheels, it still rides just as nicely and that smaller format means its both lighter at just 33 pounds and easier to fit into an Urban lifestyle like wiggling into an elevator, the bike, is also quite nimble. Thanks to those smaller wheels, the motor is rated at 250 watt, continuous and 400 watts peak, and that feels plenty powerful to me, though i was mostly riding on flat ground. I think itd be fine for modest hills, but 400 watts isnt going to climb up any insane hills without some serious input from you speaking of input. I should also mention right away here that this is a pedal assist only e bike. Theres no throttle so feel free to click away. Now, if you only do throttle e bikes as much fun as the throttle can be, though ive had such a good time riding the propeller mini that i barely miss it. The bike just rides so easily and smoothly that its simply a joy to cruise on im even surprised that the pedal cadence feels so good at its top speed of 18 and a half miles per hour. The 46 tooth chain ring and 16 tooth freewheel pair nicely with those 20 inch tires, so it feels comfortable to pedal all the way up to its max now i would have loved some more speed, but that would be a big ask to get a good pedal.

Cadence at something like class 3 speeds, so im pretty happy with where this landed and keep in mind that its a city e bike, particularly designed for dense urban areas and wiggling around cramped cities, so its not really a sprinting bike anyways the battery here is nice And compact, though, the 250 watt hours isnt terribly high capacity. Even so, i found that i was getting ranges of around 15 to 20 miles when sticking to around a pedal assist level of four. And if you hang out in the one to two pedal, assist level range where youre doing more of the work yourself, then the companys claimed 35 mile range is probably more achievable. I mentioned that the bike rides nice and smoothly and thats true, but without suspension. Its probably best to avoid cobblestones, pavers or the worst of the potholes. Even so, though, the bikes still ride, surprisingly well, even with those narrow tires and no suspension. Speed bumps are a bit of a doozy, but theyre still fun to ramp off of the bike feels so solid that its almost got. This bmx feel to it when you do stuff like this, which is weird. But what can i say the thing is well put together, i would have loved to see it come with a few more accoutrements, like maybe some built in lights or a set of fenders, but i get that. The whole point is that this is a minimalist electric bike.

You can add those things, but out of the box, the propeller mini comes with just the bare necessities. You dont even get extra gears its a single speed, ebike thats fine by me, though, since i actually really like single speeds on ebikes. The electric assist makes up for the lack of a low gear and you never have to deal with shifting youre, always in the right gear, as a city bike, the fewer components, the better there are even other nice considerations for the city, centric audience such as the Hex bolt for the seat pose clamp instead of a quick release which just helps cut down on theft of opportunity of your saddle, all in all id say, im very impressed with the propeller mini, especially for its low price of 999 bucks. Even though its a minimalist bike youre still getting a lot here, the shimano disc brakes are nice and strong. The touch points are comfortable both on the saddle and the bar grips, and the color scheme is also nice, which is good because theres only one color to choose from black with blue accents. It looks classy, though, with nice, blue, anodized, rims and the white chain. Certainly, pops too, if anything, id recommend using a second lock in the city, since the bike actually looks more expensive than it is, and i can imagine it being an attractive target to thieves because of that for a nice riding lightweight and nimble electric bike at under A thousand bucks id say propeller has done quite well here, its not a powerhouse and its, not the longest range e bike out there, but its not meant to be either its an urban commuter that trades, big motors and big batteries for more convenient city use and Thats, a fair trade off for a lot of riders out there, thanks for watching everyone, we hope you enjoyed that review of the propeller mini.

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